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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-02-27

  • Often things that are individually unamazing are absolutely incredible when aggregated. And vice versa. Just make contact. #
  • Lower your short-term expectations to "just above zero/slightly more than nothing", but let your long-term expectations run wild. #
  • It is precisely because you suck at Japanese that you need to come into more contact with it. "Suck at" just means "unaccustomed to". #
  • [Great song :D] YouTube
    – 【芸人MAD】有 心 論【オードリー】 #Japanese #
  • 日が伸びたね。 #
  • Major achievements are just what you naturally get when you concatenate a bunch of apparently inconsequential choices. #
  • Japanese is a habit. Smoke it like a cigarette. One song, one video clip, one kanji, one sentence, one manga panel at a time. #
  • YouTube
    – 有心論 RADWIMPS PV #
  • Shrink your units. Don't read books. Read paragraphs. Don't watch movies. Watch clips. Don't read comics, read panels. #
  • Languages are both brutally dictatorial and brutally just: they are accountable to no one, and they must be earned by contact. #
  • "I'll start listening to native Japanese once I good at Japanese" = "I'll start putting wood in the fireplace once it gives me heat" #
  • Often, rather than aiming for perfection, it helps to aim for improvement. #
  • Wanna know how to write business emails in Japanese? Get this book. #
  • @Hasemo ゲーム 評価 – Google 検索 ゲーム レビュー – Google 検索 in reply to Hasemo #
  • ポジティブ心理学 – Wikipedia #
  • 自己効力感 – Wikipedia #
  • 2009年9月 – tanminjukumin122の早起き日記 – 早起き生活 "「行動の伴わないアイデアはそれが占めている脳細胞以上には決して大きくならないだろう。」
    (アーノルド・グラスゴー)" #
  • You don't need to be a taskmaster, forcing yourself to do more. You need to be a gentle grandparent, coaxing yourself to start small. #
  • 正面心理學 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 #
  • Generally, rules, boxes and limits only become a problem when they don't belong to you (unmakeable, unbreakable, unchangeable). #
  • @jdmtee That's just the point. You don't learn Japanese, you get used to it. Don't work at it. Just come into contact with it. Many times. in reply to jdmtee #
  • @jdmtee What anime is that in your b/g, btw? 😀 in reply to jdmtee #
  • 「やめて!お腹だけは!お腹だけは蹴らないで、ここにはあんたの子が・・・!認知してくれなくてもいい、でも、生ませて・・・!」齋藤圭子 (@mineralk) #
  • 超訳って凄いね!これこそ翻訳のあるべき姿
    アカデミー出版 – フレッシュアイペディア "超訳" #
  • If shooting for hours of L2 contact gets tiresome, then don't shoot for hours. Shoot for instances of contact. Hours will handle themselves. #
  • 「昔のあんたは何処に行っちまったんだよお!小さくてもいい、二人で小料理屋をやろうねって、語り合ったあの夜は嘘だったのかい!?」齋藤圭子(@mineralk) #
  • 「あんたは変わっちまったよおお!」齋藤圭子(@mineralk) #
  • Say It Again → セイーラゲイン (笑)・・・巧いね・
    '怖いくらい通じるカタカナ英語の法則' #
  • 「あんた、好い加減にしてよ!」「いいから酒持って来い!」齋藤圭子(@mineralk) #
  • The key is not to "finish" or "succeed", but to repeat. If you repeat, you will finish. If you repeat, you will succeed. #LongTermProjects #
  • RT @BretMayer // けい‐せつ【蛍雪】苦労して勉学に励むこと。苦学。蛍の光窓の雪。蛍窓(けいそう)。◆晋の車胤(しゃいん)が蛍を集めてその光で書物を読み、孫康が雪の明かりで書物を読んだという「晋書」車胤伝・孫康伝の故事から。 #
  • 「あたしのこと全~部知ってて!」齋藤圭子(@mineralk) #
  • 手書きブログ – TOP – #
  • @yuzuruyuzuru Correct, sir. in reply to yuzuruyuzuru #
  • 「他の人なんて見えないくらい、束縛して・・・。」齋藤圭子(@mineralk) #
  • Kind of like a Slashdot in Chinese.
    Solidot: 奇客的资讯,重要的东西 #
  • CNET Taiwan 產品評測 #Chinese #Techsite #
  • YouTube
    – ちょうだいをする猫2 #
  • TechCrunch Japan #tech #site #japanese #
  • YouTube
    – Young black woman speaking Chinese on Li Jing's Taiwan TV show #
  • Tech podcast in #Cantonese Talkonly Podcast #
  • List of #Cantonese podcasts 中華民國萬歲:粵語Podcast:香港播客一覽 – 樂多日誌 #
  • I think we often try to give our language study too much structure. SRS is about all the structure you need. Let the rest flow freely. #
  • Make contact, SRS a bit for retention, and let the rest handle itself. It will probably turn out better than if you try to force things. #
  • The thing is, you don't know everything that's out there. Boxes can be useful, but their indiscriminate use can also cause needless injury. #
  • Surf your L2 like you surf the Internet. It's a simple plan: follow the links. Follow your curiosity. One fun thing to the next. #
  • Quite often, you just need to relax and give your L2 a chance to "talk" to you, to tell you how it "needs"/"wants" to be learned. #
  • "You'll be surprised at how much your brain can do if you feed it with enough input." #
  • Don't jam and trim yourself to fit the mold that is my ideas. Jam and trim my ideas to fit the mold that is you. #
  • 新聞の紹介 ー受験・学習情報満載ー | 朝日小学生新聞 朝日中学生ウイークリー via @blacktokyo #
  • Go to cram school in 日本語! Like high school, but with teachers who give a crap 😀 ブロードバンド代ゼミTVネット|代々木ゼミナールの人気講師の授業をご自宅で! #
  • Asahi Shogakusei Shimbun: a newspaper for elementary school kids 朝日小学生新聞 #
  • 1707年聯合法案 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 #
  • If you were already fully proficient in your target language, what would you do? Go do it (or some simulation of it) right now. #
  • Saying "but this is a tonal language" is kind of like saying "but this is a cop show". And? You still use your ears, eyes and mouth. #
  • 名誉革命 – Wikipedia #history #random #link #
  • Mail Magazines (newsletters) are super popular in Japan. This site aggregates 30K of em.
    まぐまぐ!-メールマガジン (メルマガ) 30,000誌!! #
  • Supermemo Adventures #
  • YouTube
    – 周杰倫 – 稻香 (KTV) #
  • YouTube
    – Samurai Champloo Final Ending Song – Midicronica – San Francisco #
  • Shorten the distance between you and Japanese. #
  • "Not even Japanese people can write kanji!" And? "Not even" native users of English can freaking spell correctly. #Generalized #negative #BS #
  • The word processor is to spelling as the rice cooker is to rice. The induced forgetfulness is a people issue, not a language/rice issue. #
  • So an old obaasan at the dentists' office asked me if I was born and raised in Japan. That was nice 😀 #
  • @mineralk いや~まだ足りんわ。俺からして見ればまだまだ蔑んだ態度が感じ取れちゃう。どうせ外人だからって感じ。誰だって諦めずに継続すれば無限大にいい結果が得られる、という揺るぎない信念の色は無い気がする。まあ、そりゃ勝ちゃん=こういう事に限って過敏屋だからかもしれないが。 in reply to mineralk #
  • "Studied X language Y years" means jack all. Counting years is like weighing money. 1 lb. of dollar bills = $454; 1lb. of benjies = $45,400. #
  • Overcoming social resistance is like a qualifying test you pass in order to play the real game 😀 #
  • "Low self-efficacy can lead people to believe tasks are harder than they actually are" #
  • 「コツコツ遣ってもと思う前に、
    その先に成功がある」 島田 洋七 #
  • Apart from timeboxing, time itself as a language-study goal can be damaging — sort of like directly seeking happiness. #
  • Let time rack up, but don't shoot for it directly. You're better off shooting for tasks, like: "sample 100 Japanese movies per month" etc. #
  • In many ways, as Steve Kaufmann suggests, making frequent contact with a language (i.e. immersion) is an exercise in courting serendipity. #
  • Languagewise, older Japanese women often tend to want to mold you into the hyperpolite, zero-slang child they wish they had 😀 #
  • "Hey, guy! Are you there?"
    YouTube – Andy Lau 劉德華 – 一起嗌 #
  • Kids do not learn a language because they are good at it. They learn it because we simply do not let them slink away and give up on it. #
  • @nikimurata 😀 Well, I mean their "native" language: their entire family conspires to make it so that they will acquire it somehow, someday in reply to nikimurata #
  • @nikimurata It doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing or they have a fever or a war is going on: Japanese children listen to Japanese 😀 in reply to nikimurata #
  • If you don't want to learn a language, then just say so. No blood, no foul. But don't insult people with excuses and appeals to fatalism. #
  • "Too difficult" is emphatically not what gives people trouble with languages. "Not personally important enough to make easy", is. #
  • "there are golden houses in books and there are beautiful girls in books" [a bit male-centric, but… 😀 ] #
  • Relax that death grip. Not everything is for SRSing; not everything is worth SRSing (too incovenient to cardize). #
  • Yes, you don't know that word. Yes, you have lots to learn. But you can't SRS everything in the world (yet!). So just sit back and watch. #
  • ★ 【 so-net香港廣告 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • YouTube
    – [香港廣告](2009)麥當勞 足三兩 #
  • ★ 【 [香港廣告](2009)維記高鈣牛奶 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • YouTube – 周杰倫 Jay Chou – 亂舞春秋 Luan Wu Chun Qiu #
  • In my experience, it's not always the materials that generate boredom: the methods/attitude towards them can wreak havoc. #
  • "de minimis non curat lex – 「法は些事に関せず」" #
  • Cigarette-smoking is an amazing metaphor for positive achievement. No matter how heavy the smoker, she only hits one at a time. #
  • Relax that death grip. Not everything is for SRSing; not everything is worth SRSing (too inconvenient to cardize). #
  • One thing at a time. Ever tried to eat an entire loaf of bread in one bite? And how did that particular piece of choking go? #
  • "Speech impediment or no speech impediment, native speakers don't get to opt out: they just keep going until they get it." Jang Mi #
  • @yuki_satoshi how can watching something you don't understand be fun? >> Turnover. // Heisig >> Tomfoolery. in reply to yuki_satoshi #
  • @yuki_satoshi On Heisig, @nac_est suggests accepting the Heisig stage as a part of your life, not just trying to get it over with. in reply to yuki_satoshi #
  • Massive Turnover: How To Banish Boredom and Burnout from Immersion Even If You’re Just a Sucky Beginner #
  • Just think: one day, not so far from now, it will actually be hard for you NOT to be good at Japanese. #
  • Perhaps it helps more to be grateful for where you *are* in your language and the progress you *are* making, than (cont) #
  • Maybe you want a mix of "yay! look how far I've come!", and "always room for more!", but heavily weighted towards the former. #
  • Masochism is not virtuous…or even particularly effective. #
  • ノルウェー語 – Wikipedia #
  • Grammar is a tool for refining your skill in a language. Which means that you first have to have something to refine. #
  • Relax. Be a wet sock. Care less. Caring too much about the language can, ironically, impede your progress. #
  • In a way, you don't learn a language. Your body does. All you do is give your body the opportunity. #

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