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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-03-13

  • A language is nothing but information. If you are capable of assimilating information, then you can learn a language. #
  • If you can say even *one* word right in a language, then all you have to do is repeat that process until it scales up to fluency. #
  • Playing with a new (and very lazy) kanji card format. I call it an "exposure" card. Front = kanji. Back = empty/optional info. Task = write. #
  • ★ 【 死亡笔记 Episode 12 (2/2) 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • ★ 【 multilanguage mix of intros to old cartoon series 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • Live Internet TV from Taiwan
    構築僑胞永遠的家 歡迎收看台灣宏觀網路電視 #
  • 「脱いじゃいました!」って・・・言うじゃな~い?
    YouTube – 吉川ひなの「脱いじゃいました!」 資生堂新CM発表会で #
  • YouTube – ドミノ倒しはいかが? #
  • 「理解を超えたシステムが作動している」介さん #WeirdTweetsFromKhatzuMotosRLFriends #
  • 「イメージモンスター」介さん #WeirdTweetsFromKhatzuMotosRLFriends #
  • How much input do you need to speak English fluently? | #
  • Flava.
    – no 1 panjabi #
  • 「ウィー マスト プロテクト ジス ハウス!」って、言うじゃな~い? #
  • SRS: Err on the side of deletion. #
  • “In order to achieve something you've never achieved before, you need to become someone you've never been before.” Brian Tracy #
  • “In order to achieve something you've never achieved before, you have to become someone you've never been before.” Brian Tracy #
  • "Native speakers don't get to opt out: they just keep going until they get it." Jang Mi #
  • "There is no such thing as discipline. There is only love…You are the result of what you love most." #
  • "Romaji is like replacing your legs with dildos" #
  • YouTube – 【特報】トリック劇場版3 霊能力者バトルロイヤル #
  • "We need a variety of input and influence and voices. You cannot get all the answers…from one person or from one source." —Jim Rohn #
  • "forget the notion that "genius", "talent" or any other innate qualities create the greats we call geniuses" #
  • Graduate from "ghetto pride" — pride in things that are actually crap. Having a foreign accent in your L2 is not part of your "identity". #
  • "The tree of language fluency must be watered with authentic native media." —- Thomas AJATTson #
  • "Failure cannot cope with persistence." | Napoleon Hill #
  • "even the most ordinary among us should be careful about saying we can't do great things" #
  • "most people can do something extraordinary if they're willing to put in the exercise" #
  • It's not the language. It's not you. It's your habitual behavior. #
  • "Action has its own logic" | @tom_peters #
  • Jim Rohn on #immersion "1) Do What You Can, 2) Do The Best You Can". You can't do what you can't do. But are you doing what you can do? #
  • Do what you can. Do easy. Easy gets done. #
  • 「咁 關我咩嘢事呀~?」
    ★ 【 Mcdull need help(cantonese cartoon) 】 – YouTube連続再生 – ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE #
  • "verbal practice associated to musical information seems to be more memorable"
    The Use of Music in Learning Languages #
  • 衛星テレビ受信の楽しみ #
  • YouTube – 華視新聞100203(周杰倫導電視劇 熊貓人周五上映) #
  • 華視全球資訊網 – 首頁 #Taiwan #TV #
  • M's AC04 – 台詞資料/Mission 01 張子の基地 "目標上空!投下!投下!" #
  • YouTube – 吴浩康 – 38廿四 [KTV] #
  • YouTube – 爱来过/S.H.E #
  • "If you keep reviewing stuff you should have deleted you’ll wind up burning out so fast…" | Kendo #
  • @rikaisuru I make 'em and/or search online for them 😀 in reply to rikaisuru #
  • YouTube
    – Americans Fluent in Japanese #
  • "Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can…" #
  • Instead of wondering when your next break is, how about setting up a learning process you don't need to escape from? #Paraphrase #SethGodin #
  • Just got this dictionary. Small. Fast (coverless). Light. Color screen. Backlit. Hot stuff 😀 [Canon Wordtank S501E] #
  • Cons: The small buttons took some getting used to. No touch screen. [Canon Wordtank S501E] #
  • YouTube
    – She-Ra – Multilanguage #
  • YouTube
    – She-Ra Chinese #
  • YouTube
    – She-Ra: Princess of Power (Chinese Version) 非凡的公主希瑞 #
  • YouTube
    – 中視版 "大英雄" (GI Joe) 卡通主題曲 #
  • @spanishonly I actually quit SRSing when I first came to Japan ("mission accomplished!"), but found that I lost refinement/high-level vocab. in reply to spanishonly #
  • @spanishonly But that's just me…Personally, I have also found that (at least audio-less) SRS is no substitute for listening 😀 in reply to spanishonly #
  • A #Japanese paper on input theory.
    「成功する英語教育改革への鍵はインプット理論」 #
  • "It’s seriously not that hard to become fluent in Japanese…All it takes is time, enjoyment…immersion" | アメド #
  • #Japanese discussions of the input hypothesis 😀
    インプット仮説 – Google 検索 #
  • Cool discussion show in #Japanese YouTube
    – 丸激トークオンデマンド #
  • #Japanese reality (?) show. Two kids from Turkey looking to get venture capital 😀
    – マネーの虎 トルコファーストフード1 #
  • "Focus on input first. You cannot make mistakes when just listening or reading." #
  • "反復訓練を長期間続ければ・・・莫大な効果が得られる筈" #
  • There are points at which tough love becomes abuse and kindness becomes condescension. Where? Dunno. You decide(?) #
  • YouTube
    – Broadcast Yourself。
    its Face/Off, in japanese" #
  • @Jaybot7 One cool feature Canon added on these is the ability to search for a kanji based on the reading of any component, not just radicals in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • 「『なぜ洋画とかの吹き替えはしゃべり方が不自然ですか』
    すげー気持ち悪いと思うんだけど。 』」 #

  • 『なぜ洋画とかの吹き替えはしゃべり方が不自然ですか』
    『芝居なんですよ、あれは。だから芝居がかった台詞回しになる。 』」 #
  • 防風じゃねえか! #
  • (爆笑)【なぜ洋画とかの吹き替えは喋り方が不自然なのか】
    不自然にしていないと洋画を観たという達成感が無い。 」(^^) #

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