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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-01-31

  • BD sends his regards: ☆ネットで学ぶ発音教室! – トップページ #
  • YouTube – 流し素麺 #
  • Don't get worked up looking for the "right" way to do something. Just keep pinging back to it and the right way will find itself. #
  • YouTube – Rihanna ft. Hins Cheung (張敬軒)-Hate that I love you cantonese "Rihanna ft. Hins Cheung " #
  • A playful competitiveness can be good. But it's not actually the competitiveness that helps: it's the playfulness. #
  • 「習以為常」
    教育部重編國語辭典修訂本 #
  • Everyone remembers my friend Keiko, right? 😀
    We've done a few podcasts we together.
    無論如何 here's her blog: #
  • YouTube – Rhymester – B-BOYイズム "B-BOYイズム"
    歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 #
  • YouTube – Rhymester – ザ・グレート・アマチュアリズム
    歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 #
  • SRS Practices: What’s an SRS? | Spanish Only #
  • RT @irishpolyglot Is your language half full? A negative attitude is what holds people back from achieving their goals: #
  • Don't bother with method arguments. Tell people they're right: that's all they want to hear anyway. Then, go think whatever you want. #
  • An SRS deck isn't for sitting in some database somewhere looking pretty and taking up space. It's for passing through your senses. #
  • Got a vice? Don't go to war with it. Co-opt it. Give it money and a good timetable, and it'll sell out to you. Now you control it. #
  • Techniquewise, there's some stuff I would blog about, but my opinion on it fluctuates back and forth a lot – often on the same day 😀 #
  • Fallacy: if you disagree with someone, they have to know that you disagree with them and why. #
  • Fallacy: you have to link your actions with your stated opinion. Decouple them. Speak diplomatically, but act pig-headedly. #
  • Since you can only really act in one direction at any given time, taking action almost always entails a certain single-mindedness. #
  • It's called "All" Japanese All The Time but maybe it should be "Some" Japanese All The Time" or "Anything (At All)" Japanese All The Time… #
  • Until we have invested in ourselves the same time, faith and funds that we would in a child of ours, we have no excuses. #
  • When pronouncing Chinese, I sometimes find that I literally have to let myself go. I can't be the usual me. I have (cont) #
  • 日本語で書いた方がいいのかなあ、そう云ふ地に足の付いていない「囀り」・・・(^^) #
  • Memo To Me – Free Reminder Service #
  • 世の中の面倒臭い事、その四:世の中の面倒臭い事をガタガタ五月蠅くリストアップする人。 #
  • There are two types of language-learners: (1) Those that learn. (2) Those that have drama about learning. I've been both. #
  • YouTube – Foxxi misQ - Ultimate Girls #
  • With large projects, the only wrong answer is to get overwhelmed, give up and do nothing. Anything counts. Every little bit helps. #
  • F w wr t trn Nglsh nt n bjd, wld t lk lk ths? #
  • People who forcefully tell you to be mediocre like them, never seem as forceful in taking responsibility for the consequences of mediocrity. #
  • Don't believe that you're dumb or smart. Just believe that, with practice, you can. #
  • Often, extraordinary sucess requires extraordinary methods. This can easily put you at odds with those who insist on being "intraordinary". #
  • Sometimes, you get to a point where being good at a particular thing is far more rewarding than being liked, understood or "cool". #
  • Insofar as they put you at odds with social norms, intense pursuits do (unfortunately) share traits with "emerging religions". #
  • We make fun of non-standard dialects, but really, maybe we secretly envy them; they're so full of "life-force". That doesn't sound fruity… #
  • A language is like the monster plant from "Little Shop of Horrors" — feed it media and it grows… #
  • YouTube – BONNIE PINK – A Perfect Sky #
  • YouTube – DBSK – Purple Line (MV) TVXQ [HD]
    Purple Line 東方神起 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 #
  • A language is undemocratic in that it doesn't have to give you a good reason why it works the way it works. It just does. #
  • "People think all Americans are arrogant but what they don't realize is that half of their Canadian friends are American". My friend Jang Mi #
  • I swear, like, every few months, like clockwork, I feel the desire to rewatch GITS. Not disagreable people — the anime. #
  • Books are objects. Treat them like it. Objectify them. Read what you like of them from where you like. Screw their "wholeness" and order 😀 #
  • A healthy SRS deck is a moving SRS deck. #
  • I find that the more I compete, the worse I do. The more I play, the better. #
  • Counting how long you've been studying language in years is kind of like counting how much cash there is in your wallet by its shape alone. #
  • Call it "stochastic tinkering" if you want. Either way, the lesson is the same: screw around. #
  • A healthy SRS is a moving SRS deck — one that has turnover in the form of deletions, reps and additions (in order of priority). #
  • Compete less. Play more. #
  • People who put you down are often feel very insecure themselves. I know because I've been on both sides of that equation. #
  • 有營伙伴 – BLOG – 麥長青 – 藝人 – "成就要靠那份努力" #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves BONNIE PINK / Love Song #
  • YouTube – Dragon Ash – Let yourself go, Let myself go.flv #
  • Each day, do whatever it takes to get yourself to take the initial step — everything is usually downhill after that. #
  • 「別に」っていい言葉だね #
  • Looks like someone SRSed his way to great success in the DAT (Dental Admission Test?) #
  • Limits are your friend. Just because you could do it all, that doesn't mean you should. Even ice-cream gets old. #Timeboxing #
  • Trying to do the "correct" thing can be a great strain. Just set a finishing time, and let things decide themselves. #Timeboxing #
  • IME, an aggressive card deletion policy makes for higher repcounts and retention. Thus, paradoxically, more deletion = more learning. #SRS #
  • Now experimenting with deleting bad kanji cards as well. I figure if my environment tells me a character matters, I can add it back in. #SRS #
  • YouTube – 永邦-魔鬼的眼淚KTV #
  • When you read my advice, don't try to fit yourself into my mold — change the mold to fit you. I myself am a work in progress. #
  • Observation: native speakers, early on at least, never do anything boring in order to learn their language. #
  • It's funny how we tell adult learners: you're a latecomer to learning language X, therefore not only are we going (cont) #
  • Channel surfing (and hence excessive TV-watching) works b/c you exercise veto power: you say no to boring stuff. No veto→no fun. #
  • If more people surfed (vetoed) books and parts of books like they do TV, there might be more book-reading. #
  • Even if you delete a "useful" card, if you make daily contact with the language, you'll pick up that slack later — and in a funner way #SRS #
  • YouTube – 椎名林檎 / りんごのうた #
  • YouTube – マボロシ MABOROSHI – THE ワルダクミ #
  • An SRS deck only has meaning insofar as it undergoes turnover (deletion, reps, additions). No turnover, and it's just inert data. #
  • Things that require you to look, act, speak and think differently from whatever is considered "normal" do tend to seem cultish. #
  • How I Pick What to SRS « Liz Learns Japanese #
  • Sleazy tabloid news, baby! [Cantonese] YouTube – appleactionews 的頻道 #
  • Sleazy tabloid news, baby! [Cantonese] YouTube – appleactionews 的頻道 #
  • Even just 10 kanji a day, every day, will have you acquiring 3650 kanji over the course of a year. Just do one. Tortoises win big. #
  • Each day, do whatever it takes to get yourself to take the initial step — everything more or less takes care of itself after that #
  • Birthplace of the legendary "Bonnie Pink Strut"! YouTube – ボニーピンク So Wonderful #
  • Tortoises pwn hares. Don't worry about how fast you're going. Just make sure that you're going. #
  • Tortoises pwn hares. Don't worry about how fast you're going. Just make sure that you're going. #
  • 栓抜き – Wikipedia #
  • Personal projects do not die of lack of organization: they die of neglect. In fact, stress from overplanning can itself cause neglect=death. #
  • YouTube – ギャグマンガ日和1 12「名探偵っスか!うさみちゃん/名探偵だもの!うさみちゃん」 #
  • The delete button is to an SRS deck as a chisel is to a sculptor. #
  • "when a person’s social identity is attached to a negative stereotype, that person will tend to underperform in (cont) #
  • AJATT Blog maintenance about to start… #
  • </AJATT Blog maintenance> #
  • Spaced Repetition Goes Mainstream? #
  • キタユメ。 #
  • NHKオンライン #
  • YouTube – Miss you (Video clip) COLOR #
  • YouTube – m-flo featuring Lisa – Love Can't Wait #
  • ""No man is ever whipped, until he quits — in his own mind." Napoleon Hill " #
  • Doing something, anything, that moves you forward isn't slightly better than doing nothing. It's ∞ly better. #
  • Get Your Read On! « Liz Learns Japanese #
  • "Next time you are faced with doing something small or nothing at all, go small. You'll always win." #
  • YouTube – KTV 陶吉吉 小鎮姑娘 陶喆 #
  • Rainbowhill Language Lab: How To Begin Learning Japanese With Manga #
  • Literally and figuratively, turn your Japanese down to low if need be, but don't turn it off. Starting up again takes a lot of energy. #
  • Rainbowhill Language Lab: How reading Manga can be good for your Japanese #
  • Better to read a book 100 times badly than once (or 0.x times) well. #URP #MultiPassReading #SwissCheesing #
  • La Migra is Spanish for…The Migra! #
  • 「ABC係我係我
    ABC係我係我」YouTube – Jin 歐陽靖 'ABC' MV #
  • [Cantonese] RTHK is interviewing MC Jin live right now #
  • [Thanks, D-star!] Study Hacks » Blog Archive » Quick Hits: Deliberate Practice #
  • "Stereotypes and the fragility of human competence, motivation, and self-concept" #

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