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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-12-05

  • Books that are unread are just furniture. And not very good furniture, at that. Read them or get rid of them. Thus spake Khatzumoto… #
  • RT @danielpwright
    Japanese versions of Julie Andrews キタァァァァァー!!! #
  • 「そ れ が私の好きな物おおお!」 #
  • As far as you’re concerned, a language isn’t for knowing at some idyllic point in the future. It’s a toy. It’s for playing with right NOW. #
  • 複雑な社会現象に関する無根拠な意見の羅列 #
  • Six. Magic. Words.
    “If in doubt, throw it out”.
    I’m thinking that where death or physical injury aren’t impending…this is great advice. #
  • Attempting to apply only the outer elements of AJATT without the inner psychology of “fun at all costs” tends to lead to pain…even for me. #
  • In many ways it’s not so much that you apply a method as it is that you apply…yourself. Maybe all techniques come down to identity change. #
  • Try taking pride in learning more than in knowing. Keep learning, and you’ll end up knowing anyway, quite by default. #
  • Don’t be ashamed at the gaping holes in your knowledge. Just keep plugging them up instead. Shame often only displaces the will to plug. #
  • 今からでも間に合う! #
  • Learning the many uses of high-mileage words (akin to “get”) can be fun and uber useful.
    Use timeboxing for traction. #
  • You are a book processing centre. You turn ink into knowledge into action 😀 #
  • YouTube – マボロシ MABOROSHI – ファンキーグラマラス Part2 feat KREVA #
  • YouTube – Maximum the Hormone – [F] #
  • YouTube – マキシマム ザ ホルモン 爪爪爪 #
  • YouTube – RHYMESTER – ブラザーズ #
  • Don’t let dog-breeders circumscribe your life for you: forever trying to appeal to “innate abilities”. Innate abilities to shut the heck up! #
  • Japanese begins in the home.
    Your Japanese will get good in direct proportion to how much it is a part of your private life. #
  • The amount of Japanese you do when no one’s watching will determine how much Japanese you can do when everyone’s watching. #
  • “naturally gifted”, “talent”, “Chinese IQs are…higher”(sigh)…racialist excuses hurt the excuse-maker the most. #
  • If in doubt, blame Japanese people’s proteins for the state of your Japanese. Then you won’t have to change your behavior. Airtight, baby. #
  • If in doubt, use the age excuse. Now you have a problem that nothing short of a time machine can solve. Airtight, baby! #
  • When you’re in Japan, blame it on being in Japan. When you’re in the US, blame it on being outside of Japan. Air-tizz-ight, baby! #
  • Close every mental door and every mental window, and you will always win at excuse-making. Why change, when you can just be dismissive? 😀 #
  • Excuses: Quick-acting. Long-lasting. #
  • How’s this one? “Excuses: it’s what for dinner!” #
  • “Got 言い訳?” #
  • Fast, multi-pass reading is better than slow, single-pass reading.
    You need to stay alert:
    Only your attention can give the book meaning. #
  • 俺’m telling you, 犬awg, 此his 字haracterizer thing. It’s got the minerals. #
  • Learning a language is a lot like learning to use a computer. Just keep screwing around and you’ll get it eventually… #
  • Read a dumb novel. No problem. Watch a dumb movie. No problem. But read a personal development book and suddenly it’s like: WHAT THE FWOAR?! #
  • Learning a language is a lot like learning to use a computer. When you get good at it, everyone acts as if you were born knowing it. #
  • 焼き芋キター! #
  • 石や~きいも~ #
  • Any sufficiently advanced ownage is indistinguishable from magic. #
  • Computer geeks of all people should be above making excuses when it comes to learning meaningful skills. We have a powerful reference point. #
  • A few AJATT psychology concepts: pygmalion effect, self-efficacy, self-fulfilling prophecy, placebo effect… #
  • Personal development books don’t lend themselves to being read like textbooks — one book can’t do it all. The more variety, the better. #
  • 「時間の制約が有る方が、有利に成る」 一点集中力: 伊藤 真: 本 #
  • Any Japanese person who is a jerk to you is almost certainly a jerk to other Japanese people as well. It’s not prejudice; it’s jerkery. #
  • One of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. 続ける力―仕事・勉強で成功する王道 (幻冬舎新書): 伊藤 真: 本 #
  • Nothing conclusive yet, but there may be something to the listening-while-you-sleep thing. Thanks to the link-senders! #
  • RT @necroichthus Surely assuming that jerkery is down to racism is a form 之f projected racism?
    > Definitely. Methinks you’re onto something #
  • Nothing conclusive yet, but there may be something to the listening-while-you-sleep thing. Thanks to the link-senders! #
  • “SRS Addict”, Prince of SRSing, has his very own blog up now 😀
    Supermemo Adventures #
  • Nothing conclusive yet, but there may be something to the listening-while-you-sleep thing. Thanks to the link-senders! #
  • Surusu: backup in progress #
  • Again: *not* conclusive.
    “Strengthening 個ndividual Memories by Reactivating Them During 眠leep” Podcast 遇nterview #
  • You’re SUPPOSED to suck a the beginning. Embrace the suckage. It won’t last forever. Maybe you’ll even miss it one day 😀 #
  • “山藥 當歸 枸杞go!
    山藥 當歸 枸杞go!”
    YouTube – 周杰倫 Jay 本草綱目 Beng Cao Gang Mu KTV #
  • YouTube – Smooth Opertaor-L-VOKAL Feat. Jamosa Prod by MAROK #
  • It’s not like 日本人 are all: “let me assist you, my dear Yamato brother” to each other, and then you come along and 突然 it’s like: “テメー殺すぞ!” #
  • Nothing conclusive yet, but there may be something to the listening-while-you-sleep thing. Thanks to the link-senders! #
  • YouTube – HotCha 小野蠻 #
  • Whichever AJATT commenter put me onto L-Vokal is the dawg!
    YouTube – L-VOKAL – 踏TEP UP feat.KREVA #
  • [Kanji story] SHOAL: a place where WATER starts to have a DIFFICULT time…
    灘 😀 #
  • The problem with grammar explanations is that they tend to impart more fear and confusion, than actual actionable information. #
  • “”民eople who regard themselves as highly efficacious…produce their own future, 寧ather than simply foretell it.” — Albert Bandura #
  • “吾’m 勿ot Asian, 吾 只nly try to be. ” #
  • 外國人講流利廣東話/普通話 #
  • ブラウザー的にはやっぱりクロームかな・・・ 最近の「火の狐」って凄んごい當てに成らないしね #
  • 「 基本を大事にして繰り返し勉強する」 #
  • Hunch: if you just focus on absolutely nailing the simple, easy, toddler-level parts of a language, the rest takes care of itself. #
  • Hunch: if you were to focus on learning all kinds of uses of super-high-mileage words like 掛ける, 当てる and 張る, you’d produce Japanese ownage. #
  • You don’t actually have to go strain and learn complex vocabulary per se: playing in the “100-word kiddie pool” will give you what you need. #
  • Look at this chap’s Cantonese: He doesn’t use complex vocabulary; he just uses simple vocabulary extremely well. #
  • So maybe what you want to be learning is a TON of combinations of the same relatively few words. From there, you can take on anything… #
  • One thing that frequently shocks language learners is not how hard it is to express some idea in their L2, but how easy it is. #
  • 「遣らなければ出来ない。だから毎日確り遣れよ」 #
  • 「学ぶ[=]真似る」 #
  • 《『夢の大きさに比べて、日々の努力はきわめて「小さな事」の積み重ねです』
    その狭間(ギャップ)に虚しさを感じてしまう事も有るでしょう。》 #
  • I’ve always thought of using the SRS as a privilege, not a chore. #
  • If there’s one ethnic group in the world that didn’t need Botox…. #
  • Monolingual dictionaries actually PREVENT you from overstretching, forcing you into constant contact with the basics of a language. #
  • Bilingual dictionaries actually hurt you in that they create a false sense of proficiency without a foundation. #
  • With a monolingual dictionary, you kind of have to “earn” the big words: You have to understand the little words that explain/define them. #
  • Sure, with a bilingual dictionary, you instantly learn big word X. But you have acquired no tools for circumlocuting it if need be. #
  • Native-level speakers do not use more or bigger words than “foreigners”. They use small words elegantly. They have the basics down. #
  • I can understand why some people dislike the SRS: because when it’s doing its job, it’s primarily reminding you of where you still suck. #
  • SRS is a great form of traction. Fill it with boring stuff and it does turn into friction, though 😀 . #
    put a BOW to someone’s EAR and that’ll soon *quell* his kafuffin!
  • 日本をこよなく愛してるからこそ言うわよ。
    好い加減 避妊薬使えよ、避妊薬を。
    まあ少子化だけあって無責任な性生活も一種の社会貢献っか・・・ #
  • 少子化って言われても未だにサラリーマンの通勤電車が缶詰状態なんじゃないの?逆に少子化の儘で暫くの間続けて欲しいけど・・・ #
  • Eat a hamburger? No problem. Drink soda pop? No problem. Eat a turkey? Tradition! Eat fruits and veggies? IT’S ORTHOREXIA! YOU NEED HELP! #
  • With the time and energy you have right now, what is the smallest, tiniest possible thing you could do to help your Japanese?

    Do it. #
  • Sometimes, I only have the energy to wash one cup. Hey, progress is progress; it’s no use getting picky 🙂 #
  • No moment given to Japanese ever goes unrewarded. Not one second. It all adds up. #
  • No time spent on Japanese is ever wasted. It all gets added to the score, with or without your immediate awareness. #
  • The SRS schedules for you, but it cannot think for you. It is your responsibility as the user to delete bad cards. Garbage in, garbage out. #
  • SRS: delete bad cards or they will delete you. As it were. #
  • 夢の共演!
    – DJ Hasebe feat Verbal and Bonnie Pink “Get out” #
  • ポアダ!ポアダ!ポアダ!
    – Maximum The Hormone – [F] #
  • YouTube
    – スガ シカオ / はじまりの日 feat.Mummy-D #
  • SICKEST. Flow. Ever…
    – [HD]KREVA – 中盤戦 feat. Mummy-D #
  • Don’t regret, just repair. #
  • YouTube
    – 【WoWa】 安室奈美恵 #
  • While all the recursive lookups you have to do with a monodic take time, it is these foundation-building lookups that take you to ownage. #
  • That monolingual dictionary’s initial slowness is not hurting you; it’s building your language muscles. #
  • SRS: Having fun is often as simple as getting rid of boring things. #
  • SRS: Either the bad cards go, or *Japanese* goes. You pick. #
  • One of these days we’ll outgrow the whole “literate” = “reads boring novels by dead people” stereotype. #
  • RT @TheoOliveira #
  • Hunch: there’s a correlation between the number of music videos you watch, and your level of Japanese ownage. Music vids are addictive, son! #
  • YouTube
    – 多和田えみ FLOWERS #
  • 「一流の人ほど基本を大事にしている」 #
  • [Linkage]日本語 News Sites #
  • 『夢の大きさに比べて、日々の努力はきわめて「小さな事」の積み重ねです』 #
  • You’re not a foreigner. You’re a native speaker who was just out of the loop for a little while. Welcome home. #
  • You’re not a foreigner. You’re a native speaker who was just out of the loop for a little while. Welcome home. #
  • オライ(オライ)、OK(OK)、この調子で行って見ようぜい!
    – 【フル】KREVA – 中盤戦 feat.Mummy-D #
  • Quick fix for the personal development world: cut down on the seminars. Stick to books. Seminars produce more fans than thinkers and doers. #
  • That feeling of relief at the thought of deleting that SRS card…is a sure sign that it needs to *go*. 😀 #
  • The problem, of course, isn’t that people hold opposing views, but that they spend far more time defending them than examining them… #
  • One of these days we’ll outgrow the whole “intellectually active” = “reads thick, boring novels by dead people” stereotype. #
  • The truth doesn’t come out in the heat of argument, but in the light of silence — once at least one person has calmed the heck down. #
  • I don’t think discourse really brings out truth as much as we think. I think it’s the detachment from discourse that brings out truth. #
  • Maybe it’s that discourse feeds the insight…but, generally, not a lot of insight happens during the discourse itself… #
  • YouTube
    – Mellow Yellow “TOP ROCK” #
  • YouTube
  • YouTube
  • Lyrics: 中盤戦 feat.Mummy-D KREVA 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 #
  • “There is a 山ountain 之f 証vidence suggesting that spacing 学tudy 時ime leads to better memory 之f the material” #
  • Don’t try to be good. First just be. Then try to be better. Good will take care of itself. #
  • YouTube
    – 【フル】KREVA – 中盤戦 feat.Mummy-D
    From the ablum [sic] 心臓 #
  • YouTube
    – マキシマムザホルモン 恋のメガラバ PV #
  • SRS: If you would even consider deleting it then…it’s a goner. #
  • Trick to reviving neglected SRS decks — start putting cooler stuff in there. Like, REALLY cool stuff. Like, “omigosh let’s SRS this!” cool. #
  • You don’t make yourself watch a movie ten times. The movie makes you watch it ten times. The movie entertains *you*. That’s its job #
  • If ever you find people who don’t believe in you, it’s just that they’re waiting for you to lead by example and believe in yourself first. #
  • At some level, to get to native-level, Japanese has to stop being an interpersonal thing and become entirely selfish…entirely solipsistic. #
  • As you begin to realize that Japanese rightfully belongs to you, you will naturally start doing whatever it takes to get it back. #
  • That guilty, pleasant feeling you’re getting at the idea of deleting that SRS card, is the sign that it needs to go. #
  • Regret and whining about age are both examples of “time-machine thinking”. Here’s a game — solve problems using existing machinery. #
  • Regret sucks becuase it implies you were supposed to have had information you had no way of having until now. You did your best. Move on. #
  • Great R&B sound
    – 王力宏 – 心中的日月 #
  • Regret sucks because it hurts the only person capable of turning the situation around: you 🙂 #
  • Brian (aka B-star), an AJATTeer responsible for many of the best links I’ve shared, now has his very own blog:
    チェケラチョー #
  • Some people may come tell you you suck. Relax. They’re not trying to get you to quit, they’re just testing your resolve. #
  • When someone puts you down, laugh and assume that they’re some kind of Zen master testing you. It’s just a friendly challenge 😀 #
  • Kreva does Prison Break
    – [HD]KREVA – 中盤戦 feat. Mummy-D #
  • Some people will refuse to speak their language to you until your ownage is overwhelming. 無問題. Consider it a friendly challenge. #
  • That feeling of relief you’re getting at the mere thought of deleting that SRS card, is a sure sign that it needs to go! #
  • There is only one way to get better: shut up and get better :)~ #
  • ヤッバっ。英語が母語じゃないって言われちゃった。
    まあ、誤解されても感謝、感謝。 #
  • 「多麼想幻化成為妳腳下的泥」”How I wish I could turn into the mud beneath your feet…”
    That is some whippage right there 😀 #
  • Perfectionists: NEVER try to do it right the first time. The first time’s not for doing it right; the first time’s for doing, period. #
  • There is no shame in ignorance. Only in increasing ignorance. #
  • There is no shame in ignorance. Only in permanent ignorance. #
  • Japanese belongs to you. Are a couple of punks with runny mouths going to get between you and your birthright? 😀 #
  • To be a language all-star, you don’t have to have mad skillz. All you need do is stay on the court. #
  • In learning a language, to stay in the game is to win the game. #
  • Every language has features that would seem to make it humanly impossible to learn. But every language gets learned. #
  • There is no magic. Keep dripping away. Keep improving my ridiculous tiny increments, and you will win. Math is on your side. #
  • This waterproof household mp3 player is rocking my world a bit 😀 Let no kitchen or bathroom go unAJATTed! #
  • Just because anything can be SRSed, that doesn’t mean everything should be SRSed. Relax. Have fun. #
  • Regret and whining about age are both examples of “time-machine thinking”. Either shut up, or get started making that time machine already! #

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