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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-09-12

  • You never have to suffer to succeed. You just have to do what you can; this tends to be a lot more (and a lot easier) than most of us think. #
  • “[Useless! All he did was]…practice…a series of moves over and over until he got fast”
    Hello? That’s the *point*. #
  • Bad SRS cards = bad apples. Discard them before they spread the rot to the rest of your deck. #
  • 『「漢字」は・・・東洋文明の共有財産であって外国の文字ではない』 #
  • The key to success with goals is to use them rather than be used by them. #
  • “You don’t have to speak, you just have to sing!” #
  • “School is tests and credits and notetaking and meeting standards. Learning, on the other hand, is ‘getting it’. ” #
  • Illiteracy basically sucks chocolate salty balls. #
  • Yahoo HK/Japan/wherever makes a great home page — there’s always new content from a variety of sources… #
  • “it 皆ll starts with language. Languages are the key that opens the 戸oor to 他ther worlds.” #
  • Having too many rules can get in the way of reading. If in doubt, just open the book and look at it. Screw everything else… #
  • Trouble deciding what to learn next SRS/sentence-wise? A word frequency is always a good starting point. #
  • Surusu: Backup in progress #
  • Wanna see my handwriting from SRS sentence reps today? I only write down characters where I get a reading wrong… #
  • Yes, it’s messy. Deal :D. #
  • Don’t know how much listening in your sleep helps. But at the very least it’s like sleeping with your shoes on, all ready for the morning. #
  • ‘”Where we are today is [like] a flower,” … “You’d have had to plant a seed long ago to get where we are today.”‘
  • #
  • BD recommends Japanese news with flava: #

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