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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-10-03

  • 英語力は商品じゃない。幾ら金払っても、継続的に纏まった時間を投資しない限り大した結果は永遠に出ないのだ。要は、「金額」じゃなくて、「時間の量」。だ~ら、英会話なんて風俗が #
  • If you’re a beginner, give children’s materials a chance now and then. When one’s vocabulary’s small, “adult pride” doesn’t even make sense. #
  • Don’t try to “do” Japanese…just try to make it an habitual part of your existence instead. It’s much easier and more effective that way. #
  • The key with immersion is to work on what you *can* control. You’ll find that there’s a surprising amount of it. #
  • Surusu: backup in progress 😀 #
  • What matters isn’t how much time passes. What matters is how you pass yourself through that time. #
  • Focus less on growing OUT of being a beginner and more on just GROWING. As long as you know more today than yesterday, you are winning. #
  • Surusu: backup in progress 😀 #
  • The SRS is like a machine for turning small physical input into big intellectual results. It is to your brain as a moped is to your feet. #
  • Tip: try limiting the number of kanji you write out to a maximum of 2 per SRS rep. The point is breadth, not just depth. #
  • 新米美味しいね~(^^)
    って、同化し過ぎ、俺w #
  • 遣って遣れない事は無い。遣らずに出来る訳が無い。 #
  • Immersion: “follow the fun” #
  • RevTK “once you start to get accustomed to the monodic, it’s amazing how irritating the definitions suddenly are in bilingual dictionaries.” #
  • AJATT Golden Rule: Have FUN. Without fun, nothing else matters. If this rule is stressing you out, you’re already breaking it 😀 #
  • スターシップ・トゥルーパーズ格好いい~! #
  • Are you making yourself suffer because you think “no pain no gain”? Why don’t you start making yourself games you can win? #
  • Timeboxing is to work as a canvas is to an artist. By restricting in form, it paradoxically encourages action and creativity in/on content. #
  • Timeboxing helps us realize what we *can* do, but also what we *can’t* do — giving us the confidence to make those “executive” decisions. #
  • What would you do with your learning process if you were a small child? What kind of activities? What kind of attitude would you have? #
  • Surusu: backup in progress #
  • NYPD(ニューヨーク市警)=N逃げるY野郎はPパンチでDトツく! #
  • 「奴等が来る」って、映画やアニメで使われる割りに、中々日常会話じゃ出番無いんだよね~ #
  • Reading requires some gear shifting. Sometimes you want to focus on what you do know, other times you want to focus on what you don’t know. #
  • Stop having useful thoughts. Stop trying to be efficient. Screw around instead. Have fun, and you’ll be both useful and efficient. #
  • 個人間では他人の意見を尊重すると良い社会が生まれるが、
    って事は正常でさえ居れば我々は #
  • Don’t worry about all the things you don’t know. If you knew them already then there wouldn’t be anything for you to learn! #
  • Surusu: backup in progress 😀 #

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