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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-05-01

  • 【CM】豆しば‐ニコニコ動画(9) | via #ajattplus #
  • "Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle." #
  • ブーンドックス (漫画) – Wikipedia #
  • A language is, like a computer, a toy. A complex, intricate toy, but one that even a small child can figure out if left to her own devices. #
  • ハッブル宇宙望遠鏡、打ち上げ20周年 | 銀河・星雲 | #
  • Hilarious book. Presents modern world history as a high school drama where each country is a student. サクサク現代史 #
  • Hilarious book. Presents modern world history as a high school MANGA with each country as a student. サクサク現代史 #
  • "I was stuck in the 'no pain no gain' mindset…it’s so much easier to just have fun and learn Japanese as a byproduct." | Matt-le-kat #
  • 「天才とは諦める事を知らない人」 #
  • 「最初から天才だった人は居ない」 #
  • Definitely. That's why I'm here to help 😀 #
  • 「唯一の失敗とは、諦めてしまう事」 #
  • キュロス2世 #
  • ウィリアム・ピット通称小ピット – Wikipedia "1783年に24歳の若さで首相に就任する。この記録はもちろん史上最年少である。" #
  • 「天才と言われる人は、自分の平凡さを非凡さにまで磨き上げる、その執念こそが天才そのもの」 #
  • YouTube – 食嘢編 #
  • YouTube – 林友德到底有幾好嘢? #Cantonese #
  • How to find interesting L2 YouTube videos: insert random, simple, common L2 phrases like "what are you DOING?" into the search box #
  • Even more important than the ability to get it right is the ability to come back from saying it wrong. #Speaking #L2 #
  • You don't need a "reason" to learn your language. It's there. It's yours. That's all there is to it. No justification required. #
  • Trying to justify learning a language in terms of cost-benefit is, IMHO, where the suffering starts. #
  • YouTube – 功夫熊貓 Kung Fu Panda 粵語電影預告 | #Cantonese trailer #
  • "treat language like walking, jumping or any other motor skill." | Hunch: adults can do this too #
  • Tim Brown on creativity and play | Video on #
  • YouTube
    "RAPSTA PARADISE – 練マザ" Pretty freaking gangsta, yo. #Japanese #rap #
  • @problogger What action are you going to take? in reply to problogger #
  • vTuner – Live Internet radio Broadcasting Stations from Hong Kong #Cantonese #
  • 明報新聞網新聞特輯 | 農夫榴槤飄香 | | article about my favorite geek rappers from Hong Kong… #
  • いしかわじゅんホームページ #
  • 明報新聞網新聞特輯 | 農夫榴槤飄香 "永遠被主流派視為另類,另類派又視為主流" #
  • 呉智英 | "被害者が自ら死を選ぶなんてバカなことがあるか。死ぬべきは加害者の方だ。いじめられている諸君、自殺するぐらいなら復讐せよ。死刑にはならないぞ、少年法が君たちを守ってくれるから" 凄いこと言うね・・・ #
  • "門前の小僧習わぬ経を読む” #immersion
    ”you learn, without realising it, from what is around you" #
  • Essere motivati è fondamentale per l’acquisizione di una seconda lingua « languageez #Italian #
  • プリンス・オブ・ペルシャ 時間の砂|映画サイト #
  • YouTube – 映画『劇場版TRIGUN(トライガン) -Badlands Rumble-』予告編.mov #
  • YouTube – 「エイリアン VS. エイリアン ジャッジメント・デイ」予告編 | Bring out the B-movies! #
  • YouTube – 添加物 | What's messed up is the trailers I watched to get to this info/variety piece. #
  • YouTube – 食品添加物 Same topic (food additives) in #Mandarin #
  • YouTube – 恐怖洋芋片 | ポテトチップを燃やせ!!! #
  • 明報新聞網新聞特輯 | HK Entertainment Magazine (w/actual page images) #
  • YouTube – 香港故事 – Cantonese (PART 1) #
  • 銀魂|漢の名言集|
    残りの人生すべてで償ってもらおう" #
  • Be sure to distinguish between the impossible and the inconvenient. #immersion #
  • The language is either worth it to you or it isn't. It's not really a matter of "discipline" or "talent" or even tools, just value #
  • 創始者効果 – Wikipedia #
  • "no human knows enough about any worthwhile subject to entitle him to feel that he has the last word on [it]" Napoleon Hill #
  • "Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find ways to do it" | David J Schwartz #
  • Learning a language is like studying for a test where you're allowed to see all the questions and answers in advance. #
  • "It's not how much intelligence you have that counts: it's how you use the intelligence you have" David J Schwartz #
  • Why input trumps output in language learning. – The Linguist – language learning should be fun #
  • "the longer the delay, the less valued the course of action is perceived." #
  • Why dual timeboxing is so cool: the big box maximizes meaning (abstraction), the small box maximizes utility (action). #
  • "people with low self-efficacy…are more likely to procrastinate." #
  • Saying: "don't learn Japanese from anime, no one talks that way" is like saying "don't watch the news, no one talks that way"… #
  • Don't learn Japanese from novels. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from scientific journals. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from sports. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from food labels. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from comedy. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from shop clerks. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from computer user interfaces. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from legal documents. No one talks that way. #
  • Don't learn Japanese from advertisements. No one talks that way. #DontLearnJapaneseFrom #NoOneTalksThatWay (thanks @jyemenai :P) #
  • Don't learn Japanese from road signs. No one talks that way. #DontLearnJapaneseFrom #NoOneTalksThatWay #
  • "worrying about the things…which you can no longer alter…[i]s like trying to change the time you got out of bed this morning" B. Proctor #
  • YouTube – 少女時代-OH! (完美中文空耳) #
  • @verschof FWIW that may actually have been @e_dub_kendo's insight, but I'm MORE than happy to take the credit! 😛 hehe in reply to verschof #
  • ビジネスパーソンのための厳選ブックガイド─新刊JP─ #
  • If you want to work, get a job. But don't bring that mindset to Japanese. Japanese is play. #
  • Anything is better than nothing. #immersion #contact #
  • "consider artificially limiting your choices…But no matter what, don't do nothing." #timeboxing #
  • スタパ齋藤 – Wikipedia #
  • スタパ齋藤 – Wikipedia "性格・語り口は、ハイテンションな文体とは対照的に穏やかで繊細である。" #
  • How can the language be "hard"? Toddlers get it. Have you come all this way just to be beaten by toddlers? #
  • All those years of education and experience and you're going to give up over something that a garden variety toddler can do? #
  • What does life even mean if you can't marshal the mental and physical resources to catch up to a toddler? Even toddlers are like: screw dat #
  • You can't even change the time you got out of bed this morning. What makes you think you can go back and "should do" the last 6 months? #
  • 『ヘンリー五世』
    Henry V | St. Crispin day's speech in Japanese! 😛 #
  • Another Henry V/St. Crispin thingy in Japanese #
  • ブレイブハート – Wikipedia #
  • YouTube – 映画『トイ・ストーリー3』(日本語吹き替え版) 映画予告 | Toy Story 3 trailer #Japanese #
  • YouTube – 「特攻野郎Aチーム THE MOVIE 」日本語吹き替えオープニング ver.2 #
  • YouTube – The A team – OP (JP) #
  • Dude…learn English like ISHIKAWA Ryo, the bashful prince of golf 😀
    聞き流すだけの英会話教材「スピードラーニング」 #
  • YouTube – THE B TEAM 特攻野郎Bチーム 第4話  前編 ("The A team" in #Japanese with #lego Yee-ah.) #
  • English learning product testimonial that describes the experience of input producing "motor-level" learning #
  • YouTube – DBZ Gohan SSJ2 #Cantonese Dub #
  • CowBoy Bebop in #Cantonese #
  • GITS SAC in #Cantonese | YESASIA : 攻殼機動隊 (OVA) (1-13集) (待續) VCD – 日本動畫, 鐳射發行 (HK) – 華語動畫 – 郵費全免 #
  • GITS SAC 2nd GiG in #Cantonese | YESASIA : 攻殼機動隊 S.A.C. 2nd Gig (01 Boxset) (Episode 01-13) (香港版) VCD #
  • @Batni Definitely. Using a Japanese OS is not the effect of knowing Japanese: it is the cause. in reply to Batni #
  • Enjoying native media is not the effect of study: it is the cause. #
  • Maybe you could call the #immersion environment a provider of at least four C's: content, context, cause and coolness. #
  • @fragolapanna 笑)恐縮です。こちらこそ外人の分際でちょっと燥ぎ過ぎかと思いますが(^^)こらからも宜しくお願いします。あっ、そだ。日本語間違えたら容赦無く注意して下さいね。「助詞の使い方誤ってんじゃねえぞゴラァ!」・・・とか。漢字マニアだけは治療不可能かな~(^^) #
  • YouTube – 異種愛 可愛い我が子 フェネックのママは猫! #
  • 「成る程。B級タレントがB級グルメを紹介するという・・・」(笑)
    YouTube – オードリー B級 #
  • One minute can actually be a very long time. #Dual #timeboxing #
  • (Artificially and intentionally) starve your task of time and watch it magically get done. #
  • Too many adverbs… #
  • @mletterle Haha. The 6-month figure is from my kanji-learning history. 3~4 failed attempts, punctuated by long gaps and regret 😀 in reply to mletterle #
  • YouTube – Superfly – Searching #
  • Look out for Suiken's rapping from around 2'24" |
  • YouTube – Suiken – Senya Tsukiusa (feat bird) #Japanese #rap #
  • YouTube – CRAZY KEN BAND-てんやわんやですよ(PV)…funky… #
  • YouTube – (PV)SHAKKAZOMBIE – IT'S OKAY feat. DABO #
  • "mere observation of the skill has led to learning as well." #
  • Watching this 😛 #
  • Dropbox徹底解剖 – 一度使ったら手放せなくなる! オンラインストレージサービスの本命 | Web担当者Forum | Lots of AJATTeers have been recommending this to me 😀 #
  • Unable to do the perfect thing, I have often chosen to do nothing. There is a third way: do the crap little thing that's better than nothing #
  • Most of the time, you don't even know what the "perfect" thing to do is, let alone have the energy to do it… #
  • Do something small and crappy. It's infinitely better than nothing. #immersion #contact #SRS #
  • *Cough* SRS "China may be the first country to succeed in educating most of its population through the Internet. " #
  • Why dual timeboxing is so cool: the big timebox gives you meaning (abstraction); the small timebox gives you utility (action). #
  • "you don't necessarily need to dumb…text down; you can…just keep it short." #
  • ".If you`re only seeing one teacher, it`s like having a broken TV that can only show you one channel" #
  • "those who succeed [in learning a language] never gave up responsibility for their learning" #
  • But my language is going to be all… weird! "But my language is going to be all… weird!" #
  • :: "現在開始或從此遺憾?" #
  • YouTube
    – 事必關己 #
  • YouTube – 事必關己 – 遙控直昇機 | RC helicopters #
  • "We need to nurture our own awkward growth with the…patience, encouragement, and…humor…[of a p]arent" #
  • What you "could" have done is useless. What you *can* do is omnipotent. #immersion #
  • I never tried to do "all Japanese all the time". I just tried to do "ANYthing in Japanese RIGHT NOW". "All the time" took care of itself. #
  • My local supermarket's selling video games now 😀
    ネットスーパー オススメ特集 #
  • "as much as you may seem to suck now, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater…baby your Japanese baby everyday." #
  • Tip: Native[-like] speakers forget a lot, circumlocute a lot, and use vague descriptions ("tax thingy") #
  • Back-to-back #timeboxing trick: each time you reset the timer, reduce the amount of time. Gets maximum benefit from naturally waning energy. #
  • Don't worry about "all the time". Just find the Japanese thing you can do right now. Nothing else is in your control anyway. #
  • 日本漫画新聞 #
  • 漫画の新聞 / 「政権交代」その5─政権発足100日 #
  • 漫画の新聞 マンガで読むニュース | via @mletterle #
  • Deconstructing the Chinese Character Creativity of Japan | Sinosplice #
  • 科學人雜誌網站 #
  • YouTube
    – #39 恥ずかしい発見  -A shameful discovery was done- #
  • Jolin Tsai: Real Man #
  • 明報新聞網新聞特輯 #
  • 生物物理学 – Wikipedia #
  • YouTube – [JR-F]Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Kimi To Iu Hana #
  • YouTube – UVERworld – Roots #
  • YouTube – jay chou 周杰倫 – 對不起 sorry #
  • ホミサイド 殺人捜査課 シーズン1 DVD-BOX #
  • Let textbooks serve the learning process as a tool. But don't make them the boss. Curiosity/interest is the boss. #
  • 1) Decide that victory is what you're getting.
    2) Focus on playing. Focus more on playing than on winning. #
  • Worrying isn't winning. Playing is winning. #
  • "even if it takes…5 years…you have still probably outstripped every native speaker who has ever lived. Adults rule" #
  • Random #Cantonese weightloss product commercial
    *Results may vary. #
  • "Living things grow the way they’re fed." #
  • ケネディ大統領暗殺事件 – Wikipedia #
  • 「組織に酔う」日本人 – Rails で行こう! "「組織に酔う」日本人" #
  • "姜 暢雄(きょう のぶお)" #
  • YouTube – [PV] Dev Large (D.L) – Music #
  • It's not really a matter of "should". There's no "should" here; this is not school. I just find the idea really entertaining. It's a game. #
  • Just have fun with it. A lot of stuff you'll be able to just figure out. Other stuff you'll have to look up. That IMHO is "real" learning. #
  • @LadyMissie The #immersion environment is a natural teacher. It tells us exactly what we need to learn [in order to understand and function] in reply to LadyMissie #
  • @LadyMissie NP 😀 Thx for reading! Just go out there and "pay your dues" = play. And remember, I'm just an opinion. You're the boss! in reply to LadyMissie #
  • "Don't overthink it" @lkr #
  • If you live a plant unwatered, it withers and dies. If you leave your L2 unwatered… #immersion #contact #
  • So I just called HK immigration in #Cantonese 😛 … #
  • 勝間和代氏なぜ大人気?★海外メディア不思議がる…の巻|芸能ガセネタ博覧会☆ザビ家の栄光 "2005年、ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナルから「世界で注目したい50人の女性」に選ばれた。" #
  • YouTube – Sniper – Du rire aux larmes #
  • @nerxs Then don't do it. Seriously. Don't do it. Go *play* in Chinese until the environment gives you whats, hows and whys to learn. It will in reply to nerxs #
  • "You don't have to understand everything, and that doesn't mean you didn't benefit a LOT" #immersion | Lilian #
  • "pushing a car. Hard at first, but once it’s moving you don’t have to push very hard at all…" | Elvagejo #
  • Give all your energy to starting. Every day, put all your power into the start. Finishing takes care of itself. Just do one. #
  • ささくれ – Wikipedia #
  • "眠らなきゃ、眠らなきゃ・・・・と焦っているうちにそれがプレッシャーとなり、
    " #
  • kateさんの徒然草 韓国ドラマ #
  • Order of precedence: (1) hanging out with native user friends (2) contact with funbun (for native by native) media (3) SRS/"study" #
  • はじめてコミックシティに来場される皆様へ #
  • YouTube – ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION – 堂々巡りの夜 #
  • YouTube – 【MAD】「F」マキシマムザホルモン×DRAGON BALL Z #
  • スター・ウォーズの鉄人! | via #ajattplus #
  • 和製英語 – Wikipedia | via #ajattplus #
  • Yahoo!知恵袋 "雰囲気を、ふいんきと間違える人が多いのはどうしてですか?" #
  • If you were fluent right now but stopped immersing, you would start sucking. So your goal isn't fluency. You are your goal. You are Japanese #
  • @Wicketification Japanese is a habit. A lifestyle. Not a place. Not a test score. It's a function, not a point. You're already there. in reply to Wicketification #
  • Been reading L2 books outside using #factorial #timeboxing. Synthesizing that vitamin D, sun! | @yuzuruyuzuru = naming genius #
  • "テレビだって、コンテンツって商品を売ってるわけなんだけど、昔っからなんかおかしいなーと思ってたのは、それがいい商品であるかどうかを判断す る基準もまた、テレビ自体が提供してたんじゃねーかなーみたいなこと。" #

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