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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-03-06

  • Anything you can do is good enough. Anything is better than nothing. Everything has to start somewhere. #
  • お魚料理番組を見て「やっぱりDHAだね」と突っ込みたくなる衝動を抑える、自己裁量屋の勝元 #
  • ドラゴン桜 (テレビドラマ) – Wikipedia #
  • 「人生でもっとも大切なことは利益を活用することではない。それならバカにだってできる。真に重要なことは、損失から利益を生み出すことだ。」
    「道は開ける(D・カーネギー)」17章 #
  • Many of us don't value small actions, small choices, small games. Yet we wonder how big results come about. #
  • Karen Lee @ UCLA very kindly interviewed me a few weeks ago.
    Pacific Ties / Winter 2010 Issue #
  • "『心が変われば、態度が変わる。
    " #
  • "positive thinking and confidence improves performance. In anything. " #
  • Don't treat yourself like a bastard stepchild in your L2: you have the right to consume native materials right from day one. #
  • 『「おい!貴様、名前は?」「佢想知你嘅名」「我祇不過係一個中國人」「彼は、葉問(ヨウモン)です!」』 #
  • So-called "immersion" is not a technique for learning languages. It is the reason. #
  • Don't over-control. Release your death grip on your L2. Give it slack to flow, grow and morph organically. #
  • "Work hard at the easy" #
  • Wholesale, cynical rejection of certain people/ideas. Wholesale, cultlike acceptance of the same. These are just two sides of the same coin. #
  • Total, cultlike acceptance of certain ideas happens because total, cynical rejection neglects the middle ground of partial correctness. #
  • Don't compare yourself to other people. Compare yourself to previous versions of yourself. #
  • Plug: Just 1 week left to get your hands on "My First Storybook" @ the 25% off pre-order price 😀 #
  • "Chinese Post – Open letter to the Chinese language » ChinesePod" #
  • People who accept something totally are basically the same as those who reject it totally. Both sides are deathly afraid of being wrong. #
  • 従兄弟同士っていいね(^^) #
  • YouTube – Bonnie Pink 「Do you Crash?」 #
  • When you're marching in the 軍隊 and you feel something 可笑しい、下痢!下痢!When you're 泳ぐing in the プール and you feel something クール、下痢!下痢! #
  • It's kind of annoying when you find a great quote, but the person who said it is actually Shady S. McShadson, Sr. #
  • Try to keep your panties dry, lads. It's the full #Cantonese #movie #script for Chow's "God of Cookery"!
    周星馳-食神 (粵語劇本) #
  • Other options for 食神/God of Cookery 地獄嚟嘅使者 – Google 搜尋 #Cantonese #movie #script #
  • Graduate from "ghetto pride" — pride in things that are actually shite. Having a foreign accent in your L2 is not part of your "identity". #
  • "the only way to master [Chinese pronunciation] is by getting as much quality aural input as possible." #
  • YouTube – 前田敦子、水着はキッズ用!? #
  • App idea: a program that recursively breaks a kanji up into its components. So, for example, 哈→(口、合)→(∅、人・一・口) #
  • @humanelament氏、@nac_est氏! ちわーっすぅ!早速本題に突入。二人とも最早オイラより日本語が上手いぞ。正に「青は藍より出でて藍より青し」って奴だ。今度時間あったらサクセスストーリーってか、AJATT体験談、書いてくれない?発展途上の後輩達が超喜ぶから(^^) #
  • YouTube
    – 周杰倫-爺爺泡的茶KTV #
  • 10 beautiful Tokyo time-lapses | NihongoUp #
  • A Japanese personal development DVD-book in 関西弁!…I dunno, *I* think that's cool. 成功するにはどないしたらええねん?」 夢を絶対に実現させる方法 原田隆史 #
  • @JermaineJustice You're right. I love how 仲間由紀恵 sounds in English 😀 . Really the issue isn't the accent but the "value judgment". in reply to JermaineJustice #
  • @JermaineJustice Coz, like, Japanese kids get made fun of for having English that sounds "too good" – as if being incomprehensible were cool in reply to JermaineJustice #
  • As books like this go, the phrases in this book are *really* natural both ways 😀 #
  • 「騙されたと思って」 – Google 検索 #
  • The website/book that helped complete my kanji legend (does that even make sense :D?) #
  • When it comes to learning languages, pick and choose ideas. You don't have to eat everything that's on the plate of ideas. #
  • YouTube
    – 【ビデオカメラ】SONY HDR-CX550V #
  • No one out there has The Right And Correct Method for you. But lots of people have lots of cool little pieces you can use. #
  • @Birgens すればgoodのにね(^^) in reply to Birgens #
  • It's not so much that gaijin are overreacting, they're just so lonely and emotionally fragile (心細い) that everything feels bigger than it is? #
  • YouTube
    – Chandni Chowk to China Rap #
  • YouTube – [KTV Tube] 周杰倫-霍元甲 #
  • ★ ノンストップチューブ 【 NonstopTUBE 】 – YouTube連続再生 – Automatic continuous playing of J-POP YouTube Video #
  • "Unfortunately, “you should” is often interpreted as “you must”…because that’s how it was…in school." #
  • [Thanks to NM for the link!] YouTube
    – 24: I am Jack Bauer (subtitled Japanese commercial) #
  • Say yes to your L2. Say no to boring stuff in your L2. #
  • Deleting boring L2 stuff is like taking off tight shoes: you realize that it wasn't Life that you hated, it was just…those shoes #
  • @Chisa718 米国版のアマゾンなら有るらしい・・・で す・・・が in reply to Chisa718 #
  • YouTube
    – 周杰倫-四面楚歌 #
  • F1とIndyの違い – Google 搜尋 The difference between F1 and Indy #Japanese #
  • AJATT comments should be up again now 😀 @claudiofreitas @FlipKi #
  • @sevarg I may be 完全に wrong but it just seems like a very normal word that got hyped up back in the day by non-日本語-speaking "Japan experts" in reply to sevarg #
  • @sevarg Kind of like when business authors in Japan put out books with 「クリティカルシンキング」 in the title like it's the BIGGEST DISCOVERY EVER!!! 😀 in reply to sevarg #
  • @sevarg If we're going to go down that road, I might as well write a book about 坂本龍馬 while I'm at it 🙂 Maybe I'm just being too cynical 😀 in reply to sevarg #
  • Language skill is a plant. Water it. Feed it. It needs your attention no matter how big or small it is. #
  • Forget about the Japanese you "need" to do today. Just to the Japanese you can do right now. #Immersion #Contact #
  • "it’s so much easier to just have fun and learn Japanese as a byproduct." Matt-le-kat #
  • SRS Precedence Rules act as a sort of filter for all existing and would-be cards. "Bad" cards get destroyed, "good" cards remain. #
  • YouTube
    – HI-D – Girlfriends feat. ZEEBRA #
  • Keith's Voice on Extreme Language Learning: watching TV really helps! #
  • "If you live in Japan, turn on the tv. Don’t turn it off. " #
  • 「練習・・・それ自身を目的に楽しんでやれるかが重要になってくる。」
    『達人のサイエンス』/ジョージ・レナード-人は感情の生き物だ! #
  • RT @irishpolyglot Why learning a language is like learning a musical instrument #
  • Language learning: Myths and facts | #
  • Input – getting English into your head | #
  • Chinese | #
  • 「飲み込んで・・・ギザギザした錠剤・・・気持ちいいやろう?腹の中に・・・・煙が消えるのを待ってみろ~。」#impromptu #song #translation #
  • George Orwell – Good Bad Books – Essay #

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