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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-01-23

  • You cant be good at everything right off the bat. Full, adult, native-like fluency is the sum of partial, domain-local fluencies. #
  • Awwwwwwwwwwww…太可愛耶
    YouTube – 人類從小養大「黃小虎」愛撒嬌脾氣好 #
  • Oh, AJATTeers…if only you knew how gutless I was 😀 #
  • 『「アウトプット」を基準に「インプット」すれば無駄が零に近付く』 Advice for localized fluency, which of course makes a great stepping-stone #
  • “バブリーなフィーリングで!” #
  • 「制壓射撃」 #
  • AJATT tip: Don’t wanna do it? Don’t do it. #
  • Some Cantonese love for AJATT 😀
    日文有冇得自學? – 語言討論 – 香港討論區 – 一個香港只得一個香港討論區 #
  • Some of the best advice you can get for AJATT-style learning is actually from people aiming only for domain-specific fluency. #
  • Don’t bother with method arguments. Tell people they’re right: that’s all they want to hear anyway. Then, go do whatever you want. #
  • Deleting from your SRS is not “losing ground” any more than washing vegetables is “denying nature”. #
  • Read It Later: Save Your One-Read Wonders — One reading list, everywhere you are. #
  • 周星馳萬歲萬歲萬萬歳! #
  • 日本語ましょう!って・・・言うじゃな~い #
  • 世の中の面倒臭い事、その一:小麦アレルギー。 #
  • 世の中の面倒臭い事、その二:マフィンが食べたいのに小麦アレルギー。 #
  • Limits set you free. Freedom isn’t the absence of limits, it’s the freedom to set your own limits. Or not, I dunno… #Timeboxing #
  • 『よく「出る杭は打たれる」と言いますよね。
    しかし、自分の経験からは、「出過ぎた杭は放置され」ます。』 #
  • Non-native language users are like animals in that relatively paltry amounts of time, $ and effort are invested in (cont) #
  • JReK – Japanese Sentence Search #
  • Whenever you find someone struggling with something complex, it’s almost never the complex thing that’s their problem. #
  • Heisig broke the so-called “rules” and got called a crazy liar. So did I. Now it’s your turn 🙂 . #
  • 技術的特異点 – Wikipedia #
  • I like the term language “user”. (1) It leaves room for reading/writing. (2) It implies that language is a matter of habituation. #
  • Antidote to hero-worship: Imagine your hero going to the toilet for “the big convenience”. That should clear your head for a while #
  • ギギディ ギギディ ギギディ オーーーラーイ!!(^^) #
  • One of Bennie K’s best vids :D…YouTube – 『Sky』 / BENNIE K #
  • 世の中の面倒臭い事、その三:ツイッターで小麦アレルギーを一々嘆いてる奴。 #
  • Learning a language is very…asymptotic. Do we hit zero? Dunno…but we can always keep getting closer and closer and closer. #
  • I’m like that pianist. Miss one day of Japanese, and I know. Two days, close friends know. Three days — stuttering mess. It’s that fragile. #
  • Confidence and optimism are free. Why be stingy? 😀 #
  • Tell yourself that it’s precisely because your project is large that it can benefit from a tiny bit of progress. #
  • No project is ever too big or too small to benefit from small amounts of progress. #
  • Given enough practice, a level of skill that seems impossible can become inevitable. #
  • Whenever you find someone struggling with something complex, it’s almost always because something simple is missing or broken. #
  • 四字熟語データバンク
    Thanks, Kouryuu! #
  • In a self-directed project, the choice is not between doing it right and doing it wrong, but between doing it fun and not doing it at all. #
  • AJATT is a cookie recipe at most. And we all know there are a ton of ways to make cookies. #
  • If someone needed to practice to be in a band, you wouldn’t stop them; you’d work around/with them. Why stop a language-learner? #
  • “With a bad attitude, anything can be hard to study” #
  • Sure, you want to do That Thing That’s Good For You That You Should Do, but do you have your consent yet? #
  • Don’t blame the language; don’t blame yourself; blame your methods. Don’t accuse the steak of being uncuttable, just get a knife. #
  • Think of your SRS as an SDS (spaced deletion system) as well. Be prepared to delete just as much as you repeat. #
  • Learning a language is very hard. Not the language itself, but the dealing with people bent on telling you how hard it is. #
  • だーら買・わ・な・いってば!(笑) #
  • No language has such a shortage of sentences/phrases that you need to pick boring ones as well. #
  • Language-learningwise, I’d say the Internet still lags far behind cable/satellite TV in many ways. Not all ways, of course. #
  • Monolingual Japanese online dictionaries 😀
    辞書 – Google 検索 #
  • 六次の隔たり – Google 検索 #
  • “If anyone in the history of the world has done it, then you can certainly do it.” #
  • It’s not the dog in the fight and it’s not the years on the language: it’s the minutes in the years. #
  • Evil technique to get people out of your way: affirm their opinion verbally while willfully negating it with your actions. #
  • YouTube – 時代特急 / Flick #
  • Is there something you “should” do but just don’t want to? Be reasonable with yourself. Find out why. Negotiate. Cut a deal. #
  • YouTube – MP4 – Chinese Rap #
  • The only “requirement” is to come into contact with your L2. Within that, anything goes; individual L2 media must entertain *you*. #
  • Open your L2 books randomly, flip pages randomly until something grabs you. No need to force sequential access: it’s not a scroll. #

  1 comment for “AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-01-23

  1. January 25, 2010 at 00:33

    Thanks for the constant tips and whatnot, they’re very much appreciated! I have a random question about immersion and was wondering if you could offer your thoughts. I have no problem with watching and reading lots of Japanese material and doing SRS reps and whatnot… but a lot of the time, I tend to be in front of a computer or TV screen. I’d rather be around that less as it can lead to headaches, sluggishness, etc. Any ideas of things to do away from the computer screens? Strictly listening to Japanese radio shows or something works, and I wish I had more books on paper (most of my reading material is online :/). Any ideas would be appreciated!

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