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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-03-20

  • Debunking the Myth that Chinese is the World’s Most Difficult Language #
  • Autodidactic Language Learning » – Life of a Traveling Programmer #
  • "Stereotypes and the fragility of academic competence, motivation, and self-concept" #
  • YouTube – RIP SLYME: Dandelion [PV – Eng Subs] #
  • Dandelion RIP SLYME 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 #
  • Deleting is to SRS as negative space is to kanji: what you don't put in/keep matters at least as much as what you do actually work on. #
  • If you wait to be given permission to live, you could end up waiting to death. #
  • "オリジナルの台詞回しが酷くて
    吹き替えで質が上がる作品もある。 " #
  • YouTube – [KTV Tube] 周杰伦-爱在西元前
    Has a Boyz II Men/Usher/Babyface feel to it 😀 #
  • Make it easy, make it fun. Fun gets done. #
  • YouTube – S.H.E-天亮了 #
  • Conceptually, language-learning is a lot like farming: whatever Nature's role, you get nothing if you don't do your part. #
  • Beeline TV – Watch Online TV – Free Internet TV – Live TV Channels #
  • Watch Internet TV, Live Online Television, Web TV Channels #
  • 「紐約有時候會天降黑人!」威爾·史密斯 | 黑衣人 #
  • @doogooroo 😀 in reply to doogooroo #
  • SBS Podcasts : Cantonese #
  • Conceptually, language-learning is a lot like farming. You never have to give up. If there isn't enough rain, you just irrigate. #
  • Xamuel (Glowing Face Man?) on Spaced Repetition Systems saving you work #
  • Rote Memorization in Mathematics #
  • @Jaybot7 頑張れ(^^) in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • YouTube – Eason Chan 陳奕迅 《大人》MV #
  • The manga of the famous homemade anime, "Voices of a Distant Star" #
  • 「生生不息 繁榮昌盛」「長壽と繁榮を」「Live long and prosper」 | 星際迷航 #
  • YouTube – にゃ~と言うインコ #
  • YouTube – 猫にしつこいインコ #
  • Forcing moderation on everyone is itself a form of immoderate tyranny. #
  • If you have a bad habit — any bad habit — then you already hold the secret to good habits… #
  • Kids from northern Alabama learning Standard US English as a non-native dialect… #
  • 夢の共演!!!
    – Black Eyed Peas feat. RHYMESTER「Let's Get It Started」 #
  • YouTube
    – ジェロ/えいさ 【PV】 #
  • まあ、共演というより、リミックスか・・・ #
  • 新海誠の『秒速5センチメートル』を観て解かった事は、こうやって日本に何年か住んでると美意識まで変わるという事だ。昔どうでも良かった様な風景も、今じゃ恰好の感動材料に成っちゃってる訳・・・ #
  • One step. Just get one step closer. That's all you need right now. Only one step. Yes, it counts. #
  • Moving slowly never killed a project. Not moving at all always does. #
  • アメリカ人の自信の根拠って何?:アルファルファモザイクだった "自信があるのがアメリカ人のいいところ
    その国の一般論=文化だと思う" #
  • "Nothing" is the only "too little". "Later than the next physically possible moment" is the only "too late". #
  • The person who doesn't make contact with their L2 when conditions are imperfect isn't going to do it once conditions are perfect. #
  • Look at how you play. It'll teach you how to work. #
  • Conceptually, language-learning is a lot like farming: More sowed, more reaped. No sowing, no reaping — no matter how fertile the soil. #
  • "And what are we? We are only children a little older than the other children; we are grown-up children." | John Earl Shoaff #
  • YouTube
    – roots uverworld
    Emo-ish…but in a good way 😀 #
  • Roots UVERworld 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 #
  • This kid is GOOD! 😀
    – JXD sings The First Morning by Wang Lee Hom 第一個清晨 #
  • 愛音樂 – 無名小站 #
  • いや~ん、大統領様!蕩けちゃうぅ! #
  • "自分に厳しくしない
    →自分という子どもを育てていると思い、否定語を使わない。" #
  • "The failure of SuperMemo to transform learning uncannily repeats the earlier failures of cognitive psychology to (cont) #
  • "When you acknowledge the obstacle you actually give it power" | Will Smith #
  • @phrasemix How does strike you? Also, are you deleting? 😀 in reply to phrasemix #
  • Hard almost never gets done. Easy gets done a lot (but not always). But fun virtually always gets done: fun holds our attention. #
  • "Nurture and experience reshape our genes, and thus our brain" #
  • "the idea we are either born with genius or talent, or we aren’t, is simply untrue." #
  • "People actually affect their own genome’s behavior with their actions." #
  • What to read: specific recommendations | #
  • What to read: tips for English learners | #
  • You have the right to enjoy your L2. You never, ever, at any point have to live in the "I'm a foreigner therefore I do boring crap" ghetto. #
  • 「星座に就いて知りたい時、お前は麺麭(パン)屋に行くのか?!」 #
  • 「望みが無ければ、達成無し」 #
  • Idea: first learn by heart about 200 "base kanji" ("primitives"), and then switch to lazy kanji cards #
  • Fun doesn't just hold your attention, it draws it in. 求心力, baby… #
  • Or…吸引力… #
  • If and when you feel you can't be in a positive frame of mind, at least be neutral. Neutral will at least keep you trying. #
  • The worst thing we can do is not even try. So rule #1 is: Try. Rule # 2 is: See rule #1 Rule # 3 is: OMG new "Karate Kid" movie! #
  • I feel overcome by the urge to watch スター・トレック ジェネレーションズ! Wait…maybe it's passing…Walk outside? Psssh 😀 #
  • YouTube
    – ここばっか見んなよ!! #
  • "It still feels weird to outsource memory [to the SRS] so much…I really am a cyborg already" | muflax #
  • "常用漢字というのは、漢字廃絶のための一里塚であったわけです。 " #
  • "cramming might allow you to remember things for a test the next day, but not for the long haul." #
  • "Really, we became cyborgs the moment writing was invented…the SRS just brings the project full circle" | kendo #
  • Perhaps kanji tattoos are the start of a new phase in the evolution of kanji. Just as kanji were imported into (cont) #
  • YouTube
    – 仲良しな猫と犬 #
  • YouTube
    – 子猫と犬 かまってよ~♪ #
  • もう直ぐ本格的に人類が電子書籍へとシフトするなんて考えるだけでワクワクする(^^) #
  • @Stacie2287 The most sugoi day you will ever miru? in reply to Stacie2287 #
  • No book is too good to be timeboxed. Timeboxing isn't disrespect to the book: it's a compliment. Timeboxed books actually get read #
  • You'd better just give up now on doing boring things and start using your head to make things fun: if it's not fun, it won't get done. #
  • "Older cards are pushed so far into the future, that they don’t affect your daily review time very much." #
  • The Spacing effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia #
  • Random: Perhaps the best calculus book ever? Definitely top three. Had a lot of success with it in college. Funny, too. #
  • YouTube
    – StarTrek  japanese ver. Opening #
  • "People simply cannot reach their full potential if they honestly believe that they are so severely restricted." #
  • @mletterle URL? 😀 in reply to mletterle #
  • アメリカ人の自信の根拠って何?:アルファルファモザイクだった "個人個人で見るとアホでどうしようもないように見えるけど、
    国全体ではなぜか強い。" #
  • YouTube – 張震嶽-我要錢 歌詞 #
  • Audibook version of a great book. The CD is in mp3 format, saving you time and them money 😀 #
  • 英語上達完全マップ #
  • 「1日30分」自己投資―古市の能力開発― "現在のあなたは過去の蓄積で収入を得ている" #
  • Audiobook version of a great book. The CD is in mp3 format, saving you time. AND he knows about the spacing effect 😀 #