AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2009-12-26

  • “Delete bad SRS cards or they will deplete you”.
    Momoko #
  • Watching a Korean drama in Cantonese…Bobby Lee wasn’t kidding. It’s been 10 minutes and three well-chiseled men have cried already. #
  • I am feeling this rather intense desire to end my sentences in “innit?”.
    可笑しいイニッ #
  • An SRS deck is a fluid, living system. It is natural that unhealthy “waste” products (bad cards) be removed for the health of the whole. #
  • The excuse you make today for why you “can’t” do something may one day be used as a reason to prohibit people like you from doing that thing #
  • Excuses abound. Age is one of them. Ethnicity is another. Take them if you want. They only invite discrimination, and they only hurt you. #
  • Excuses only hurt you. I don’t care if you think you’re “too old”. But is that the life you want? Forever helpless and hopeless? #
  • Being misunderstood online is really annoying. Attempts to clarify the misunderstanding tend to fail.
    Conclusion: fora = huge waste of time #
  • Many of us expatriates are acutely aware of our image in the host country. But we rarely seem to propose acting on (cont) tl.gd/1aur4 #
  • 西洋ではよく、日本人が排他的な民族だという。しかし仮にそうだとしても、その排他性が無ければ、世界中の「先住民族」と同様に疾っくに侵略・奴隷化・虐殺される破目になっていただろう。適切な警戒心があったからこそ、日本の言葉・文化・民族が無事生き残れたのではないか。 #
  • Proper nouns are important to learn, too. Ever met a person from Japan who can kind of read English, but can’t sound out “Caroline”? Yeah… #
  • Every moment you spend making excuses is a moment you could spend solving the problem. #
  • I’ve said this before, but never loud enough: TRAVEL PHRASEBOOKS ARE A GREAT SOURCE OF SENTENCES for SRSing. #
  • Maybe your parents didn’t give you every freaking opportunity in the world as a kid. But what have YOU done to parent yourself? #
  • Are you being a good parent to yourself? Or do you keep abusing yourself with assurances that you are a hopeless loser? #
  • “Many a man has taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first.”
    Emerson #
  • You already own a time machine. It’s called “this moment”. Get inside it, and you can alter the future. #
  • Today’s “valid” excuse to limit yourself is tomorrow’s reason to bar you from social advancement. #
  • Do you want to live a life where everything “should” have been done in your childhood but is now conveniently “too late” to start? #
  • Animaniacs in Japanese! Thanks Ed!
    bit.ly/5Z0BYJ #
  • Do you want to live a life that is the negative sum of the extracurricular lessons your parents failed to provide you as a child? #
  • Today, you’re telling yourself you can’t learn Japanese. Tomorrow, Japanese people are refusing you work because you “can’t” learn Japanese. #
  • 『中には、「暗記は思考ではない」と考える人も居るでしょうが、・・・・学習は先ず暗記から始まるのですから、其処で集中出来ない様では創造性など育たない』http://bit.ly/6dvg89 #
  • Don’t lower your expectations per se. Shrink them. And then repeat a chain of these shrunken expectations. #
  • Reading is certainly a worthwhile pastime, but most books simply aren’t worth reading. Your job is to find the ones that are. #
  • ユーチューブの言い争い面白いね(笑)。押し並べて低俗だが、偶には巧みな言い回しを披露する奴も居る。まあ殆ど無いけど・・・ってか一層の事コメント機能自体を制限するか、無効にした方がいいかも。ちゃんと制限してないから馬鹿が蔓延るんだよ。
    或る意味で制限があってこそ初めて自由がある。 #
  • I might be wrong about everything. Keep that in mind whenever you read my stuff. #
  • ザ=シンプソンズって、面白かったり皮肉を込めたりするとは言え、最終的にゃ滅っ茶苦茶アメリカの「中流の平凡さ」の肯定論だね。「何も変えなくていいぞ」、「そういう他人どころか自分の生活向上にまで無関心な貴方は、いいよ」って。一代にして億万長者になった人達が言うべき事じゃないだろう。 #
  • At one time, it was illegal to teach foreigners Japanese. Why? Because (1) They had bad intentions, and (2) They had the ability to learn it #
  • Don’t try to get it all done. Don’t even try to do the most important thing. Just do one, tiny thing that moves things forward. #
  • I think I’m far too pessimistic on the multiple simultaneous language thing. Having said that, I do think a staggered start is best. #
  • 「傳說中有一個傳說中嘅戰士。佢嘅功夫勁到好似傳說中嘅傳說一樣!佢到處流浪去搵武藝高強嘅對手・・・」http://bit.ly/7gnVYb #
  • Perhaps there is such a thing as on optimal load of simultaneous languages. Too many and you’re overwhelmed. Too few and you’re bored. #
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a “good book” or a “classic”. If the pages aren’t moving, it’s time to move it out and move on. #
  • The longer the road, the nicer you need to be with yourself. You can’t make it there without you. #
  • For success with AJATT, I think the most appropriate attitude is one of experimenter. You’re not just dutifully ex (cont) tl.gd/1bd7k #
  • Screw around. You don’t have to absolutely know what you’re doing…that’s why you screw around — to find out. #
  • Language knowledge is like a fire. It needs heat (interest), fuel (media) and oxygen (fun). #
  • Tools are great. But remember — you’re the most important tool of all. You tool. 😀 #
  • If your parents had forced you to learn Japanese as a child, you’d have hated them and skipped out on it anyway. So, no more “if onlys”. #
  • I wish more of the cool stuff that goes on in the world would get recorded 😀 . #
  • Updated the AJATT FAQ. Just FYI. It’s a bit less OTT than before. I hope this isn’t TMI…
    bit.ly/8xZKFr #
  • RT @sevarg We should take it a step further and SRS personal development book excerpts in our target language. 一石二鳥, baby… // Heck yeah 😀 #
  • Ever notice how long lifelong-active academics (e.g. Erdos, Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson) seem to live, despite not being very fit? #
  • When I say “do whatever you want”, what I really mean is “try whatever you want”. Run experiments. You may discover something. #
  • Japanese governments of centuries past would not have made it illegal to teach foreigners Japanese if they weren’t capable of learning it. #
  • I think the most frustrating thing about learning a language is how big you can think and how small you can actually act. #
  • “working for a large company is like being waterboarded.”
    bit.ly/58jKMt #
  • Do you know how to read symbols (<*?.,) in Japanese? Learn how!
    記号の読み方辞典(音訳の部屋) bit.ly/5JhtD0 #
  • I love Twitter. Short. Concise. It really brings out the heartless jerk in me 😀 #
  • YouTube – 小鹿斑比 Bambi – Little April Shower (Cantonese) bit.ly/8iUYpw #
  • I swear like half my tweets are like: “SHUT THE HECK UP AND GET BACK TO WORK”…I’ve got to…soften that tone… #
  • YouTube – The Lion King – Hakuna Matata (Cantonese) bit.ly/4XvcrM
    Momoko says: Good dub. Great voices, rhythm, rhyme. #
  • You really shoudn’t read my tweets, you know. No good can come of it. Go ahead. Unfollow. #
  • The most important thing is not necessarily the suckiest thing. #
  • I think searching for highest-priority action steps can often be a huge waste of time. Just do something. #
  • Seriously though, if you have to eat a frog every day, maybe you need to start finding ways to not have to eat frogs. #
  • Persist. At times it can seem like you’re facing serious opposition, but really people are just trying to see if you’ll flinch. #
  • YouTube – DJ KRUSH – Journey of Time (時の旅路) bit.ly/8yQ6Hv #
  • Social resistance is like a test to make sure you’ve got the ovaries to go all the way. Brush it off. I don’t even *have* ovaries. #
  • When you don’t give up, people give up trying to get you to give up. #
  • Personal development is goofy and uncool. But then, so is having problems that reading a couple of $10 books might help solve. #
  • I could be wrong about EVERYTHING. Remember that. #
  • RT @unmodify “Language and life aren’t separate” #
  • “The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”http://bit.ly/5BsYbF #
  • I am not special. But I do make a habit of *thinking* of myself as special. The results can be similar. #placebo #
  • For success with AJATT, the most appropriate attitude is one of experimenter. You’re not just executing the “right” answer, you’re exploring #
  • Be half-a**ed. Get it only half done. Do only a little. Be imperfect. Be incomplete. Just be sure to repeat. #
  • You’re the most important tool of all. How do you feel? What do you want? What’s your operating temperature? #
  • A lot of my learning has been unlearning. I’ve basically gone in one big circle, restoring myself to me circa 1988, age 5. #
  • I think the most frustrating thing about learning a language is how big you can think and how small you can actually act. #
  • The way to think of my advice is not as a set of laws to be followed but rules for a game. You can make new rules if you want. #
  • Actively learn the simplest, most basic things, but passively expose yourself to the language in its full native glory. #Vocab #
  • The key learning a language is to shorten the empty intervals of time where you’re not being exposed to it. Shrink the gaps. #
  • There’s really no such thing as doing great things. Only doing an interrelated series of small things. #
  • Your destination can seem so distant as to be meaningless. Keep going anyway. #
  • Immersion: When, for whatever reason, you have to use English, don’t let it get comfortable. Interrupt it with Japanese “suppression fire”. #
  • “Suppression fire”…Someone’s been watching far too many action movies this winter :)~ #
  • D-star recommends and desribes this article as “AJATTian” 😀
    The Science Behind Failed Resolutions – WSJ.com bit.ly/7sxQpa #

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