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    AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-01-16

    January 16, 2010
    • YouTube – ここがヘンだよ日本人「日本の少年・少女と外国人」
      YouTube – “鈴木紗理奈” #
    • YouTube – 太田光の私が総理大臣になったら秘書田中 #
    • Biological fatalism is perhaps the core flaw in Anglo-Saxon culture. It has hurt everyone, including Anglo-Saxons. #
    • YouTube – M☆A☆G☆I☆C 久保田利伸 meets KREVA #
    • Stand up for yourself. When you stop giving up, people give up trying to stop you. #
    • What is the easiest positive thing you can do? #
    • AJATT Sucess Story (well, demo): wmb27, an AJATTeer(!), shares his Chinese with us.
      YouTube: 老外的書評
      多謝晒! #
    • 毎朝決まった時刻に如何してもお外に出たがる猫=世界最強最煩の目覚まし時計(笑) #
    • YouTube – m-flo loves Chara / Love to Live By #
    • Beliefs really are powerful — ‘ever been unable finding something in the fridge beause you believed it wasn’t there? #
    • If you believe you can’t learn a language, you won’t be able to, even if you actually already possess the ability. #
    • Learning a language requires you to simultaneously have a thirst for knowledge and tolerance for ignorance. Annoying, eh? #
    • 踊るの好き好き!とても好き好き!
      Lyrics: #
    • YouTube – 經典金曲 – 熱情的沙漠 1973 (歐陽菲菲) #
    • Kanji Makes Japanese Easy – Dumb Otaku #
    • YouTube: Really cool arrangement of the 北方官話版 of 男兒當
      Correct lyrics: #
    • RT @coach_marketing “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.”–Henry Ford//Timebox, baby! #
    • Learning a language is easy. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again. If in doubt, look back at your “native” experience. #
    • Ed shares these words of Wisdom from Willard Christopher Smith.YouTube – Will’s Wisdom #
    • Perhaps the most damaging lesson of schooling is that others’ opinions of you matter more than your opinion of yourself. #
    • f(success at a task) is often inversely proportional to f(discussing the task). So, if in doubt, hush up and get tinkering! :) #
    • 楓の樹液って、ゆーじゃな~い!メープルシロップ – Wikipedia 実際、和風に言うと「楓汁」(かえでじる?フウジュウ?)になるかと思いますが・・・どっちにしても「楓」の訓読みも字自体も大好き(^^)。 #
    • Two weeks into the new year and you’ve probably screwed up already. I have :D . Forgive yourself anyway. Reset. Move on. #
    • 舞台劇では文句言わずに受け入れるような視覚的解かり易さや記号性が、映画となると中々許されないってのが多いよね。要は、映画への判断基準が厳しく、一方舞台劇だったらどんな二億番煎じでも大絶賛される気がする(笑)。
      三回もアップしてスンマセン。 #
    • RT @sevarg The Hemingway Hack: #
    • If one choice were really that much better than the other, you wouldn’t be having trouble deciding. So screw it pick whichever. #
    • RT @sivers LOVE this mindset: “not talent, just hard [play]“: #
    • RT @sivers LOVE this mindset: “not talent, just [practice]“: #
    • Google の理念 #
    • The basics give you the power to circumlocute. If you can circumlocute, then you will never be at a loss in any conversation. #
    • 漫画の新聞 / 米ソニー、ついにSDカード参入へ #
    • You’ll never find 100% unanimity in language-learning advice. But that’s not the point. The point is to pick, test and remix. #
    • Raher than try to achieve something per se, instead just try to make a positive change in your situation. #
    • The secret to sentence-picking from text/phrasebooks without dying of boredom: Ignore order. Follow your curiosity. Pick randomly. #
    • Basics. Basics. Basics. Basics. Basics. Developers. Developers. I mean, basics. Basics. Basics. Basics. #
    • Simple vocab. Simple vocab. Simple vocab. Simple vocab. Simple vocab. Simple vocab. Simple vocab. #
    • True optimization is not getting more done, it’s making things easy to do. Once things are easy to do, more naturally gets done. #
    • Since making things fun makes them easy to do, fun is the ultimate optimizer, sheer joy the ultimate success metric. #
    • Question: does anyone out there have an SRS (mnemosyne/anki/etc.) deck of Remembering the Hanzi? If so, let me know :D #
    • AntiMoon. Always worth a read. How to learn English effectively #
    • Thanks for the RTH deck info, everyone! :D #
    • “その二の腕 pink! pink! pink!
      頭の中 sick! sick! sick!”
      マキシマム ザ ホルモン/[F]
      Goo Lyrics: #
    • No one’s saying not to get the job done, we’re just saying: always retain and freely exercise your right to veto pain and boredom. #
    • Deleting from your SRS is not “losing ground” any more than backing your car out of a ditch is “running away from reality”. #
    • “How long should I keep doing kanji SRS reps?” asks the neophyte: “Until your card intervals exceed your lifespan”, says Khatz. #
    • Swahili in the hizzouse. “Maisha iko sawa na Trust”/マイシャ イコ サワ ナ トルスト
      YouTube – A Kenyan condom commercial #
    • RT @GoddessCarlie Skipped a day studying? Don’t try and catch up, just do your normal amount. [Do more] when you have…nothing [else] to do #
    • You tried to do something complicated today, didn’t you? No, my friend. It’s the BASICS for you :D . Easy. Simple. Fun. #
    • An expert isn’t someone who’s perfect at complex stuff — no one is. An expert is someone who’s perfect at the basics. Prolly. #
    • もっと明るい読み物読まないとね(^^) #
    • 極論ていうか過激思想に何であんなに魅力があるのかつーと、やっぱり美しいからね。過激思想って、理路整然で、簡潔で、ややこしい例外など無いよね。そりゃ魅了されるわ、人間として。 #
    • The Japanese script for The Matrix « John Turningpin’s Mad Tokyo #
    • RT @spanishonly How to Immerse Yourself Without Losing Friends – #
    • Don’t follow advice for the sake of following advice. No method is too good to be optimized to suit you and make it more effective #
    • Sometimes you have to choose between success and being liked. Fortunately, when you choose success, you do tend to get new likers. #
    • 今日も初心に帰った俺。・・・(笑)・・・どんだけ自己陶酔。 #
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