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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-04-24

  • "AJATT. Just do what you like doing in English but in Japanese." #
  • "The Nature of Procrastination: A Meta-Analytic and Theoretical Review of
    Quintessential Self-Regulatory Failure" [PDF] #
  • WEB漫画ともぞうネット #
  • Webコミックさ~ち:無料のオリジナルWeb漫画オンリーの作品別検索サイト #
  • Web漫画100 #
  • [web manga] 永井豪まんが外伝 ダイナミックヒーローズ #
  • BSマンガ夜話 – Wikipedia #
  • "評論としてはメタな視点からの分析になることが多いため、それらの発言が原作の「信者」的なファンから「悪口」と捉えられることもしばしばである。" #
  • Doing Japanese because you should. Doing Japanese because you are Japanese. Two very different experiences. #
  • The Michael Jordans of the world aren't better than you. They've just touched the ball more times than you. #
  • Frequent exposure is not the effect of skill: it is the cause. | Showing Up #
  • Very insightful post! It's not that, say, Spanish is "easier", it's that it's not really a different language #
  • プリンセス・ブライド – Wikipedia #
  • プリンセス・ブライド – Wikipedia "『プリンセス・ブライド』という架空の小説に関して話が進められる、典型的なメタフィクションである。" #
  • When you take ownership of a language, you don't need to "do" it per se. You only need to be yourself. #
  • Got that right the fifth freaking try… 😛 #
  • YouTube – Hate That I Love You (粵) – Rihanna & 張敬軒 #
  • "A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good." #
  • Good family entertainment:"The Sopranos" in Japanese #
  • Twitterians: do you know of any good Cantonese podcasts and/or online radio? #
  • Baseball fans:watch it in Japanese 😀
    YouTube – 坂本:1アウト満塁からレフトへの犠牲フライを放つ #
  • 「時間が有り過ぎるから、時間が無くなる」 #
  • Be playful. Language-learning is a game. There's nothing serious about it. #
  • Arguably, you don't even learn a language: your body learns it and you just help it along by setting up the conditions. #
  • 「一日二四時間は誰にも平等なのに、こんな不平等が生まれるのは、時間の使い方が決定的に違うからだった! 」 #
  • CLAMP – Command Line Winamp #
  • YouTube
    – 事必關己 really good info-magazine style TV show #Cantonese #
  • 見直したね、Winampを。 #
  • "Manufactured Belief"…I like the sound of that 🙂 …'has a nice ring to it #
  • @gatssu I *know*! You'd better tell all your friends… 🙂 hehe in reply to gatssu #
  • "If you’re having fun, not only does it stick better, but you have more learning stamina" #
  • "You become great by doing little things in a great way every day" | Robert Russell (?) | #
  • Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver (client) | 日本語版有り. #
  • @yuzuruyuzuru Well, that's the psychology part, right? The belief that it's yours. Real or manufactured. That belief alters our behavior. in reply to yuzuruyuzuru #
  • @yuzuruyuzuru That belief of ownership drives you to act congruently, but it also relaxes you, which helps b/c tense ppl are v. unproductive in reply to yuzuruyuzuru #
  • @yuzuruyuzuru A lot of what's written under "Mental Tools" on is a wordy attempt to explain this concept. in reply to yuzuruyuzuru #
  • @yuzuruyuzuru Maxwell Maltz's "Psycho-Cybernetics" might be a good place to start…he talks about the "automatic success (servo)mechanism" in reply to yuzuruyuzuru #
  • YouTube – Catcher Freeman 1 "Catcher Freeman en audio latino " #
  • YouTube – Japanese Game Show (Quiet Library) #
  • You won't forget how to count with this…
    YouTube – Japanese Game Show # Don't Laugh (at Gym) (Part II) #
  • ブーンドックス (テレビアニメ) – Wikipedia #
  • "The white basketball player often is simply not as hungry as the black athlete " #
  • YouTube – DJC funniest Don't laugh high school moments Hamada arrives #
  • YouTube – dont laugh 5 #
  • イグジビット – Wikipedia #
  • All you kids living abroad long-term: Become literate. Become powerful. Become the elite. You didn't cross the seas to be average. #
  • It's not good enough to be just be "average" in a foreign country. By definition, you are not average. You're better than that. #
  • 岡田准一さん出演TV-CM|PAPICO(パピコ)|グリコアイス | via #ajattplus #
  • "About Electricity and Electrons"「電気と電子のお話」 | #Japanese via #ajattplus #
  • 100SHIKI ~ 世界のアイデアを日替わりで "RSS" | via #ajattplus #
  • @Wicketification Not just yet. They apply to future products 😀 in reply to Wicketification #
  • @Wicketification lol in reply to Wicketification #
  • Do first. Optimize later. #
  • @Wicketification If you can, go for it. We don't delete out of moral obligation 😀 in reply to Wicketification #
  • @Wicketification Many people find that bad sentences suck so hard they make us not want to do ANY sentences. But that might not apply to you in reply to Wicketification #
  • Talkonly Podcast | Geek/Tech podcast in #Cantonese #
  • @Wicketification It's not really a matter of allowed or not allowed; it's not a permission issue. I don't make your rules: you do 🙂 in reply to Wicketification #
  • @Wicketification So the real questions become: "will it work?", "do I care?" and "can I be bothered?". All effectiveness issues. in reply to Wicketification #
  • @Wicketification "Will it work?", can't truly be answered without trying. "Do I care?" and "can I be bothered?", can. in reply to Wicketification #
  • @Mmusic91 What've you been reading? 😀 in reply to Mmusic91 #
  • YouTube – 2010.03.05 丸藤&ライガーバックステージ | Now you can learn how to talk trash in #Japanese 😀 #
  • Cowboy Bebop in #Cantonese | YesAsia #
  • Giant Robo in #Cantonese | YesAsia #
  • Today I got to speak #Mandarin at a Chinese restaurant in Japan — explaining how I'd be the only one not paying by cash 🙂 #
  • 阿凡達 | "Avatar" in #Mandarin | #
  • YouTube – Maxwell Maltz – Psycho Cybernetics Interview 1968 #
  • @e_dub_kendo lol in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • YouTube – Interview with Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Psycho Cybernetics) 2/4 #
  • @e_dub_kendo マジかよ(笑) in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • "The African way of learning…you listen…so when you first touch the drum…you already know…how it SHOULD sound" #
  • 耳あかのタイプ決定する遺伝子を発見 "人間の耳あかには、乾型と湿型の2つのタイプがあり、日本人は70~80%が乾型と言われています。" #
  • @mtwirth lol … 😛 sounds like a good plan 😀 in reply to mtwirth #
  • Online radio stations in many different languages | #
  • Radio Taiwan International (中央廣播電台) #
  • If someone (mis)judges you based on false assumptions as opposed to fact, you're not the one with the problem — they are. #
  • "It is common sense to take a method and try it; if it fails…try another. But above all, try something." #
  • 痛風 – Wikipedia #
  • "Do what you can, and start where you're at" @lkr #
  • @JapanNewbie I do not, sir. Right now what I do is make WikiPedia article reading requests of the good folk at @rhino_spike in reply to JapanNewbie #
  • 条件反射 – Wikipedia #
  • Randomized batch files to the rescue! #immersion #
  • Japanese already belongs to you. And it's already here. All you have to do now is take it. How hard is it to push "play"? 😀 #
  • YouTube – HotCha 小野蠻mv karaoke version #
  • YouTube – Hotcha Party Girl MTV #
  • YouTube – HotCha – Party Girl (高清HD版) #
  • @shiroduckie 😀 in reply to shiroduckie #
  • You wouldn't eat every chocolate in the box in order from top left to bottom right because you "should". So why read that way? #
  • YouTube – 會考中國語文科試卷四考試程序 | Exam directions in #Cantonese Hey, why not? 😀 #
  • YouTube – 《夜雨寄北》廣州話版 random #Cantonese vid #
  • YouTube – 頑皮小海綿大電影 (Spongebob SquarePants Movie) 廣州話 Promo #Cantonese #
  • "ベーブルースは、1330回三振した、だが714本のホームランもかっとばしている。
    トライもしないで逃すチャンスをこそ怖れた方がいい。" #
  • Listening to other people too much: doormat. Listening to other people too little: Republican (WTF?). You need a bit of both. #
  • Other people's advice is always second-hand. Sometimes you want to use it; other times, you want to ignore it and go see things for yourself #
  • Maybe it's that mix of being open-minded *and* pigheaded that can give you good results in the end and fun all the way there. #
  • パツリン – Wikipedia #
  • "The" right choice is never one that you "could" or "should" have made: it is always a choice that you *can* make right now. #
  • @mikankun Yes. There is an "Ask Khatzumoto" section 😀 in reply to mikankun #
  • @shiroduckie I bet it can be, mentally. But mechanically it's very easy. In those cases, it works to just go through the motions. in reply to shiroduckie #
  • @shiroduckie Which is part of why I use batch files — the computer goes through the motions for me 😀 in reply to shiroduckie #
  • I'm using batch files to not only play the media but to randomize the selection in a customized way. Could surpass TV here… 😀 #immersion #
  • 世界最清晰畫質4HD PANDORA.TV via @6hoursremain #immersion #
  • @JapanNewbie 持ってない(涙)。何で~?新しいアプリ創ったの? in reply to JapanNewbie #
  • Watching "Blade Runner" in Japanese 😀 It's the disc that has 3 versions: theatrical cuts US & international, and the director's cut. #
  • If you choose to buy/rent "Blade Runner", be sure to get this version, because the others AFAIK have no Japanese dub #
  • You are not learning a foreign language. You're just a remedial native student getting special help acquiring your language. #
  • The parts of certain languages that people whine about are often the very parts that make them so darn cool and classy. #
  • Don't you think you deserve to enjoy your practice? Aren't you worth the time and energy to figure out how to make it fun? #
  • Everything is language practice. No need to get picky or pedantic about it. Everything counts. #
  • We will stop at nothing to help a kid to learn their native language. With a foreign language, suddenly the DVD price is unreasonable… #
  • We don't acquire the language in order to be exposed to it; we acquire the language *because* we are exposed to it. #immersion #
  • Playing is fundamental. Play is *the* fundamental. Only people with a solid foundation in play can actually do the serious stuff. #
  • Playing is fundamental. Play is *the* fundamental. Only people with a solid foundation of play can actually do the serious stuff. #
  • @yuzuruyuzuru Too true. Of which every "language" is just a "dialect" 😀 #
  • Why do computer-illiterate people suck? Because they never just *played* with the compies. Always trying to go straight to serious stuff. #
  • Native speakers are just people who played at a language for a long time before ever attempting to do something serious in it #
  • @rikaisuru hehehe in reply to rikaisuru #
  • @LITMK Seriously. 漢字 give this language of ours dignity…gravitas…beauty…depth…logic…class 🙂 in reply to LITMK #
  • Perhaps even hours are too coarse a measure of language exposure time. Minutes and seconds are where it's at 😀 #
  • Don't try to learn Japanese. Try to get used to Japanese. #
  • "How can you use knowledge if you cannot recall the knowledge you are supposed to use?" #
  • "「成功」を手に入れたとき、それまでの「失敗」は全て「経験」に変わります。" #
  • How to Use a Spaced Repetition System « Mikoto's Adventures in Japanese #
  • Kanji Gold HomePage: A Japanese kanji program. | via #ajattplus #
  • "our brains have obviously been designed to find learning fun" | via @mikotoneko #
  • "We at AJATT know that we can't learn…without having fun.
    I've [also] discovered that…I can't have fun if I'm not learning." | epricq #
  • "私は、成功への鍵を知らないのだが、失敗の鍵は、全員を喜ばせようとすることだ。" | 英語を名言で学ぼう! #
  • School of Everything | Learning Makes Itself Invisible #
  • マイケル・ジョーダンの名言の出典元となったCM | "プロでミスしたシュート9000本
    だから、俺は成功する" #
  • #Timeboxing really works well in supermarkets. And it makes sense since supermarkets have been designed to make people lose track of time. #
  • SuperMemo理論を応用した、最強の記憶ツール『spicyelephant』 – 100SHIKI ~ 世界のアイデアを日替わりで "適切なタイミングで復習することで記憶を定着化させることができる。" #
  • 苫米地英人の名言集(「博士も知らないニッポンのウラ」より) "○学生時代、上祐史浩氏をディベートで言い負かしていた事について
       最初からそういう関係じゃないから」" #
  • 水道橋博士の「博士の悪童日記 | 苫米地英人・名言集 |
       最初からそういう関係じゃないから」" #
  • 「時間に区切りを付ければ、人はその中で出来る事を真剣に取捨選択して考える様に成ります。」 #
  • ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞 – 目次 #
  • YouTube – 蛯原友里 資生堂 ANESSA CM いろいろ2 | good song…does anyone know who sings it? #
  • “The greater the emphasis on perfection, the further it recedes" #
  • Native(-level) speakers don't get to have fun because they already know the language. They know the language because they had fun. #
  • RT @tokidokinihongo YouTube – [PF] BoA – Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer @ The Live X'mas #
  • Learn some discrete math vocab in Japanese | 計算量の理論と離散数学 Report 😀 #
  • @e_dub_kendo I do, sir. in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • Tools Review: 6 – SRS on the web « Mikoto's Adventures in Japanese #
  • Gathering Your Text Books « Mikoto's Adventures in Japanese #
  • ふしぎの海のナディア – Wikipedia #
  • Japanese. Like the air, it's just there. YouTube – 解きにくい靴紐の結び方 #immersion #contact #
  • You cannot just start out being serious in Japanese. You have to earn the right by goofing around first. #
  • A real, living language is not an academic subject. It is a way of life. #
  • YouTube
    – funny Japanese commercials #
  • So the last time I watched "Blade Runner", I was like 8 years old, and it was all hot, teary-eyed robot chicks and Japanese coke commercials #

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