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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-08-08

  • 兵は拙速を尊ぶ #
  • It’s not unintellectual if it’s in Japanese! Celebrity gossip!
    Thanks, John Turpington! #
  • There has to be something better we can do with TV than use it to show music videos and sell bottled drinks… #
  • And there has to be something better we can do with music than use it to sing love songs… #
  • Don’t try to get good…just try to get better.
    Good will take care of itself… #
  • The AJATT search box returns! #
  • Interesting discussion #
  • 「お前本当に日本語できるか~」の次は「お前本当に敬語できるか~」って奴か・・・仕様が無いな、君達・・・一々聞くなボケ! #
  • 敬語見てえならニュースでも見ろよテメエこの野郎!
    あっ!何て事を!濟みません!「敬語姿に興味を持っていらっしゃる方々は、テレビのニュースでも御覧に成って頂ければと存じます #
  • マジで癪に障るーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!! #
  • 腹ッ立つわ~!
    外野うるせえな、ホンマに #
  • 餘りにも「美しい」日本語に取り憑かれてるからこそ外国人向けの日本語教育が駄目なんだよ。單なる規制の塊だよ、コラァ。あんだけ束縛されて、学習者が伸びないのも当然。 #
  • 兎に角・・・同じ土台には乘りませぬぞ。 #
  • って・・・もう乘ってるか・・・ #
  • いやあ、でも・・・よくよく考えれば・・・やっぱりチンピラ口調は駄目かなぁ・・・もっと澀いイメージ作り心掛けようかなぁ・・・ #
  • 澀谷より・・・澀屋っか・・・
    寒っ。 #
  • やっぱりネット言論の質ってまだスンッゴい今一だなぁ・・・
    どんな話題でもくっだらない論争に陥ってしまったり・・・ #
  • 皆さんも御覧あれ!(ネット言論に関するインタービュー記事・・・特に「炎上」に焦点を当てているそうです)。
    キャラ的に合わないね、敬語っ #
  • Chinese learners looking to watch TV online: try PPLive (free software download required) #
  • When SRSing, always remember that the correct direction is FORWARD, not sideways. DELETE (or edit) every useless, boring or confusing item. #
  • It’s almost never a bad time to check out the AntiMoon myth-busting articles: #
  • Currently experimenting with (1) fast-switch timeboxing and (2) automated autosuggestion (self-administered brainwashing, if you will)… #
  • Remember: measure your language time investment in *hours* and *minutes*, not months and years… #
  • Two steps to staying immersed:
    (1) Be loyal to the language, but
    (2) Change content at will. That book should entertain YOU, pull YOU in. #
  • Wondering how English/L1 would work if it were treated like junk food, as in the Recording Diet: #
  • Tip: whenever you find an L2 website, set it to load automatically once every 24 hours — let your computer help you form an immersion habit #
  • This guy is right on the ball…the book is an inferior medium, but it has superior content and content-providers #
  • テレビのデカテロップも全然悪くないと思う。逆に識字を助長・支持しているとも言えるだろう。悪いのはテレビという媒体でも其の手法でもなく、内容(コンテンツ)なんだよ。
    ってか #
  • Experiment:
    1. Take 5-20 adults age 30+.
    2. “Imprison” for 2 years with access to L2 only
    3. Variations:
    a Media
    b. People
    c. Media+people #
  • Grammar is like a pencil sharpener…you need a pencil (prior knowledge) to put in there, otherwise you’ll just end up cutting your fingers #
  • 女性向けのヘアスタイル番組を見てる俺は變なの?
    Am I a bad person for watching hair shows for women? #
  • 語学に成功したければ、失敗の可能性にさえ目を向けてはいけません。
    ・・・ボクシングみたいなモンだ #
  • Chinese newspaper headlines are the coolest thing ever!
    Feel that terseness! “Stock Price Hits New Ten-Year Low” #
  • Rediscovered how to stay interested in the newspaper in a language you only partly understand: focus on images and their captions… #
  • Perhaps instead of trying to become fluent in a language, we should try to make it impossible NOT to be fluent. Subtle but useful difference #
  • 「最大手」の讀み方・・・俺も戸惑った事が有る・・・ #
  • 高級携帯端末上等!日本の「不景気」スタイル、気に入った! #
  • 笑わしてるんじゃねくて笑われてる・・・・ #
  • If you can learn 1 word in language X, you can learn 10,000…it’s just a matter of repeating whatever you did to learn the one word… #
  • Having a timer/calendar automatically load up L2 sites is really going well. Information is like food: you tend to “eat” whatever’s at hand. #
  • 桃子’s current mostly J-HIPHOP playlist インザヒザウス #
  • Did I mention I blocked English Wikthepedia from my hosts file? Best decision ever…. #
  • マッド・メンのレビュー #
  • Controversial (and self-serving) suggestion #347: Acquire so much L2 media that its sheer presence forces your hand and produces fluency… #
  • BookMooch!
    Someone mentioned this a long time ago in comments but I had lost the link!
    Free books, son! #
  • The new holy grail!
    1. Rip movie to audio
    2. Split into 2~5-second clips
    3. Use clips to make audio flashcards
    Manual splitting gruntwork=0! #
  • One reason for Chinese Project post paucity is because the situation is changing so fast that a lot gets negated soon after writing. #
  • “They don’t accept me…mewmememwemw” Why are grown men whining about “being accepted”? だから外人が嫌いなんだよ・・・ #
  • Want to add some muscle to sentence-picking?
    Try sub2srs — this may be the new bomb..
    Retail goes wholesale, baby #
  • 『ウォッチメン(Watchmen)』 来たああああ!
    知らなかったよ、俺! #
  • 總ルビを復活すれば面白いなあ、と思う。ルビは恥じるべき文化なんじゃない。寧ろ偉大な發明で、堂々と世に出すべきだと思う・・・ #
  • 老實講呀・・・ #
  • Ghibli (Miyazaki) movie scripts! Thanks AH! #
  • 最近の2chが面白い (NHKのドキュメンタリーシリーズ、「沸騰都市」に関する議論つーか、スレ戰つーか。まあ、相変わらず玉石混淆なんだけどね) #
  • Ghibli (Miyazaki) scripts reloaded! #
  • レノボが世界4位のPCメーカーですって?!!初耳だわ・・・ #
  • Good J-blog
    Chika Watanabe/渡辺千賀: テクノロジー・ベンチャー・シリコンバレーの暮らし #
  • 耳垢は2種類あるんだよコノヤロー(振り仮名付き!) #
  • グラフ理論上等! #
  • 今日一生初めてネットスーパーを使って見た。中々いいよね!癖になりそうな氣がする。ただ、多少は駄目人間になったつーか、罪悪感がある(笑)。「テメエ若いからスーパーぐらい自分 #
  • Now using mp3splt to split Cantonese audio files on silences for use in sentence-picking. #
  • J-Blog
    海外ニート上等 #
  • With mp3splt I find that the command line is easier to use than the GUI.
    Example: mp3splt -s [filename] Split files go in same dir as src. #
  • Language is definitely a matter of “how much of it is in your head”…there are no dictionaries in baseball 😀
    …baseball? #
  • インターネットって流石に怖いよね・・・
    JLPTの惡口を言って・・・反省点多いよね。 #
  • どの国に行っても矢っ張バレーボール選手が可愛いよね。
    長身女性万歳! #
  • Ever notice how concern about big issues is often inversely proportional to our effective handling of the small stuff? #
  • 香港電台,你嘅新聞・時事・資訊台 #
  • Another problem with going to the country to learn the language is that by design, just as your skill is peaking, it’s time to leave. #
  • インターネット上で批判される時はヤッパ無視に徹する事だね・・・
    言い争っても碌な事は無いし・・・時間の無駄だし・・・下手すると相手に重要感を持たせ兼ねないし・・・ #
  • 「日本人の癖に日本人相手の会話に英語を混ぜてカッコつけてる奴(それでカッコ付けてるつもりが無様) 」
    ワロタ #
  • 「いまなにしてる?」って聽かれてもオマエ・・・調子こいてんじゃねえぞ、Twitter! #
  • On returning from Taiwan I changed my SRS card format for Chinese to something closer to the original format. Details later… #
  • “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words…”
    edumacation! #
  • 日本の論点Online…
    (Original AJATT reference: #
  • 「千人の忠実なファン」 #
  • 正字正假名遣ひの獎め
    なぜ正字正仮名を使うのか #
  • マルチモニター上等このやろー! #
  • Aww yeah! Watchmen Japanese version is out (reprint)! Take a peek at AmazonJP.
    I’m getting mine next week 😀 #
  • Current experiment: reading non-fiction books like I read the Internet. “Surfing” the TOC for interesting “links”… #
  • グーグルとウィキペディアって、ウィンテル以来のIT業界に於ける大複占になってる氣がするけど・・・皆さんどう思う?
    「複 #
  • 「・・・」の濫用・・・ #
  • WordPress.comのランダムホットポストは一體(←正字萬歲!)誰が決めんの?ありゃ一度も面白いというか、内容のあるモノをアップしてないね。一見刺激的(「わあ!クリックしよう!」っ #
  • 思うんだけど日本語で140書けるって贅沢だなあ。英語とは大違い。何か、作文まるごと掲載できるような氣がする・・・
    にも拘わらず、こういふどうでもいい感想にとどまる(笑)。 #
  • I imagine there must be a direct correlation between media possession and language fluency…I’m just saying…:D #
  • Best thing about going to Taiwan was that Chinese was finally *normal*; I wasn’t “special” for using it; no guilt about “showing off”… #
  • Got 2 new 中文 DVDs. Delivery 5 days. Nice. (Genndy Tartakovsky!) (major wheat and chaff) #
  • Like, half the people in this movie are shady McShade liars! Saddest-crap-ever. Really devalues a decent message. #
    Looks like it’s not Tartakovsky’s version, but the 3D-animated one. Still ubercool. Best 3D toon in a while. #
  • John from Sinosplice hollaed (sp?) back!
    Thanks, John! #
  • It’s never too early or late to learn real-estate terms!
    This is the agency that got me my place 😀 #
  • 「佢嘅功夫,比你想像中好得多」
    「你係自己呃自己啫!」 #
  • I really really like it! 遣りたい事が有るから・・・ #
  • I hate when people say things like “it takes a lifetime to master X”. It doesn’t. You never stop learning, but you definitely stop sucking. #
  • “I refuse to engage myself in a battle of wits with a man who is unarmed.”
    — Mark Twain #
  • “I refuse to engage myself in a battle of wits with a man who is unarmed.” — Mark Twain, quoted here: #
  • SuperMemo: Memorization Myths and Facts #
  • Another Outliers review…I have the Chinese edition, now, actually…just so you know…I have it. Chinese. #
  • “I have never met the guy who doesn’t know how to multiply who created software” #
  • “When people are confronted with a choice between hating themselves for their stagnation or hating others…” #
  • 急にメリー=ポピンズを日本語で観たく成って来た・・・
    「スーパーカリフラジリスティックイクスピアリドーシャス」 #
  • 「ハイキック・ガール!」 #
  • 天文学用語集
    Astronomy Terms! #
  • 数学用語集 Math Terms! #
  • 数式記号の読み方・表し方
    How to read math symbols in Japanese #
  • ブーンドックス-ブッシュが最も恐れた小学生 #
  • “South Park” in Japanese is hilarious, by the way. #
  • これも愚民化の一環かしら #
  • ゆとり世代は「ソ連」も「ナチス」も知らない? #
  • 映画字幕で業界が四苦八苦 若者の知的レベル低下が背景か? #
  • まあ、色々教育には問題があることは確かだが、何事も「サヨク」なり「ゆとり教育」なりの所為にするのもどうかと・・・慌てずに陰謀論に走らずにちゃんと因果関係を立証しろ・・・
    ht #
  • One of the best non-fiction shows out there. Two comedians do interviews with leading researchers. 爆笑問題のニッポンの教養 #
  • Courtesy of beneficii!
    C++ tutorial in Japanese
    有り難う! #
  • サラリーマン体操 #
  • 食わず嫌い王 #
  • 糧を捨てて船を沈む #
  • 青空文庫
    Aozora Bunko/BlueSky Library: Free, electronic, out-of-copyright books #
  • スキンシップ #
  • 「本を読まない人はサルである!」って
    ゆーじゃの~い?! #
  • 「マンガノゲンバ」. Interviews with manga authors, including actual footage of them at work (my favorite part of the show). #
  • 「男の美学は『我慢』」
    面白い・・・ #
  • 「人形劇 三国志」
    “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” told with puppets!
    DVD: #
  • ジス イズ スパルタアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアア
    アアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアア #
  • 腕力より智恵の方が偉いに決まってんだろ、アホ。 #
  • You’re *always* too old; it’s *always* too late; things *always* used to be better; it’s *never* the right time. So do it anyway 🙂 . #
  • 「鏘鏘三人行」
    My favorite Mandarin discussion show. #
  • There is no magic. A language is nothing but a finite set of sounds and symbols that can be arranged in certain combos. Copy and you’re in. #
  • Dude, you’re going to high school in Japan! Reclaim the Japanese childhood you never had via free streaming video! #
  • Whoops…mistyped link #
  • Learn English in Japanese!
    (Seriously…you’ll learn more Japanese than English) #
    「男」!!! #
  • Japan’s so racist that its top sumo wrestler is Mongolian and its top author is Chinese. #
  • The moment we believe success is determined by an ingrained ability, we will be brittle in the face of adversity #
  • “possibly the most accomplished polyglot in the world” #
  • “a good method ‘plays much more important role in language learning than…innate ability.'” #
  • 『「娼婦」という言葉を使わず』
    これを読むと、益々政府(文部省)が子供を「守る」積もりで態と漢字教育を遲らせている氣がする。だって論理的に学習して行けば、女→姦・女+日→「 #
  • Kanji-lish: you have simply GOT to get this Firefox plugin. No, really…
    Really… #
  • “there is no ‘easy’ language. At most, some languages may be easier to learn poorly.)” #
  • When talking *about* language, you can feel smart. Actually immersing forces you to face your own ignorance. So people go for the former. #
  • “memorization…[is] indispensable to any language learning” #
  • “My advice to learners can thus be expressed in one word: read!” #
  • “One learns grammar from language, not language from grammar” #
  • “a linguistic microclimate is more important than a linguistic macroclimate” #
  • “in a foreign language…reading can be boring…We
    need…the pull of a[n]…interesting text” #
  • “At first we should read with a blitheness practically bordering on superficiality” #
  • “Language is present in a piece of work like the sea in a single drop.” #
  • On American literacy or lack thereof. #
  • I’m thinking TV commercials have immense untapped power as a language-learning tool. #
  • Output is the tip of the input iceberg. #
  • 「仕事の量は、完成のために与えられた時間をすべて満たすまで膨張する」 #
  • Econ professor from Japan keeps it real :D. Thanks to BD for link! #
  • 有7-11真好! #
  • 台灣廣告
    Taiwan TV commercials #
  • PV Dragon Ash 静かな日々の階段を #
  • There is good in every method. The question is not the presence or absence of good but rather the net quantity of good. (Good = effective). #
  • 「これって皮肉な話じゃない?
    アラニス=モリセット『皮肉』、歌詞和訳 #
  • “I should” is not a good enough reason to read a particular L2 book. It is good enough for reading in general, but not for specific works. #
  • Methods aren’t for agreeing or disagreeing with. They aren’t works of art. They are for doing or not doing. They either work or they don’t. #
  • Kanji-lish: you have simply GOT to get this Firefox plugin. No, really… Really… #
  • Oh, 言ay does that 星tar-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the 陸and 之f the free and the 宅ome 之f the brave? #
  • Be a tortoise. Think of yourself as a late bloomer in your target language. Remember: the tortoise beat the hare. One step, one step. #
  • When your sink is full of dishes is often when you least feel like washing. But, of course, this is when even a little washing would help. #
  • Kanji-lish RTK 1 & 3 Profile! Thanks to
    cb4960! More kanji to the people! #
  • It shouldn’t amaze us that foreigners get good at an L2. After all, Japan beats America at softball. Soon America can beat Japan at kanji 😀 #
  • オー!マイキー
    Super-funny sketches! #
  • 現代用語の基礎知識 #
  • The language and dieting industries are a lot alike: awash with advice that’s either overhyped and useless, or conservative and useless. #
  • “250 Essential Kanji for Everyday Use”…what the insultingly-low-expectation-having…Yes, let’s all be semi-literate… #
  • I think it helps to have humility towards a language, but *not* an inferiority complex. Classes scare people and make them feel like crud. #
  • Why music is good for language (or any) learning #
  • On any given day, if you can’t do any SRS, then do some immersion; if you can’t do any immersion, then do some SRS. And if you can, do both! #
  • New experiment:
    L1 movie, L2 subs, no audio [mute]. Think of it as a moving comic! #
  • CNN Japan
    See? No snide remarks! No venom :D…
    $&(#$'(#ing… #
  • Khatzumoto is currently on an SRS holiday #
  • In problem-solving, we all seem to want The One True Tool. But perhaps we’d be better of gradually assembling and maintaining A Toolbox. #
  • Word on the street is that LiveStation is the biznax!
    Thanks SR! And the person who first told me about it. #
  • 「遣るか遣らぬかだ。試しなど要らん!」
    ドゥー オア ドゥー ノット ゼア イズ ノー トライ #
  • 「信じられません」
    「然様。だから失敗したのじゃ」 #
  • “My friends keep telling me I should find someone
    冷たくなくて、優しい” #
  • “A new idea comes suddenly and in a rather intuitive way. But intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience.”-A.E. #
  • Secondary problems are your problem, too. Whenever you think “I would do XYZ if only W” — W is up to you to solve, too. W *is* the solution #
  • Is your learning process sustainable? Doing as much as you can is good, but “bulimic studying” will get you nowhere. Go for consistency. #
  • Gaijin are often meaner to you about Japanese than actual Japanese people are.
    これもシャーデンフロイデかナァ。或いは單なる嫉妬かっ。まあ、別に外人と意思疎通する爲に学んだ訳じゃあるまいし。 #
  • For KhatzuMemo users on Firefox wanting to use hyperlinks without the overhead of typing out all that pesky HTML: #
  • The people who learn a language are the ones who are crazy enough to think they can. #
  • Is there a nice big furigana manga magazine in *your* toilet? #
  • Kanji-lish: you have simply GOT to get this Firefox plugin. No, really… Really… #
  • It seems that quite often the simple fact of making a decision matters more than the actual content of the decision. #
  • SRS Tip: If possible, it’s best to keep your sentence-picking to copy-pastable items. Failure needs to be cheap. #
  • Controversial suggestion: speak your native language (L1) in the accent of your target language (L2). ジス イズ カート ブランチ フォア エスニック ステレオタピング #
  • Deep-soaked 麦茶: It takes like you think coffee’s *going to* taste…. #
  • Afraid of culling boring SRS items? Not deleting doesn’t save items: it puts the entire SRS process at risk of boredom-induced avoidance. #
  • “Natives” are absolutely the best users of their respective languages. They must have some of the best methods. We should be copying them. #
  • Kanji-lish: you have simply GOT to get this Firefox plugin. No, really… Really… #
  • 教えて呉れ、友よ。賢者サルマンともあろう者がいつから理性を捨てた? #
  • ” ‘I don’t have enough time’ [=] you haven’t made that which you supposedly lack time for important enough. ” #
  • “The story of greatness is a story that includes many actions that look like failures…” #
  • 君子の過ちは日月の食の如し #
  • Try to spend less time making up theories about why you can’t learn a language and more time watching cartoons and reading comics. #
  • 「グロインの子、ギムリよ――指輪は如何なる道具を使っても、疵付ける事すら出來ぬ。」 #
  • Uncertainty is comforting, even negative uncertainty. Worst-case predictions are easy — they condone sloth. Optimism actually takes work. #
  • You can’t output without input any more than you can reap without sowing…?
    And other tired bucolic metaphors 😀
    But, really, though… #
  • Try looking up L1 words you don’t know in your L2 dictionary. I learned “parson” and “egress” this way, using an English-Japanese dic. #
  • 「フランス語が一番素晴らしい言葉、中でも特に罵る言葉・・・まるでシルクで尻を拭く様だ」 #
  • Kanji-lish: you have simply GOT to get this Firefox plugin. No, really… Really… #
  • Crappy B-grade action movies are wonderful language-learning tools: predictable dialog, predictable emotions, predictable plot. #
  • Rise above the comfort of your resignation to the prevailing fad theories about how you’re too “X” to learn. #
  • Surusu users may have noticed a slight blip in service lasting a few seconds due to a minor update. Next time there’ll be a proper warning! #
  • Are you enjoying yourself? Are you playing? Don’t work; don’t struggle. Just play. Play in the target language. #
  • If you think you’re having a problem with your target language, think again. What you’re really having is a boredom problem. #
  • “Just having fun doing something brings a natural
    growth in knowledge and sophistication.” #
  • 「攻殻機動隊」のサントラが耳に入ると急にまた観たく成るよね!糞巧い露西亜人歌手め! #
  • What’s your SRS card deletion rate? Mine’s 25-50% #
  • Don’t waste your time whining and wishing your L2 were anything other than the way it is. If it has X features, then it has X features. #
  • “[how] to hit the bull’s-eye every time — just draw a target around your arrow after it has landed.” #
  • Surusu users: there’s an update coming down the series of tubes in a few minutes. #
  • Your L2 must become like the air. It’s always around you.
    You’re always taking it in. And you’re never in short supply of it. #
  • “It’s fun to achieve a goal. But fun is also the means to achieving the goal.” #
  • Rather than be intimidated by the size of a language, think instead of all the expressive power that will eventually be at your disposal… #
  • “…fun breeds success. If the process of getting to the goal is fun, then you know you are on the right path.” #
  • Japanese TV, baby. #
  • 『1-6 情報戦略 「ニッポンと国際インテリジェンス戦争」』 #
  • 博士も知らないニッポンのウラ #
  • “When an archer is shooting for nothing he has all his skills. If he shoots for a brass buckle. . . .the need to win drains him of power.” #
  • “我的熱情 好像一把火 燃燒了整個沙漠 太陽見了我 也會躲著我 它也會怕我這把愛情的火 ” #
  • “there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans…” #
  • “If you practice from [natural Japanese], you will develop good habits that will help you formulate correct and natural Japanese sentences.” #
  • Adults amuse me. They seem to want to get good at a language without the indignity of actually having it be a part of their lives. #
  • Music: Japanese equivalents to Enya
    朝崎郁恵 #
  • Generally speaking, you can’t fulfill a dream that you can’t remember… #
  • When’s the last time you just sat back and fantasized about being good at your target language? “Image training” isn’t just for sports 😀 . #
  • “use the monolingual dictionary as a tool to learn words related to those found in the [immersion environment]” #
  • “reading is the most powerful language teacher.”
    — And so are TV and movies! #
  • If you learn what you WANT to learn, you’ll naturally, automatically learn what you NEED to learn. #
  • Genius: The Modern View
    “…Mozart’s early abilities were not the product of some innate spiritual gift.” #
  • AJATT Table of Contents updated!
    You know you like it! #
  • To paraphrase Rossini: All Japanese is good except the boring kind, #
  • Let it be known throughout the land that romaji is, in fact, the devil. #
  • 「錯了就改,吃後悔藥也沒用」 #
  • “As long as you’re doing something, you’re learning” — Momoko #
  • KhatzuMoto Environment Hack: Paste old L2 newspapers up on your walls. Free, constant input. Remember: exposure precedes comprehension. #
  • “平靜中產生天才”
    ——歌德 #
  • The space community needs to “aim to fail” more. Cheers beneficii for the link. #
  • “space exploration has been captivated by large-scale…plans with little regard to the means to achieve all this” #
  • Space exploration — failing to fail enough #
  • “The Wright Brothers did not build a DC-3. They build the minimum which achieved what they were after. ” #
  • Happiness can be bought! At the AJATT store! Check it out 😀 #
  • “每個人都接受兩種教育, 一種來自別人,另一種更重要的來自自己。”
    ——吉朋 #
  • Boredom is the enemy. Your L2 and its idiosyncrasies are not. Bored with A? Do B. Bored with B? Do A. Bored with both? Remix. Just keep on. #
  • Have you done your SRS deletions today?
    You have the right to judge what’s worth keeping. Anything essential will come up again. #
  • ニートVS母親 #
  • 識聽 識講 亦都 亦都 識睇! #
  • Don’t try to find a source of sentences — find a source of joy instead. Sentences are like air: free and everywhere. #
  • 「俺は空に輝く星だ
    世界で一番偉大な存在なんだ」 #
  • 勝元→「近乎完美、充滿力量嘅男人身體」 #
  • Khatzumoto’s NFT=New Favorite Thing: Japanese dramas dubbed into Cantonese. It’s like wiping your buttocks with easily comprehensible silk. #
  • “(WISE) We Came to Dominate the Floor Like the Planet of APES 空想から現実へとエスケープ(Yeah!)” #
    宇宙大作戦でホットペッパー #
  • 「頭先你話係 而家你話唔係!」 #
  • マインドコントロールだよ、此之野郎、マインドコントロール。
    各自ご自由におパニクりに成って下さい。 #
  • 『「お母さん、アメリカって遠いの?」
    出典不明 #
  • Kanji Toilet Paper, motherlovers!
    I done told you it’s called “All Japanese All The Time”! #
  • ってか、「テレエグジステンス」を「遠隔存在」と、人間らしく表記しましょうよ~ん。
    ね!?(^^) #
  • [ 本気でネコに襲われてみた 1 ] って、言うじゃな~い #
  • Khatzumoto wonders: perhaps SRS might make low-impact longer-term language study effective/feasible. #
  • I pity the fool who doesn’t know kanji 😀 #
  • “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” — Anatole France #
  • “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy…” #
  • “we must die to one life before we can enter another.” #
  • It’s not the years of studying L2 that count. It’s the hours in those years. #
  • 「今天的遲疑,會造成明天的後悔」 #
  • You never truly lose anything by getting rid of something useless, you only gain. #
  • The Japanese Proficiency Fairy does not visit those who flee from real Japanese at every opportunity. She can’t fly that far. #
  • In a big project, it’s normal to feel lost, b/c:
    “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” #
  • YT: アルゴリズム行進, baby!
    Thanks to jgodfrey #
  • Perhaps, rather than directly trying to have a good day or even a good life, we should try to have good moments, in ever-increasing numbers. #
  • Surusu: database backup in progress. #
  • Seneca on immersion: “we may be the sons of whomsoever we will…choose the [L2] into which you wish to be adopted” #
  • BD comes at you with another sweet link! #
  • 「MS社のMac批判広告は効果あり、消費者の価値評価が大幅ダウン」 #
  • “I have always maintained that excepting fools, men did not differ much in intellect, only in zeal and hard work”. #
  • “Memory [is]n’t like shoe size — it [can] be improved by training” #
  • “Every skill [is] a form of memory” #
  • “[Japanese] doesn’t care about who you are. It only cares what you do.” #
  • Home/Un-schooling in Japan
    If you’re into that sorting of thing, you hippie! #
  • “[Darwin’s cousin] spent a good portion of his life…futilely trying to prove that genius was heritable” #
  • “skill….[is] created by the nested accumulation of small, discrete units” #
  • “[so-called] talent is a process that can be ignited by primal cues” #
  • “The truth is, we learn in staggering baby steps” #
  • “It’s not about recognizing talent, whatever the he[ck] that is…you work on fundamentals…”
    — Pete Sampras’ coach #
  • “Don’t look for the big, quick improvement. Seek the small improvement one day at a time.” #
  • “[I] didn’t have the knack”
    “Didn’t have the patience, you mean” #
  • “[Training] should be easy, fun, nice. To be so serious is not good”.
    — Emilio Miranda, Brazilian professor of soccer #
  • “A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary” — Thomas Carruthers #
  • “Neurosis is just a high-class word for whining” — Dr. Albert Ellis #
  • Today’s unnecessarily violent metaphor: There may be no silver bullets for your problem, but enough regular bullets might just do the job. #
  • 習以為常 #
  • YT: Teriyaki Boyz feat Busta Rhymes & Pharrell – Zock On #
  • Summer Time Love – m-flo♥日之内エミ & Ryohei #
  • “if you want to remember, remember to repeat.” #
  • Let go of trying to force the language into your mind. Set up the environment and then let it draw you in. #
  • “It takes years to consolidate a memory. Not minutes, hours, or days but years.” #
  • Do you watch a specific TV channel out of a sense of duty? Then why would you do something in your L2 out a sense of duty? #
  • “Repeated exposure to information *in…timed intervals* provides the most powerful way to fix memory into the brain.” #
  • Your “loyalty” is to the L2 as a whole, not to a specific work or part or style of the L2. That’s purely optional. Go by how you feel. #
  • Immersion isless like a train running on rails, and more like a surfer on waves. Catch the wave of what’s fun now. Then catch the next one. #
  • Would you read what you’re reading now in your L2 in your L1? Then why are you reading it? #
  • Free manga for the peoples #
  • Learning is not serious business. It’s about fun and curiosity. In fact, the only thing you should be serious about the fun. #
  • The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the #
  • “The simple willingness to improvise is more vital, in the long run, than research.” #
  • “it is impossible to understand a culture without understanding its language” #
  • “The benefits of becoming fluent in a foreign tongue are as underestimated as the difficulty is overestimated.” #
  • “adults can learn languages much faster than children” #
  • A lot of people simply do not expect their dreams to ever come true…they are absolutely correct. #
  • 「計画を立てるのは実際、とても簡單な事だ。紙とペンさえあれば良い」 #
  • Surusu backup in progress. #
  • Especially (but not only) with an L2, read books like you read the Net. Don’t go from A to Z. Go from M to Q to B to W to P to N to A, to… #
  • “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools” — Napoleon Bonaparte #
  • “Results are the best measurement of human progress. Not conversation. Not explanation. Not justification. Results!”
    — Jim Rohn #
  • “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” — Seneca #
  • 『成否を分けるのは「頭のよさ」ではなく「続ける力」だ』 #
  • How to hack the JLPT (maybe)
    1. Get 5 years’ worth of past tests
    2. Get an SRS
    3. Combine (1)&(2) [omit incorrects] 4. Repeat #
  • Never try to finish anything. You can’t: things finish themselves. Instead, just start it. Starting, only you can do. No start, no finish. #
  • “work without effort…accomplish the great task by a series of small acts” #
  • “disbelief in innate ability…is a tremendous cultural asset in Asian society and among Asian-Americans.” #
  • “Do as little as possible, and that unwillingly.
    For it is better to receive a slight reprimand
    than to perform an arduous task”. #
  • “the very existence of talent is not…supported by evidence.” #
  • “if you don’t saturate your life in a single quest, you’ll dilute your focus” #
  • “no specific genes identifying particular talents have been found.” #
  • “In some fields, especially intellectual ones…people may…design their own practice.” #
  • “life at most companies seems ingeniously designed to defeat all the principles of deliberate practice. ” #
  • “The most important self-regulatory skill that top performers in every field use…is self-observation. ” #
  • “Not enough people believe they can even try. They…constantly offer…opinions but never really doing anything.” #
  • “don’t fight yourself to change your behavior in the midst of the wrong environment; just change the environment. ” #
  • “our actions are determined by our environment. ” #
  • “make it easier to do something you want done and harder not to.” #
  • 続けるかぎり「負け」はない。 #
  • Unfortunately, the older you get, the harder it is to learn another language. Because you’ve got so much experience making lamea$$ excuses. #
  • lifelong bilingualism #
  • 「個性とかオリジナルなんてものは、模倣を続けた後に自然と出来上がるものなのだ」 #
  • いかに日々の生活の中に[修業を]溶け込ませ
    繰り返しコツコツ続けていくかが重要なんだ #
  • 大上段に構えてやるもんじゃねーんだよ修行なんて
    小さなことでもいい #
  • 「たった一発で強くなろうなんて考えてる連中は
    所詮 何年も何十年も日々鍛錬を繰り返す奴らに勝つことなんて出来やしねーんだ」 #
  • 「生活と修行を切り離して考えている時点で[駄目だよ]」 #
  • 「修行ってのは今日始めようとか明日から始めようとか そういうもんじゃねーんだ」 #
  • 「修行とは日常の一部であるべきだ」 #
  • This one’s straight to the bookmarks folder, kids.
    Japanese Example Sentence Search Engine.
    Thanks to BD et al.! #
  • My world has just been ro-hocked.
    “Talent is Overrated”.
    Maybe I’ll write a review soon 😀 #
  • Beginning to feel that acquiring a language is uncannily like learning a musical instrument… #
  • Rejoice. For upon this earth, yea, on this night, a QRG is born.
    This thing is gold! — even I bought a couple. #
  • 「Tシャツの脇シミを、消し去る方法と予防法」
    Anyone else got yellowing armpit stains this summer? #
  • “Using Music and Songs in the Foreign Language Classroom” #
  • “non-standard grammar is fairly common in daily usage of most languages and the students have to learn to deal with it” #
  • “teachers worry that their students will enjoy the music, but will…learn less…This…has been refuted by all the research”
    bit.l #
  • QRG: All links active 😀 . #
  • “students report learning through songs as much more enjoyable.” #
  • “Joanne Loewy proposes that language should be considered not in a cognitive context, but in a musical one” #
  • Two QRG reviews already out: #
  • 「♪マイク進行形 アからンで造形 真実描写するSHOW CASE
    耳を目を疑う光景 It’s Okay 自分で確めようぜ♪」 #
  • “of the many separate cognitive capacities, music and language work most closely together” #

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