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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-09-19

  • Japanese kids never run away, never give up, never skip a day of Japanese. Even if they wanted to, their environment won’t let them. #
  • “Another reason for Jamaican [track athlete]s’ success: their attitude” #
  • Poor experiment-design strikes again. It turns out that age may not be a deciding issue at all with memory. #
  • “A simple practice done regularly is superior to a complex practice done irregularly ” #
  • Tip: don’t pause video. Turn down the volume. The continual motion reminds you to turn it on/up again. #
  • Pure 100% immersion may not always be possible. So what? Focus on what you *can* change, not on what you can’t. #
  • The Ferris on Why Language Classes Don’t Work #
  • I have a dream. That young white boys can grow up to be world-class sprinters without people casting ethnic aspersions on their ability. #
  • 「条件を変えれば、行動は必ず変わる!」 #
  • Saying “I study animals in the wild” is sort of like saying “I study computers with the power plugged in” — it should go without saying. #
  • All problems are solved by a sequence of small actions. The difference is in the length of the sequence. But the actions are always small. #
  • Japanese sites for Japanese kids — that includes you. #
  • Maybe instead of “learn” a language, we should tell people to “experience” it instead. That alone could end the bias toward boring things. #
  • “Crimson Tide”… that them thar dialogue is just as cool in 日本語 #

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