AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-01-02

  • Use as much sugar as you need to make the medicine go down. Use more sugar than medicine if you want. #
  • Goalwise, forget that it’s New Year’s. You don’t need a big event. You need small events, small choices, small actions. #
  • Change here. Change now. Don’t depend on Pope Gregory XIII and his calendar to pick your start dates. He sucks at it. #
  • I think sometimes, it’s almost more effective to discard unimportant things, than to go looking for important things. #
  • #SRS Sentence-picking is like fishing. Just because they’re there, that doesn’t mean you have to be trying to catch them 24/7/365. #
  • Working yourself harder is not the solution. Fear of overwork is probably what got you procrastinating in the first place. #
  • Be gentle. Be kind to yourself. You’re not replaceable…yet 😀 #
  • One of the core elements of AJATT is ad hoc behavior: the right to mold AJATT into something other than its “original” form. #
  • The key is not to “”finish” or “succeed”, but to repeat. If you repeat, you will finish. If you repeat, you will succeed. #
  • Suck at stuff. Be lame. Just do it more often. #
  • Acting when you should be thinking is like showering while fully clothed. Thinking when you should be acting is like walking outside naked. #
  • Being pulled away from Japanese for some amount of time is inevitable, but the actual length of this gap is not. Shrink the gap. #
  • We like the New Year because it’s a chance to reset. But why once a year? Every day is a chance to delete yesterday and reset. #
  • A lot of my learning has been unlearning. I’ve basically gone in one big circle, restoring my mental state to me at age 5. #
  • Stopping Japanese doesn’t instantly hurt you. Stopping Japanese for a long time hurts you. Whatever you do, keep the gap short. #
  • Benny the Irish Polyglot says: “Stop speaking English!”:
    “The smartest decision you will ever make to achieve fluency”
    bit.ly/7cnZqy #
  • I often make AJATT seem like it’s top-down, but it’s actually bottom-up. It’s more like handwashing than baptism. Small. Useful. Here. Now. #
  • To succeed at something, you don’t “keep” at it, you come back to it. You don’t start once, but restart many times. Come back. Again. Again. #
  • Meander. Like a river. Go for the next easiest thing you could do in Japanese. This requires no “discipline”. #Immersion #
  • Japanese commercials, baby!
    YouTube – カップヌードル・チーズカレー「昼下がり・ダブルチーズ・新発売」編 bit.ly/7zlt7X #
  • #Immersion: There’s nothing grand about it. No “willpower” is required. It’s just thousands of small choices. One at a time. #
  • Don’t wait until you’re “finished” to feel good about yourself. We don’t wait until a child becomes an adult to praise him for his growth. #
  • 「私・・・男の人に憧れて・・・腋毛を・・・生やしちゃいました!」
    YouTube – #30 恥ずかしいけど見せます bit.ly/6kB2YL
    Armpit hair and over-kawaiiness for the win! 😀 #
  • At every fork in the road, chose the turn that will bring you closer to Japanese fluency. Enough of these choices will add up. #
  • Something you probably never thought of: read books about parenting *for yourself*. i.e. You = Parent and You = Child. It often works 😀 . #
  • “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. Don’t get all hyped up about New Year’s. Change your identity and local choices instead. #
  • Try reading parenting books *for yourself*. i.e. You = Parent and You = Child. The advice is often much gentler, m (cont) tl.gd/1d697 #
  • Identity and lowlevel situational guidelines matter more than goals. You don’t live goals. You live an identity and local actions. #
  • I’m finding that a single, massive abstract noun on my wall is more effective than a complex, numerical goal statement. #
  • Boredom is intellectual pain. Like physical pain, it’s a sign that you need to change something. This is valuable info. Use it. #
  • I love 坂本真綾’s work.
    YouTube – 坂本真綾 マメシバ bit.ly/87TF8c
    She sang the OP for 天空のエスカフローネ as well.
    Behold her vids! #
  • Jonathan over @ study-shack.com/ shares his tips on using SRS for school study with you 😀 . Small blook but growing 😀 #
  • I officially declare Amazon.cn the dog’s bollocks. Mainland China prices and good shipping rates (to Japan at least). Fast, too. #
  • Question: does anyone know if there’s a Firefox plugin that will randomly visit one of your own bookmarked sites with one click? #
  • Visit all those Japanese sites you’ve saved with this Firefox bookmark randomizer
    mozdev.org: randomflip
    (experimental) #
  • “split-second timing and reflexive action…can be achieved only through repetitious practice.”
    bit.ly/85Kxn7 #
  • The key to success isn’t to think of 10,000 hours (the wave) but of the next thing (the quantum) you’re going to do. #Immersion #
  • It’s a (Japanese) Sign bit.ly/6bcpgT
    Cheers アメド #
  • うわぁフィンランド語ってエルフ語そっくり!
    縱情慾海 bit.ly/57zATB #
  • On the day-to-day level, think small, small, small — almost insultingly so. Do the smallest valuable unit of work you can find. #
  • 此間ユーチューブ上のコメントのレベルの低さを批判してた僕だけど・・・矢っ張り偶にはその俗っぽいところもオモロいよね。まあ俗っぽいというより、軽々しい突っ込み?かな。だーら、本気で規制されるとしたら、軽々しい突っ込みを保ったママが宜しゅうかと。(^^) #
  • NY message @ my grocery store 😀
    迎春 bit.ly/8NZLjZ #
  • In life, kids, you’re never too young or too old for a piece of: KeyHoleTV: Watch Live Japanese TV Online!
    bit.ly/7DzXDC #
  • YouTube – Paula Abdul’s Straight Up 中n Cantonese今天天氣呵呵呵–甄楚倩 bit.ly/8bmTWh #
  • YouTube – The Lion King – I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (Cantonese) bit.ly/6rdmIl #
  • Something you probably never thought of: read books about parenting *for yourself*. i.e. You = Parent and You = Child. It often works 😀 . #
  • What is the smallest, easiest positive thing you can do? #
  • Just squeezed 34 SRS cards out of 3’50” of Cantonese audio… #
  • When you focus on one thing, don’t think of it as giving up on other things, just think of it as scheduling. You’ll get round to them. #

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