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AJATT is Pragma Not Dogma

“Nothing has inflicted more suffering on humanity than its dogmas. It is true that every dogma crumbles sooner or later, because reality will eventually disclose its falseness; however, unless the basic delusion of it is seen for what it is, it will be replaced by others.”
Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

Don’t believe in AJATT. Don’t disbelieve in AJATT. Don’t even believe in yourself (although that’s generally a good thing, it’s just, like, you don’t have to force it). Just try stuff out. It doesn’t matter what you agree or disagree with. It doesn’t matter what you should do or can’t do or don’t have. All that matters is what works now. What’s doable now. What you have now. What you feel up to doing nowPlans are good but tinkering is better.

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