AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-11-28

  • SRS: garbage in, garbage out. #
  • Don’t bother arguing: “Better give your path to a dog than be bitten by him in contesting for the right.”
    I said DON’T ARGUE!!! #
  • MAGAZINES: the unsong heroes of language learning materials. The textiness and mini-chunkiness of books meets the image-heaviness of comics. #
  • Pick sentences based on FUN, not usefulness. (Don’t worry: fun and usefulness tend to intersect far more than many grown-ups believe). #
  • Small or nothing. #
  • The best (online) pinyin converter that I currently know of:
    書虫ピンイン(pinyin)サービス bit.ly/uj7Jk #
  • Replace the desire to be fluent with the desire to do something small and useful now…that will bring you closer to fluency than you are. #
  • Replace the desire to be good with the desire to improve. #
  • 「一流の人ほど基本を大事にしている」
    伊藤 真 (新書 – Mar 2008) の ‘続ける力―仕事・勉強で成功する王道 (幻冬舎新書)’ を Amazon でチェック! bit.ly/5XjOVB #
  • ”We need to teach the highly educated man that it is not a disgrace to fail…failing is one of the greatest arts”
    bit.ly/6JGj1C #
  • “The only time you mustn’t fail is the last time you try. ”
    bit.ly/86f2hS #
  • When you’re doing Japanese even though you have every excuse in the world NOT to be doing Japanese…that’s when you’re actually AJATTing. #
  • “Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.” – Mason Cooley
    twitter.com/quotepage #
  • 「不可能を消去して残った物は、
    クリス・パイン, レナード・ニモイ, ジョン・チョウ,… の ‘スター・トレック スペシャル・コレクターズ・エディション [DVD]’ を Amazon でチェック! bit.ly/82G04Q #
  • The key with reading is to keep moving.
    If you’re not moving…
    You’re kind of not really reading. #
  • I think (probably) it’s better to read a book [fake number alert] 100 times fast than once slowly. #
  • Throwing things away improves our lives because we have reached a point where the cost of keeping them outweighs the benefit. #
  • A bookshelf is to books as the stomach is to food. It’s not actually for storage, but for processing. #
  • Drama recommendation: エリートヤンキー三郎 (Elite Yankee Saburo) — one of the funniest, most OTT shows I’ve seen in a while. 爆笑!
    bit.ly/8Naqah #
  • Elite Yankee Saburo: clearly middle-aged men playing high school boys. Lots of subtle political humor, too. Hilarious.
    bit.ly/8Naqah #
  • The relationship between spoken Cantonese and standard written Chinese is much closer than many people often assume or give credit… #
  • 駆け込み乗車だけは止めましょう。ね? #
  • 「学生達が血で血を洗い互いの骨を砕き合う戦乱の地、関東・・・・。 」
    bit.ly/4pHctd #
  • 「博士も知らないニッポンのウラ」 #
  • 「並不是因爲沒有時間而無法達成成果,而是因爲有時間,所以成果無法達成」
    bit.ly/7GB3HP #
  • Delete…delete…delete… #
  • It’s not that you’re tired of Japanese, it’s just that you’re tired of boring crap. #
  • If you never do boring stuff *in* Japanese, then you can never get bored *of* Japanese. #
  • If you can’t concentrate all the way through your timebox, then try shortening it until you basically have to concentrate throughout. #
  • Speaking of timeboxing, check out all these sweet timers (at least one is even waterproof)!
    I use a T-135 right now.
    bit.ly/6WMCak #
  • Timeboxing gear: DRETEC’s T-186 is designed specifically for desk/study use. Big LED. Mutable alarm. Looks worth a try.
    bit.ly/5hWpmI #
  • 従来のアメリカの子供向けアニメは何処がアホらしいかと言うと、「悪玉の故意犯」論が一般的な所。本物の悪い奴って大抵、敢えて悪い事をしようとしている訳じゃないのが事実だろう。余儀無く無慈悲な手段に訴えるのを強いられていると、本人は思い込んでいるに違いない。詰まる所、善玉気取りなんだ。 #
  • When faced with too many choices, perhaps the key is to realize that the “right” or “perfect” choice is no longer the optimal choice. #
  • When faced with too many choices, a deliberately suboptimal (=imperfect) choice now becomes optimal. #
  • When faced with too many choices, the right choice is not to make the right choice, but to make *a* choice. #
  • 「勉強法の最大のコツは、「頑張らない事」なのです。」
    bit.ly/7uWGfg #
  • 「本当の意味で勉強している人で、頑張っている人は居ないのです」
    bit.ly/7uWGfg #
  • The AJATT paradox: always improving towards perfection (sorta?), while at the same time always accepting present imperfection as OK. #
  • 「勉強に於いて差別化出来るのは、道具や遣り方です。人間、覚える能力とか意志の力には、そんなに大差は有りません。其処を勘違いして、努力論に走るから、却々続かないのです。」
    無理なく続けられる 年収10倍アップ勉強法
    勝間 和代 (著)
    bit.ly/7xGfMZ #
  • 勝間和代先生ってズバリ言うと、日本版兼女性版のブライアン=トレイシーかな。両方とも怒濤の如く誇張した書名を以って、地に足の着いた確りした論調を展開する多作家。ただ勝間の方が、努力論を卒業している点では矢張りトレイシーに勝る気がするけどね。って、いつの間に俺「先生」が口癖に?! #
  • 「怒濤の如く誇張した書名」とは言え、実際に実行すると誇張とは限りないかも知れないよね。ただ一點注意するとしたら、素晴らしい題名を持ったあの一冊だけに全ての望みを託すのが間違いだろう。多読こそ成功への王道・・・とも言えようかって益々オレ団塊世代のオッサンみたいな書き方してる!(笑) #
  • Perhaps the reason people find Noah St. John’s “afformations” so effective is because they bypass “demand resistance”.
    bit.ly/6ev3xz #
  • Another benefit of SRSing books: I can read book B that’s critical of book A without fear of losing what was good about book A. #
  • More benefits of SRSing books: I can read book B that’s critical of book A, and see where B is right, but also clearly see where B is wrong. #
  • Don’t judge yourself by the *stock* of Japanese knowledge you have, but by the *flow* of Japanese knowledge you’re placing yourself in. #
  • Have a behavior you need to instill? Try treating yourself like a small child! This worked for my, uh, “friend”: bit.ly/8hPyCK #
  • It’s funny how some people can get so vitriolic about PD books (which anyone can choose to ignore), yet accept forced schooling as a normal. #
  • Personal development. PD. Really, it’s just applied psychology (a-la-Martin Seligman) — most of it anyway. #
  • 学習性無力感・・・って・・・言うじゃな~い? bit.ly/njzwZ #
  • It’s funny how some people can get so vitriolic about PD books (which anyone can choose to ignore), yet accept forced schooling as normal. #
  • ヤッバイなあ・・・かのセリグマン先生が、どうやら拷問計画の設計に加わったんだって・・・これは事実だったら人の道を踏み外した最悪な展開なんだけど、反面、それだけ心理学のノウハウには力が有るという証拠でもあるよね。恐っろしい。 bit.ly/5s43Up #
  • You may often have a voice telling you that you “can’t” or that it’ll “take too long”. At some point, it’s best to just ignore the voice… #
  • Another language-learning paradox: the process is easy, but its effects aren’t instant. Usually “easy” things produce near-instant results. #
  • Another AJATT paradox: delayed fluency (insofar as fluency isn’t instant), but not delayed fun (you can have instant gratification on fun). #
  • If confused, talk or think it out.
    But if you have a clear action to take, stop talking and thinking, and just act. #
  • 「勉強する気になるかどうかは、自分が勉強すればできるようになることを信じられるかどうかにかかっている」
    bit.ly/7Ptm41 #
  • 『「型」をしっかり押さえてこそ、自分なりの工夫や文体が生まれる』
    bit.ly/5qBkCV #
  • 「[本は]大事な所だけ掬い上げる」
    bit.ly/7Gxog5 #
  • 「[あの時こうしていれば良かった]と考えてクヨクヨしても、何の意味も無い」
    bit.ly/7rRQFh #
  • “festina lente” #
  • ヤッベぇ!我乍らケロロ軍曹の可愛さに圧倒されてる・・・抵抗せねば・・・ #
  • 「いまどうしてる?」、って立ち入ったこと訊くなよ、ツイターテメエコノヤロー! #
  • “Our brains have evolved to monitor several streams of background information without any foreground cognitive loading.”
    bit.ly/pVILX #
  • ツイターの内容を「囀り」じゃなくて「呟き」と訳するらしい・・・と呟いた勝元・・・ #
  • SRS: Sometimes I get carried away and make my cards a little too short, such that they lack context. Those get deleted too. #
  • Deleting bad SRS cards is an expression of trust in your own judgment and discipline. #
  • It’s one thing to say “have fun”, it’s another to actually act on it by removing barriers to fun. #
  • One reason Japanese needs to become part of your identity is because that’s about the only way you’ll willingly do it without supervision. #
  • As you delete SRS items, you are tuning in to your “sweet spot”. The items that remain are the ones you want and need to have right now. #
  • 頑強不屈 😀 #
  • Right now, you probably can’t see how you could possibly ever get fluent. That’s normal. You don’t need to see. You just need to do. #
  • Deleting isn’t necessarily a rejection of a sentence’s raw word content, but of its delivery/context/entertainment value: these matter, too. #
  • Surusu: backup in progress #
  • AJATT Blog: intermittent service over the next hour or so… #
  • Maybe it’s good to repeat AD nauseam, but not beyond that. As soon as you actually reach nauseam, it’s time to stop. Otherwise: puking. #
  • Repeat until just before…nauseam… 😀 ? #
  • This only *sounds* egotistical at first, but…I’ve recently started SRSing my own posts…as well as great comments 😀
    bit.ly/7OGxvO #
  • The quality of your personal library is not in the raw number of books, but the number of books you *like* (and will actually read)…. #
  • Let E be your library, N its bookcount, and L the number of books you like in E. Then, L^2/N is the “coefficient of library quality” (?) 😀 #
  • 聰明藥真聰明?
    科學人雜誌網站 bit.ly/5MefLA #
  • Coming to the realization that documentaries are by FAR my favorite thing to watch in Cantonese. #
  • Maybe I like documentaries more than movies because movies are all about connotation where documentaries are all about denotation (?) #
  • The process of learning to sing a single song is a microcosm of that of learning an entire language. #
  • I was wrong.
    Babies don’t suck at learning languages.
    YT: bit.ly/56FGrG
    They REALLY suck at learning languages.
    Cute kid, tho’ :D. #
  • How long will it take to get fluent? — It’s going to take as long as it’s going to take. And you’ll be there the whole way to see it thru! #
  • How long will it take to get fluent? — Shut up and get back to watching your cartoons! #
  • 「「短い時間の繰り返し[=反復]」が勉強に於ける必勝法」
    Amazon.co.jp: 「本当に頭がよくなる1分間勉強法」: 石井 貴士: 本 bit.ly/6rUeki #

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