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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-10-24

  • The television is perhaps the most powerful language-acquisition device ever invented. #
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Ever. You have to treat yourself like a 5-year-old. Every little thing counts. Gold stars EVERYWHERE. #
  • Often, rather than ask other people’s opinion on your idea, it’s better to shut up and just try it — let it fly or crash on its own. #
  • Experimenting with watching 4 videos simultaneously. SUPER fun 😀 #
  • More often than not studying gets boring not because of over-difficulty/overstimulation, but actually because of a lack thereof. #
  • The more (extraneous things) you give up on, the more you let go, the more powerful you become. #
  • As my friend Marcelle said all those years ago, your short/mid-term choice is painfully simple: either suck at two languages, or own at one. #
  • 高音甜 中音準 低音勁 #
  • An old favorite: “actions speak louder than words”. Oh snap, I just used words! 😀 Even if you win an argument, you haven’t proven anything. #
  • 「我呢條命叫做『一將功成萬骨枯!』,不過我唔同意!」 #
  • How Much Per Day? How Many Per Day? — As much as you can. As much as *you* can. You decide. You’re the only one who knows the right answer. #
  • If you’re lazy like me, don’t set a goal to do the right thing (e.g. brush teeth), just set a goal to be in the right place (brush in mouth) #

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