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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-02-13

  • "concentrate on the hows first, the whys will come later" #
  • Sometimes it helps to zero in on the exact slices of content you like within a language. Like the exact scene of a movie or verse of a song. #
  • [Demonstrative] pronouns and small, simple action verbs will take you far. They will be there for you when the chips are down. Learn them. #
  • 最近、ビジネス本を購入する人を罵って馬鹿呼ばわりするビジネス本、多いよね。自覚欠如障害って・・・言うじゃな~い?まあ、というよりは、一種の自虐行為?皮肉?佛国映画の観過ぎ?かしら・・・#自己啓発 #
  • Deleting bad #SRS cards is sort of like "creative destruction" 😀 . Maybe 😀 #
  • Romaji would have you believe it can represent the sounds of Japanese, but really what it does is make you pronounce *romanized* Japanese #
  • When you need African/Indian food in Japan. Hira Halal Foods #
  • You don't mine sentences. Sentences mine you. You just put yourself in a position to be mined. #SRS #
  • I'm all Yakov Smirnoff now: "In Soviet Japan, you don't mine sentences. Sentences mine you! You just put yourself in a position to be mined" #
  • You must come to this bitterly anticlimactic realization: Chinese and Japanese are just normal languages used by normal people. #
  • 「空気なんて吸って吐くものであって、読むもんじゃない」 #
  • Don't think "immersion". Think "contact". Have contact with Japanese. Build familiarity — become family. Become intimate. #
  • @nac_est お薦めというより、あの一言は名言だと思って深く考えずにアップしちゃっただけって日本語上手いよ、ナセスト君!吃驚仰天、本当に。そだそだ、ちゃんと挨拶せんとね:「力と名誉」! in reply to nac_est #
  • The phrase "hard work" lacks direction and meaning, so people assume: "I guess if I just go hurt myself…". We at least need an end-state. #
  • NASAとGMが開発、人間に近いロボット『R2』(動画) | WIRED VISION #
  • Binge language study only happens when you think that a language can even be binged on. It can't (yet). It can only be lived. It's a habit. #
  • Crystal Kay Official Blog – スタ☆ブロ – #
  • 頭條日報 頭條網 #
  • The real secret to winning at time management is not figuring out how to do it all: it's deciding to *not do* most of it. #ParetoPrinciple #
  • @JapanNewbie 出た、関西弁!中国直送の関西弁、出た! in reply to JapanNewbie #
  • Why did no one tell me that 「ドラゴン桜」 [the 漫画…haven't seen the ドラマ yet…] owns?! 😀 #
  • Sometimes (actually, quite often), you don't know what's best until you try something out. #
  • 小飼 弾 (Dan Kogai)'s blog:
    404 Blog Not Found
    (That's the name…) 😀 . #Japanese #
  • Maybe it's not necessary to do amazing things to get amazing results. Maybe we merely need do small, normal things in an amazing direction. #
  • @Jaybot7 あいにく御座いませんよ、お客様。 in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • @Jaybot7 いや、いや、馬鹿じゃない。子供だよ。(^^) in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • / Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary #
  • 炊飯器 – Wikipedia #
  • Food and language are alike — you eat whatever's there, in your environment. #
  • Identity matters because it makes you do whatever you need to do to get the "job" done. Identity willl not allow you to give up. #
  • "Effects of motivational and cognitive variables on reading comprehension " #論文 #
  • "relationship between home literacy practices and…literacy skills" #論文 #
  • Real/perceived importance alone doesn't seem to get languages learned to meaningful fluency. Only play (goofing around) seems to really work #
  • "Reading and Writing" #
  • 日本語版 #
  •  ■2ch BBS .. #
  • It may well be that the key to language-learning success is to get LESS serious about it: just let it become part of the fabric of your life #
  • @CKAY26 お疲れ様です~ぅ。 in reply to CKAY26 #
  • ナタリー – Crystal Kay、連続ドラマで天才ハッカー役に挑戦 #
  • カールベッカー #
  • Long-term projects don't die because of the days where you do crappy work; they die because of the days where you do zero work. #
  • 【WEB MOVIE】ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版15周年 SPECIAL SITE 「私たちは、まだまだ、知らない。」 #
  • Doing a shoddy job won't kill your long term project. Doing nothing at all absolutely will. #
  • Live Japanese radio. Online. Feel the magic! 😀
    This Internet thing may just start catching on… #
  • Better late than never. Better crap than never. Better something than nothing at all. That's how long-term projects roll. #
  • Reduce complex, amorphous, intimidating abstracts to simple concretes. #
  • 國語小字典 #
  • "だから「文学」という概念の捉え方が違うのだぜ" #
  • @JoeInJapan How's your resolution with KeyHoleTV? Mine's been too grainy to really see or hear comfortably. Is there a way to improve it? in reply to JoeInJapan #
  • "The best time to study something is at the moment you are about to forget it. " #
  • Reading about English in Japanese is always fun
    2ch検索: [英語] #
  • サイエンス・サイトーク #
  • スバス・チャンドラ・ボース – Wikipedia #
  • Japanese translation of Carol Dweck's book "Mindset": キャロル S.ドゥエック 『「やればできる!」の研究―能力を開花させるマインドセットの力』 #
  • 極端を全否定しない事も、一種の「中庸」かも知れない。 #
  • Today on your long-term project, don't try to do it right. Just try to do it. Contact is the only "right" you need worry about. #
  • Have you made contact (with Japanese) today? One hit's all you need 😀 #
  • 一応ツイッといて見ようかな~と・・・
    El ligre | Verde y Gris #
  • Tiny Toons in #Japanese ..yay! タグで動画検索 タイニートゥーン‐ニコニコ動画(9) #
  • コーンロウ – Wikipedia #
  • They say "pride before fall". I say: better to fall and get up again than to spend a lifetime lying in a puddle of crap. #
  • “Human intelligence is…fragile…It doesn't take much to distract it, suppress it, or even annihilate it.” #
  • @mikedesu The 2nd link's freaking out :*( . Got a substitute? in reply to mikedesu #
  • "…white athletes jumped less high when observed by an African-American coach than when observed by a white coach…" #
  • "Under stereotype threat, athletes were more likey to avoid practice"…Can you spell self-fulfilling prophecy? #
  • "stereotype threat imposes an extra cognitive burden…reduces working memory capacity" #
  • All that really matters is that we walk a path of net improvement, however slight the upward slope. Mathematics takes care of the rest. #
  • "when a stereotype is…activated [even unconsciously] people display a remarkable tendency to behave in line with it" #
  • YouTube – Miss Luxury (PV) feat.MACCHO, GIPPER, KOZ, HI-D, Foxxi misQ #
  • YouTube – ヒノマルパワー~君の力~/ MUNEHIRO #
  • Foreigners who are more Japanese than Japanese people | Japan Probe #
  • "I have always maintained that excepting fools, men did not differ much in intellect, only in zeal and hard work". Chuck Darwin #
  • Orlando's Blog • Mathematical Expertise by Brian Butterworth @ MathLinks "Mathematical Expertise" #
  • Tkyosam enjoys this one
    Denshi Jisho – Online Japanese dictionary #
  • コトバンク – 時事問題、ニュースもわかるネット百科事典 kotobank #
  • More dictionary goodness
    Weblio|辞書<国語辞典・国語辞書・百科事典> #
  • Insofar as they show a genuine appreciation for another language/culture, I think kanji tattoos are a great thing, even when they're wrong. #
  • "come correct"という英語、懐かしいなぁ。 #
  • "come correct"という英語、懐かしいなぁ。何か斯う「正しく来いよ!」って感じ(笑)。そうでもないか。(^^) #
  • Sound During Sleep Fixes Learning: Scientific American Podcast #
  • A podcast about new books (in #Japanese 😀 )
    新刊ラジオPodcasting ─話題の本や新刊を耳で立ち読み!新刊JP─ #
  • Don't compare yourself to other people. Compare yourself to other (previous) versions of yourself. #
  • Via @nyafuri uniqlo screensaver #
  • Good work is like a good action movie. By creating tight(, artificial) limits you get traction and meaning. Sort of… #Timeboxing #
  • YouTube – 林子祥 – 男兒當自強 (粤語) #
  • YouTube – 林子祥 – 男兒當自強 1 of 2 #
  • YouTube – 成龍 男子漢 KTV #
  • "和書読むのにだって、いちいちこの表現は~でこことつながってこんな効果を~、みたいにこまごま分析したりしないでしょ。"
    洋書を読んで英語の勉強-20 #

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