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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-10-10

  • AJATT isn’t about pain and struggle. It’s about realizing that you have the same right as a native speaker to learn the language by playing. #
  • Replace your “shoulds” with “want tos” 😀 #
  • Things don’t always have to go “right”, they just have to go. Even if you don’t feel like you’re making progress, try “showing up” anyway. #
  • SRS: Because you’re never too good to review the basics 😀 #
  • SRS: Because you’re never too good to review the basics 😀
    Just too good to remain stuck on them (?)…haha, I dunno #
  • Let go of pathological thinking — mental tail-chasing.
    Just KISSSSSS.
  • To a point, 5 short SRS cards are better than 1 long one. #
  • Are you trying to read all the Japanese that enters your life indiscriminately? If it’s not entertaining you, then stop. You have the right. #
  • SRS = LHF. Low. Hanging. Fruit. The individual cards need to be easy. Almost *too* easy. As long as it’s not boring-easy, you’re good to go. #
  • Writing just some kanji every day (1 or 2 characters per SRS rep) seems to help my memory of all kanji. #
  • 今BSアニメ夜話見てんだけど、
    「喜屋武 ちあき」の苗字凄いよね。 #
  • “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.” –Robert Schuller #
  • “You’d be surprised how much you can really pick up on by switching to monolingual.” #
  • Quality is a natural result of quantity. If in doubt, raise the quantity, then skim the quality off the top. #
  • So you suck. So what? You’re supposed to suck. Anything else would be unnatural. Get over it. Forget your position. Remember your direction. #
  • Make your steps so small, so short, so simple, that they’re practically an insult to your intelligence. Yet also fun. Bubble. Wrap. #
  • 「問題は遣るか遣らないかなんです。此処が運命の分かれ道。」
    秋元 康
    プロ論 #
  • “I used to HATE Heisig…but now after graduating from Remembering the Kanji, I bow my head in humility to Heisig” #
  • When your immersion materials are fun, they will MAKE you WANT to “work” and “mine” or whatever. But it’ll never feel like work. So be lazy! #
  • “Remembering the Kanji and the AJATT method of learning Japanese have blessed me with the gift of fluency.” #
  • “if you can remember the meaning of a couple thousand kanji…it will be a GREAT aid to…*reading* in actual Japanese!” #
  • Surusu backup in progress 😀 #
  • Steps of insultingly small size 😀 . Something. Anything. #
  • Acquiring languages is so dependent upon habit that perhaps we’re better off approaching it behaviorally instead of cognitively… #
  • YouTube – Zock On! Feat. Pharrell And Busta Rhymes / Teriyaki Boyz #
  • YouTube – 陶喆 David Tao Zhe — Zhao Zi Ji 找自己 #
  • YouTube – L-VOKAL/MOVE #
  • YouTube – ZEEBRA – BUSHIDO #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves Crystal Kay / Love Don’t Cry #
  • The scary thing is that it’s just as much fun talking about how to learn a language as actually learning it. Instant feeling of smartness. #
  • Let go. #
  • 不用品を捨てないと部屋が永遠に整理整頓な状態には成らないのと同じ様、母国語にしがみ付いて二ヶ国語辞書から離れない限り、「第二言語」での真の実力が身に着かないだろう。 #
  • Adults tend to want to force things too hard too fast. It’s always a good time to watch/read really simple (i.e. children’s) things… #

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