Service Announcement: AJATT Library (Re-)Integration with AJATT Plus

Hey there, Tiger.

The recent backend upgrade over at AJATT Plus has made it possible to provide lifetime access to data over there as well. So…as of today (actually, as of January 27), the AJATT Library is migrating back over to AJATT Plus. Since AJATT Plus can now do everything that the AJATT Library was originally established to do — and more — it just made sense.

Key benefits for you are:

  • The same “lifetime access” awesomeness you’ve enjoyed at the AJATT Library
  • Faster access to updates
  • Faster access to add-ons
  • Single-sign-in: Fewer logins to worry about

Basically, as far as you’re concerned, the “” URL simply becomes a “” URL.
Your login info will remain the same (it’ll either be the same as at the AJATT Library or the same as your AJATT Plus account).

Thanks for your support and for being so good-looking. Here’s to more good times together 🙂



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You guys are the best and I want to have your babies.

So...Let me have your babies.
Please? :D

Wait, what? All uterine humour aside #StopUterusShamingMeBro, seriously, your support means more than you know and I (Khatz ← that's me) am deeply grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you so, so much. Thanks for believing in me, thanks for taking action, thanks for being there.

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