AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-11-14

  • Any movement forward is movement forward. #
  • A little bit of time over a longish period of time.
    Just a little at a time… « I Got Skillz bit.ly/4cjyHc #
  • No matter how well or how badly it’s going, all you can do, and all you need do, is the tiny little piece of good you can do right now. #
  • 積極果断 #
  • People seem to need two things to thrive in a country. (1) Vocabulary and (2) Love. If either is missing, we see self-destructive behavior. #
  • Don’t make “good” decisions. Make fun decisions. The choice with the highest fun:work ratio both now and later, is the “right” choice. #
  • We need to bring the same fast, freewheeling, confident, self-directed movement we enjoy when watching TV, (back) to reading text. #
  • We tend to be really “all or nothing” when it comes to reading books.
    Why not be all or something or nothing? #
  • Time comes in small chunks. Act like it. #
  • It’s no use waiting for some magically huge chunk of time. Even if it did come, we wouldn’t know how to use it. Use this tiny chunk well. #
  • Having fun is, by definition, self-correcting. If you’re struggling so much to have fun that you’re not having fun, then, welll….change. #
  • It’s not enough to just have an apple. You have to slice it in order to increase your likelihood of eating it. The same goes for time. #
  • Perhaps the “killer app” principle applies to languages as well — one person or book or movie that makes an entire language worth learning. #
  • There’s never going to be a perfect time or place to do Japanese. Barriers everywhere. Every time will suck. So you might as well do it now! #
  • s13log » AJATT philosophy in a nutshell bit.ly/MXeYI #
  • Be aware of the difference between something you feel like you’re reading because you “should”, and something you’re truly reading for fun. #
  • Are you feeling good? Would you be reading that Japanese thing if it were in English? If not, maybe it’s time to put it down. #
  • Don’t just think you suck in general.
    Think of one tiny, single, clear, specific thing you suck at.
    One thing.
    Then fix it.
    Then move on. #
  • 未だにグレープフルーツの魅力が理解出来ない勝元。
    ってか、この程度の話題 #
  • 「カルダモン」!
    だって、「カルダモン」! #
  • It seems that it’s not enough that a word/sentence be “good to know”. It has to come at the right (=fun, easy) time in the right (=fun) way. #
  • It’s not enough that a word/sentence be “good to know”. It has to “good to know” and “worth the trouble right now”. It has to inspire *you*. #
  • It’s not enough that a word/sentence be “good to know” or even “important”. It has to make you give a darn. Here. Now. Today. Earn its keep. #
  • 自学自習って好いね(^^) #
  • Most “problem sentences” are matter of “too much/too soon”. The “i+1” zone is the skin to the apple’s flesh… #
  • If the sentence seems too easy…then it’s probably perfect for you to be adding/learning. “Too easy” is good. It’s where you want to be. #
  • Most L2 learners are so busy trying to learn new words that they don’t realize they still suck at using the words they already know… #
  • Acquiring new uses/patterns for words you already know in your L2 is a powerful, enjoyable and oft-neglected…(?)thing…(?) technique 😀 . #
  • Trying to “finish” something is often the surest way to ensure it doesn’t get done at all. Just try to start something instead. Just do one. #
  • Update on the 4 simultaneous video thing: ratcheted down to 2 b/c of screen space, memory and audio issues. Visually, 4 still owns though. #

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