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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-12-19

December 19, 2009
  • Be a mang. Play hard. But play fair.
    Grow some ovaries. If you have a problem, say it to Japanese people’s face. Politely. In Japanese. #
  • “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”
    Confucius (?)
    I used to love collecting these :D #
  • Learn your Japanese animal sounds in a rap song!
    YouTube – KREVA – あかさたなはまやらわをん #
  • For best long-term results, you may want to SRS this type of thing. #
  • Why to use a monlingual dictionary: “…glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” #
  • “People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit.” #
  • From last link:
    “He who would do some great thing…must apply himself…with such a concentration of his forces as…looks like insanity.” #
  • “drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.”
    Translated: Immerse always. SRS often. #
  • “The man [or woo man :D] who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” #
  • From last link
    “Those who would attain to any marked degree of excellence in a chosen pursuit must…[play] hard for it, prince or peasant. #
  • “with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” #
  • “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” #
  • This is my SONG, dawg.
    YouTube – Yuzu – Natsuiro (PV)
    Do people even say “dawg” any more? #
  • “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” #
  • “It is a shameful thing for the soul to faint while the body still perseveres.”
    In AJATTese: don’t fall for the age excuse. #
  • The key to success, folks, is substance abuse. Find an “addictive substance” in your language of choice. And it will almost learn itself :) #
  • I remember this show…it was cool.
    RT @Jamaipanese Stand UP!! – Japanese Drama review – #
  • Khatzumoto Confession: I do most of my SRS reps lying down. And you thought I was just being metaphorical about laziness. #
  • Don’t just go running to your gaijin buddies for beer and whining. If you have a problem, say it to Japanese people’s face. Politely. 日本語で. #
  • 落語baby! All you Tiger & Dragon fans, check out the real deal!
    RT @danielpwright
    「饅頭こわい」 #
  • For gaijin, comfort in Japan = (Japaneseness) x (Gaijinness). Like your hands, you’re best off when able to use both of them. #
  • Some people will refuse to speak their language to you until your ownage is overwhelming. 冇問題. It’s not like they’re your parents. #
  • Gaijinness is a great asset in Japan, but it only reaches its full potential when combined with the ability to assimilate as/when needed. #
  • The less time you have, the better work you will do. Make Japanese seem fast-paced using timeboxing and Massive Turnover. #
  • Being foreign is perhaps the best way to make friends in Japan. But being “Japanese” is perhaps the best way to keep them. #
  • Timeboxing is to work as nearby power lines are to a moving car. It makes it look like you’re going faster, and that itself motivates speed. #
  • Efficiency increases as allotted time decreases. Increase your Japanese progress by always pinching your time. #
  • Bored? Either replenish or keep switching through your Japanese media collection. Turnover. Turnover. Turnover. Something cool will come up. #
  • Many people contact me, wanting me to soothe their uncertainty with busywork. You can only force things so much — just chill and have fun. #
  • “In truth, there are no masters, only students who are at one point or other on the journey”. #
  • Boredom is merely a sign of ignorance, albeit (hopefully) of a form temporary in nature. #
  • SRS: Busywork and boredom get in my way the most. Remove the cards/processes that cause these. #
  • Random HK blog :D
    traccc on Xanga #
  • Hunch: we do our best reading when we’re not trying to read at all. Treat books as something to be processed, rather than read. #
  • A quick tip to get you to read more: Treat your house like a bookstore — *read standing up* until you tire out from it. #
  • (Written) explanations of how to make a sound tend be inCREDibly useless. I’m sure there are exceptions but…dang. #
  • For gaijin, comfort 中n Japan = (Japaneseness) x (Gaijinness). Like your hands, you’re best off when able to 使se 両oth 之f them. #
  • I know you’re scared that “just” playing won’t get you anywhere. Go experience pain and boredom for a while, and see how that goes. #
  • Use this to make sure you actually visit all those Japanese websites people send you links to :D #
  • Most arguments aren’t about what they’re about. They’re about face. That’s why it’s useless to get into them at all. #
  • Maybe “weabo” is just a term that internationally maladjusted people use to make themselves feel better. :)~ #
  • Social power’s always connected to language. Long-term, not knowing Japanese in Japan is voluntary self-exclusion from power. #
  • I loved this skit back in the day. The middle part is funny even with no Japanese knowledge. YT: ドランクドラゴン 変な新幹線 #
  • Boredom is merely a sign of ignorance — ignorance of what cool stuff there is to do “out there”. #
  • Boredom is ignorance. Expose yourself to more, and you will find the fun. (To me, “out there” often = unexplored corners of bookshelf :D ). #
  • Immersion = live your life. Just in a different font :D #
  • Respect books less, and you will read them more. See more pages, and you will read more. Touch more units, and you will read more. #
  • Timebox yourself. Time is to productivity as a squeezing hand is to a tube of toothpaste — you need that pinch, to get it out. #
  • Tip for AJATT success: don’t try to give a care about things you don’t give a care about. #
  • 何と言ってもやっぱり独立記念日こと「インディペンデンスデイ」は凄かったわ。ウィルス・ミスかっこいい!(^^) #
  • 「嗚呼、おい、緑の変なモン撃って来るな!」
    “Oh no you did NOT shoot that green **** at me!” #
  • 「嗚呼、おい、緑の変なモン撃って来るな!」”Oh no you did NOT shoot that green **** at me!” #
  • 「ユダヤじゃない!」
    “I’m not Jewish.”
    “Nobody’s perfect.” #
  • People who never actually do anything, always seem to have very clear ideas as to what “should” be/have been done. (Finally got it right :D) #
  • Not-reading — weeding out, triage — is the true work of the reader. #
  • Information is no respecter of persons.
    And a language is nothing but information. #
  • Basics. Basics. Basics. Do the easy things. Do the simple things. It’s not “too easy”. It’s not “childish”. It matters. Du za shimpuru 日本語. #
  • Don’t branch out for the sake of branching out. If you’re enraptured in Japanese “Stargate” right now, then let the passion run its course. #
  • RT @tummai I agree on the value of easy stuff. I’ve had great success with children’s shows and books: #
  • インディペンデンスデイを見たセイで、「plausible deniability」がちゃんと和訳したくなっちゃった。今のとこ候補として:『有理否認性/許容可能否認性/合理的否認性/条理的否認性/有り有り否認性』がある。ご意見・ご訳案お持ちの方、お申し付け下さい! #
  • [前呟参照]因みに・・・「合理的否認性」の使用例は一件あり! #
  • Monodics and circumlocution FTW! Don’t know how to say “purr”? Be like: “that ‘rrrrrr’ sound that cats make when they’re happy”. #
  • Get over the tall tales, the excuses, the whining.
    You can learn to read Chinese just fine.
    It’s just a human language. #
  • ツイッター流行用語「なう」の解説 : モニ太のデジタル辞典 : コラム : ネット&デジタル : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) #
  • Repeat the basics. Repeat the basics. Repeat the basics. Learn all kinds of combinations of the same basic words. And repeat them. #
  • あのさー、思うんだけどさ、日本の若者って、「ちわっす」とか挨拶して軽く連発会釈をする時って、「ファミリガイ」のQuagmireに似てない?ギギディギギディオーライ #
  • This is the real shizzle. A book about formal speaking, by Japanese people for Japanese people. Tons of set phrases. #
  • If you don’t actively get rid of the books you dislike, you won’t just dislike those books, you will start to dislike all books. #
  • If you don’t actively get rid of boring stuff in Japanese, the boredom spreads like a cancer until you just hate ALL of Japanese. #
  • Gosh, I hope Twitter’s been down so no one had to see that last corny tweet :D #
  • Dangerously silly idea: I can only take a small action, so I might as well do nothing. You used to be a cell. Don’t knock small. #
  • RT @TheoOliveira free pdf manga about ubuntu in japanese. #
  • The worst way to repair a backlog is to work yourself even harder to make up for it. That’s what got you in trouble to begin with. #
  • The way to take care of a backlog is to work small: to teach yourself that incremental, slow and steady does win. #
  • “Delete bad SRS cards or they will delete you”
    (Paraphrased from Zeeree…paraphrased from me(?) lol)… #
  • Sometimes I do like silence. But I maintain some “visual immersion” by having a video playing on mute. #
  • “there is no support for age as a barrier to mental development…including foreign language learning” #
  • Learning a language is more logistics than linguistics: you need to establish and maintain a supply line of native materials. #
  • It’s not the language. It’s not you. It’s your habitual behavior. #
  • In the time you spend beating yourself up and calling yourself an idiot, you could just fix the problem. #
  • People, I don’t think you quite understand. They are the Gummie Bears, and that’s all there is to it! (Video @ bottom) #
  • These people, these, mammals…they don’t mince words. They are the Gummie bears. That’s how they roll. #
  • Approach learning a language like a game or an experiment. By definition, there’s no wrong way to have fun or try stuff out. #
  • You don’t really realize just how repetitive your thinking is until you look back on your own writing (ID4/AFGM/CT). #
  • The zeroth law of language-learning: Zero in, zero out. If you stop, you lose. If you walk, you win. #
  • You can’t sprint long distances. Don’t be a hero. Walk. The point is to get there. As long as you’re moving, you’re winning. #
  • This isn’t one of those things one admits in public, but…「にゃんこい!」 is like my favorite anime right now. Dang. #
  • I don’t think liking 「にゃんこい!」 makes me a punk: the main cat is voiced by TANAKA Atsuko = Motoko from GITS. That’s pedigree, man. #
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