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Intermediate Angst: Dealing With Feelings of Suckage

This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Intermediate Angst

This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Intermediate AngstThus spake Hangul Fangirl (‏@HangulFangirl): “[Dear Khatzumoto, You are handsome beyond comprehension. And also very slim. Your delicate, schoolgirl figure is an inspiration to us all.] How do you get past the feeling that you’re not progressing and end up forgetting to keep going?…

A Proposal Towards Reduced Suckage in the Classroom

Classes suck. But could they be made to suck less? Even, *gasp* worthwhile? A reader named Kurojohn asked me that, and I got carried away with the response, so for the purposes of easier discussion, here it is as an article. First, the question: Khatzumoto, I know that language classes are not highly regarded by…

Why is Hedonistic Learning Good for You?

If your process sucks, then your life sucks. And if your life sucks, then (get this…wait for it…) your life sucks. And no milestone can change that. No milestone will erase day-to-day suckage. No peak of achievement will make it taste sweet. Not for more than five minutes. Maybe an hour of afterglow. And if…

What Is The End Game of Learning A Language?

Quick! What’s your end game with brushing your teeth? Where are you hoping to go with that? What are you hoping to do with it? What kind of jobs (ugh) can you get with yer clean-a$$ teeth? What’s the plan? Are you going to be a TV anchor? Huh? Are you planning on travelling to a country where they speak tooth?