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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-02-20

  • If you wait to resolve all objections before you move forward, you'll never move forward. Not really language-related, but… #
  • Some people are destructively critical because that's literally all they can do right now. Pity them: they're having a hard time. #
  • Most successful bloggers aren't exactly Great Writers. But they actually produce. In that sense, they are great. #
  • You may or may not be able to change your position instantly, but you basically always have control over your direction. #
  • Generally, it's better to do the imperfect thing you can do than to hold back waiting for the perfect thing you could do. #
  • While I've been critical of attempts at multiple simultaneous language acquisition, that may all be due to large holes in my own knowledge. #
  • The process of becoming fluent in a language is the process of becoming a copy of so many people and pieces that you end up unique #
  • I wonder whether, in the year 2410, David E. Kelley will be dutifully studied and worshipped the way Shakespeare is now 😀 . #
  • お ま え それでも にん げ ん か?
    お ま え の かあ ちゃん 何人だ? #
  • 「[語学に智能や才能]は然程重要ではありません。必要なのは根気とテクニックです」と「ドラゴン桜」をパクって囀った勝元 #
  • Immersion is to a language as a digital photo is to pixels: thousands of tiny points where you say "yes" to Japanese. #
  • Immersion is more millions of discrete, effortless contact-points with a language than a single, continuous Triumph of the Will. #
  • しない〔しなひ〕【竹‐刀】《撓(しな)い竹の意》剣道で用いる竹製の刀。4本の割り竹を合わせ、切っ先に先革、手元に柄革(つかがわ)をはめ、弦(つる)と中ゆいで結び、柄革に鍔(つば)をつけたもの。 #
  • "kanji is like a skyscraper. Everything is connected by floors and elevators…It's a beautiful thing of logic." #
  • Search by copy and pasting in characters! Thanks to FD!
    Easy lookup on #
  • Given the existence of Engrish, I don't think kanji tattoos need be held to that high a standard… #
  • YouTube – 蔡依林 – 大丈夫 [MV] #
  • YouTube – 日華 – 大丈夫 #
  • If you believe all the Yodas of the world who tell you "too old to begin the training you are", then, for now, you are 😀 #
  • YouTube – 「創意教室:活學中文」- 之一 #
  • YouTube – J2愛搞作 x 潮語教室 #
  • Use YouTube like a real TV with
    InfiniTube: Auto Play Youtube Videos by Tags #
  • You can start a long-term project in hardcore mode, but you can only carry it through in mellow mode. #
  • The key with hardcore mode is to use it to change your environment so that things get done even when you fall back into mellow/habit mode. #
  • You don't quit practicing because you suck. You suck because you quit practicing. #
  • @Jaybot7 浅草の浅草寺じゃ普通に使われてるけど。本殿(?)の入り口辺りに「靴は此の箱に入れて下さい」とかって書いてあるから。頑なに俺が然う言う字を使い続けて来たからこそ、初めて浅草寺に行った時にすらすらと読めた訳。だから、何と言われようがビビらずに堂々と使ってね!(笑) in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • @Jaybot7 一々先公に「使うな」なんて言われてるからこそ使用頻度が低下して来たのも事実。結局ただの悪性自己成就予言に過ぎないだろう。だって実際に使ったら、その行為自体がまた使用頻度を上げちゃう。だったら自由にしよう。読み方も書き方も多様多彩。これぞ日本語の元々のカッコ良さ。 in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • You can start a project in hardcore/willpower mode, but you can only carry it through in mellow/habit mode. #
  • @cosleia Literally type in: "Japanese TV show"? in reply to cosleia #
  • Schoolish but helpful daily exercise: copy out a page of L2 manga text, by hand. With a normal book, a paragraph will do. #
  • YouTube – Hong Kong anti-smoking TV commercial (Cantonese) #
  • ネットは、商業化されてしまったというよりも、元々の開発兼利用者である学者達が、その「学術化」を怠って来たのではないかと最近思ってる。何せ読みたい論文がちゃんと手に入るかどうかも未だに一か八か状態なんだ。こうした中、アマゾンの類が勝つに決まってんだろ。 #
  • @kak9699 Contact. Striving is stressful: you can only do a tiny bit a day. You want to make it easy. Easy actually gets done. in reply to kak9699 #
  • “Oftentimes the person who quits never realizes how close to success he really was.” #
  • When chosen freely, limits really are your friend. "Game" is nothing but another way of saying "a system of limits". Play on 😀 #Timeboxing #
  • "世の中に越えられない壁なんて無えんだ
    だからお前ら、どんな事にも「出来ない」という先入観を持つな" ドラゴン桜 #
  • ケニア大使公邸焼く、けが人なし(読売新聞) – goo ニュース
    って、言うじゃな~い・・・でも怪我人無しで良かったね(^^)安心、安心。 #
  • ビデオ版って言うじゃな~い?怪我人全く居ないから、皆さんご心配無く。 FNNニュース: 東京・目黒区のケニア… #
  • YouTube – Battle Royale Trailer #
  • Your dreams and ideals can start long-term projects, but only your habits can finish them. #
  • むり‐じい〔‐じひ〕【無理強い】
    [名](スル)強引に押しつけてやらせること。強制。「カラオケを―する」 #
  • Set ridiculously low quotas. The satisfaction of achieving them will encourage you to surpass them. High quotas cause fear and avoidance. #
  • Thanks to CG for the link 😀
    YouTube – Alan Watts – Work as Play (part 1) #
  • @cosleia Try "Japanese commercials" 😀 in reply to cosleia #
  • YouTube – お尻叩いて猫 – spanking the cat #
  • YouTube – だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat – #
  • Twitter / Search – #twnovel #
  • I think this song was maybe my first exposure to "どんだけ" YouTube – DJ OASIS [社会の窓 feat. UTAMARU] #
  • @unmodify おおおおおう。Now I get it (^^) in reply to unmodify #
  • yossy (たなかよしかず、本名:田中良和) geekDataBase – ギークデータベース #
  • Focus on [in]correctness causes people a lot of self-imposed anguish when seeking new ideas. Just focus on finding stuff you like. #
  • That tiny thing you could do to move your project forward, that's so tiny it doesn't seem worth it? That may just be what you need to do. #
  • You always have a good reason for doing the wrong thing. Beating yourself up won't stick. Find out the reason and address it. #
  • ノンストップチューブ 【 NonstopTUBE 】 – YouTube連続再生 – Automatic continuous playing of J-POP YouTube Video
    (Big Thanks to NM!!) #
  • ★ 【 Nintendo school's out commercial 任天堂廣告 香港 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • Don't worry about how much Japanese you do. Focus on how soon you're next going to do it. #
  • ★ 【 [香港廣告](2009)維他 錫蘭檸檬茶 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • Ironic post: Why English is all you need to travel the world | Fluent in 3 months #
  • Why learning a language is like learning a musical instrument | Fluent in 3 months #
  • ★ 【 [香港廣告](2010)愛護牙齒 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • @mineralk いや、でも・・・終わってるやろ?(^^)ヘヘヘ。ってか、高級化・スペシャルティー化すると思わない? in reply to mineralk #
  • @mineralk 取り敢えず変化はするでしょう?例えば本なら、息を呑む様な綺麗で特大サイズの物とか、テレビならユーチューブ的なオンデマンド・検索型・参加型動画配信サービス(此間の坂本龍一のライブみたい)とか・・・?そうでもない? in reply to mineralk #
  • Set ridiculously low quotas. The ease of achieving them will encourage you to surpass them far more often than high quotas inspire reaching. #
  • OK, newsflash: assert(India==yoga)–>FALSE; assert(Japan==Zen)–>FALSE #
  • YouTube – Sexy Beijing: Lost in Translation #
  • SRS order of operations: 0) Don't add 1) Delete 2) Review 3) Add. In short: DADRA. #
  • When I say "ridiculously low quotas", I mean ridiculously low. My quotas aren't quotas at all. Contact itself is my quota. 😀 #
  • イブン=スィーナー – Wikipedia #
  • ★ 【 香港舊廣告 – 蚌的啟示 1986(關正傑、區瑞強、盧冠廷) 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • ★ 【 香港廣告: Shiseido Anessa 太陽系最強( 蛯原友里 ebihara yuri )2006 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • Learn how to brush your teeth in #Cantonese 😀
    ★ 【 [香港廣告](2010)愛護牙齒 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • Don't immerse in the language because you should, or because it would help. Immerse in it because it's who you are. #
  • @Akira117 (知らん顔) (^^) #
  • Your life is full enough. Don't burden it with crap like duty-driven immersion. #
  • Wide-ranging contact with a language (so-called immersion) is not a technique. It's the very reason you learned the language to begin with. #
  • @mimizone Duty-driven immersion = Immersing because you "should" or because you "have to", out of a sense of duty. It kind of sucks a bit 😀 in reply to mimizone #
  • Grown-up talk…pretty close match on subs; RTHK's good on that 😀
    YouTube – 2010-2-09 對策第一集 (第1節) #Cantonese #
  • Infinitube replacement
    ★ ノンストップチューブ 【 NonstopTUBE 】 – YouTube連続再生 – Automatic continuous playing of J-POP YouTube Video #
  • The most important Japanese thing you can do is the next Japanese thing you do. #
  • Right now, you probably can't see how you could possibly ever get fluent. That's normal. You don't need to see. You just need to do. #
  • Cigarette-smoking is a powerful metaphor for positive achievement. No matter how heavy the smoker, she only hits one at a time. #
  • AJATT YouTube Playlist #
  • Seriously though…just chill. Most of AJATT is just chilling 😀 . #
  • This is one of those "well, it's in Japanese" ones. Coca-Cola zero #
  • 「最後まで読み通すのが「読書」とは限らない」 #
  • You're like a child. Tell yourself to take a bath, you won't take it. But once you get in, you won't leave. So set the quota = touch water. #
  • "世界に冠たる国であります!" #
  • OK, newsflash: India is not yoga. Japan is not Zen. #
  • I love commercials…watching some now on InfiniTube: #
  • まだ可也機能不足とは言え、やっぱりグーグルクロームって結構いいね、ブラウザーとして。起ち上がりも速いし、動作がテキパキ。 #
  • 「座して死を待つな」=中国語(ってか漢文?ってか文言文?)の「不要坐以待斃」が由来かな? #
  • Psst? Hey! Want some Japanese? It's legal, mang. Everyone's doing it. #
  • Like atoms to a boulder, the individual quanta of contact you make with Japanese have zero visible benefit. Make contact anyway. #
  • カルビンとホッブス – Wikipedia #
  • Calvin & Hobbes in Japanese 'カルヴィン&ホッブス' #
  • 極端そのものが悪いというよりも、(確率論上)中間の何処かに在るであろう、自分だけにピッタリの「壺(スイートスポット)」が、頑なに極端な姿勢を執る事に因って見付からなくなるのだ。とは言え、基準點としての極端は大変有用かと思う。 #
  • "Prison Break" in Polish! Thanks MW! – Wyniki wyszukiwania dla: Prison Break #
  • 「Omne initium est difficile
    ラテン語の格言(ことわざ) #
  • 祖国よ、我は汝に誓う(モルダウ) 歌詞・日本語訳と試聴 "祖国よ 我は誓う
    比類なき完全なる愛を捧げん" #
  • Eugene Woodbury's Ooburoshiki Blog: Teach a man to Fish ""The usage is the description."" #

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