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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-09-26

  • 「最近、「雰囲気」を「ふいんき」と読む人がとても増えており、テレビのアナウンサーも「ふいんき」を使用する人がいます。」 #
  • Surusu: service down temporarily. Will be back up within 24 hours. #
  • Surusu: service restored. #
  • Surusu: backup in progress 😀 #
  • “a child can imitate the rhythm and musical contours of the language long before he can say the words” #
  • MDさん斯く語りき「God exists, and he wants me to be able to listen to the Beatles AND study Japanese!」 #
  • Surusu: backup in progress 😀 #
  • Faced with their own ignorance on a topic, adults react with guilt and shame; small children get excited at the learning opportunity. #
  • 日本を含めて世界中の殆どの言語学習者の問題は、東洋伝統芸武術に喩えると、「守破離」の「守」の部分が成ってない事にあるんだ。素直にネイティブの物真似をするのが王道。その物真 #
  • Don’t try to read in the same way all the time. Logistics and energy need to be considered. Change your reading style/content to suit these. #
  • Surusu: backup in progress #
  • “[Teachers] cannot think or labor for you, they can only put you in the best way of thinking and laboring for yoursel[f].”–Joseph Priestly #
  • Surusu: backup in progress #
  • In a sense, the work of an AJATTeer is not to find Japanese media to hang onto, but to find Japanese media to throw away. #
  • “I am your supermaaaaaan 是你的超人” #
  • Full version here 😀 –> #
  • “The school system was crafted to deliver factory slaves to Henry Ford, and cubicle slaves to
    XYZ Insurers.” #
  • Those 5 or 10-minute gaps you have scattered throughout your day. Those could be Japanese, too. Give them “Japanese citizenship”(WTF?) (^^). #
  • YT: 側田 – 未輸
    「請不必囂張 舖張 得戚得這麼誇張
    用自大偽造力量 擊我不倒只得輕傷
    多囂張 舖張 得戚得這麼誇張
    賣弄著極大陣仗 想我消失並未自量 」 #
  • Speak quietly and act loudly? 😀 #
  • ‘Those who dwell on the “Why I cantʼs” at age 16 will probably still be doing exactly the
    same thing at age 66!’ #
  • Don’t “follow” or “agree with” AJATT. *Refer* to AJATT. Pick and choose (what parts will be up to you — all up to you :D), like jellybeans. #

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