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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-10-17

  • Surusu: backup in progress 😀 #
  • よく「日本のユーモアに皮肉は無い」と外人は言う。けれど、本当は日本語の理解力が、まだ皮肉に気付くレベルに達していないだけなんじゃないの?心の琴線が触れられるには、先ずは琴 #
  • “language is about putting in the hours. If you want to learn it fast, you just put in more hours a day” #
  • “reading is one of those things that recedes if it is not used” #
  • 『一般的な「天才」の定義は大いに誤解を招きます。
    「天才」とは、ある対象に異常な愛着を持っている人です。 #
  • 複雑な練習は、練習じゃない。
    これこそ練習。 #
  • 退屈な練習は練習ではなく、拷問。 #
  • 「戦いは己の力を出し盡くした時こそが本當の始まりだ」 #
  • Cantonese South Park.
    ‘Nuff said. #
  • Turn it into a game, and all work will stop. #
  • If we’re going to play…let’s play to win. And winning means not just enjoying the end, but enjoying the means, too. Pain is not victory. #
  • If we don’t allow ourselves to look to the best and expect the best, if we treat the best as if it’s too good for us, then it becomes so. #
  • Pwnage will come to us if we believe in our right and ability to (eventually) have it. But if we treat it like something alien…no dice. #
  • I’ve always thought of the SRS as a privilege rather than a mere tool. All the “thinking” and “planning” and quantifying it does for me… #
  • South Park: Offically *the* best tool for learning any language. #
  • Pre-attentive processing… #
  • 男子漢 #
  • It’s kind of a mistake to discuss “time” management. What we really have is “self” management with time as one of the tools of managing self #
  • The point isn’t to actually be perfect, but to be consistently heading in a very good direction… #
  • 做硬漢!!
    YouTube – Jackie Chan – I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Cantonese) MV #
  • Surusu users will notice drastically increased speed in loading stats. No need to bow in thanks — I do it for the love of the game. Hehe 😀 #
  • Figuratively speaking, you need to stop eating your Japanese “vegetables”, and start looking exclusively for your candy/dessert 😀 #
  • “Positive thinking is hard. Worth it, though.” #
  • Definitely don’t enter or keep boring stuff in your SRS.
    If you enter boring stuff, your reps will be (here it comes…waitforit)…boring. #
  • カートマン万歳! #
  • Life is too short and good books are too many, for you to be wasting time on a boring one because you “should”/”it’s good for you”. #

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