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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-05-15

  • @Wicketification No….what did you have in mind? (You can do a cull of weak cards/leeches if&when your overall retention drops below 90%) in reply to Wicketification #
  • "The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity" #
  • "You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life" #
  • "…the procedure, the process is its own reward." #
  • Why Grammar-based Instruction is Bunk | Foreign Language Mastery #
  • "Language ability cannot be taught; it can only be learned." #
  • "If people don’t study grammar, how…will they ever learn to speak and write properly!?…one word…Input." #
  • "You don’t need a teacher or school to learn a foreign language" #
  • Why Most Fail in Language Learning and How YOU Can Succeed | Foreign Language Mastery #
  • オブリガードの語源 – 教えて!goo "アメリカのオハイオ州は日本語の『おはよう』が語源だというのと同じで全く根拠のない話です。" #
  • YouTube
    – 碓井豊 「ねぇ、ママ」 PV #
  • YouTube – 母の日ビデオレター(宮崎県日南市) #
  • YouTube – Nigo Feat Bape Sounds Allstars Planet Of The Bapes | via #ajattplus #
  • @jfotheringham Already replied 😛 in reply to jfotheringham #
  • YouTube – DJ Kaori with JAY'ED / YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE #
  • @Wicketification Oh THAT. Yes, it does do that. in reply to Wicketification #
  • You do not (indeed, cannot) do big things. You do small things, and you automatically receive the aggregate effect of those things #
  • @jfotheringham Preaches the good word. Language-learning is not an academic subject. It's a sport. A motor skill akin to driving. #
  • VLC command line interface #
  • "Excellence in English speaking and listening will never come from textbooks." #
  • World history in Japanese with 12-hour MP3 CD discussing book content. Designed for Japanese high-schoolers. Good stuff #
  • "吉村 作治(よしむら さくじ )| 日本におけるエジプト考古学の第一人者で、衛星写真分析などのハイテクを導入した調査方法で遺跡を発掘する手法が評価されている。" #
  • YouTube – [CM]吉村作治-東京電力 #
  • "We spend a remarkable amount of time idle…with a little prep…you can…get in a little learning" #
  • YouTube – 宮沢りえ Miyazawa Rie – TV drama ぶるうかなりや interview #
  • YouTube – ジョージ・フォアマン VS モハメッド・アリ #
  • YouTube – 電車の中で・・・ | あくまでホストがやっているコメディです | Somewhat upsetting in person 😐 , hilarious from a distance 😀 #
  • ヒステリックなアメリカ|インディペンデントで行ってみよう!『私は如何にして独立を志向するようになったか』 #
  • 血液型性格分類 | "当初は日本人の医学者、教育学者、心理学者などによって、新しい学説の候補として提案されたが、その後にその妥当性を巡って学会で議論が起き、紆余曲折を経た後、学会で否定された" #
  • 血液型性格分類 – Wikipedia "科学的な根拠が存在しない" #
  • Japanese TV Recording and Download Service | Japan: Stippy #
  • "the adaptability of our brains plays the major role in allowing us to reach our full potential" #
  • YouTube – おばあちゃんの超英才教育(1/4) #
  • "the more you study, the more you practice, the more you do something, the better you get at it" #
  • "far from being set in stone, the human brain is ready and waiting to be shaped" #
  • "people tend to think of genes as…determining outcomes…and that's just not the case" #
  • "genes get expressed in different ways as a function of the environment that we are experiencing" #
  • "people tend to think of genes as determining outcomes and that's just not the case except for the broad structures" #
  • You can either sit there blaming Japanese for being defective, or you can STFU and get to learning it. But not both. Choose one. #
  • "the brain…can be nurtured by its environment to assume almost any set of skills" #
  • "behind that cleverness…spontaneity…creativity lies thousands of hours of really hard [play]" | Ockelford #
  • Maybe what we need is to install "caring, nurturing parent" software (mindset) into our brains, to help us help ourselves make it happen #
  • Maybe rather than look to the results of the successful, we should look to what was done *for* them, then replicate those conditions… #
  • A lot of explanations of success are gushingly detailed on effects, but incredibly handwavy ("then a miracle happens…") on causes #
  • Methinks that when we see success, what we're really observing is not luck or magic genes, but the fruits of good time management #
  • YouTube – 外國記者賤格提問,星爺聽罷動火大鬧收皮啦 #
  • YouTube – TVB 美麗高解像 子珊跌鎖匙 NG片 (TVB Channel) #outtakes #Cantonese #
  • YouTube
    – NG片 more #Cantonese outtakes #
  • Yes, you *can* win the game using only basehits. #Timeboxing #
  • 【アメリカ】反ゲイ運動の教授が実はゲイだった。|アゴ江、帰国。~ドガマですけど何か?? #
  • 反同活動家喬治力格斯是同性戀 #
  • もちうさぎ #
  • English sci-fi novels translated into #Japanese This is Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" #
  • Japanese is NOT for learning: it is a prop for legitimizing procrastination. #immersion #
  • クロームアップデートの自動入手? "クロームの最新バージョンは、クロームウインドの右上にある設定アイコンをクリックして、「グーグル クロームについて」を選択することで確認及びアップデートができます。" #
  • Japanese is NOT the place for you to being reading stuff you don't actually like reading. #SayNoToIntellectualSnobbery #
  • @e_dub_kendo Coz it's "good for them", Kend-star 😀 . No pain, no gain, son. Therefore more pain, more gain. Nervous breakdown = bonus pts. #
  • Duncan Sheik "Barely Breathing" #lyrics in #Chinese baby! #
  • #Japanese is not the time/place to start reading stuff that's "good" for you. Leave the veggies for English. Stick to candy here. #
  • What music do you listen to in secret so that your friends won't make fun of you? Listen to that, in Japanese. #immersion #
  • What kinds of material do you have to force yourself to stop reading in order to actually get work done? Read that, in Japanese. #
  • Intellectual junk food. It's what's for dinner. #immersion #BeUnProductiveInJapanese #
  • If you want to be productive, go cure cancer. If you want to learn a language, go be unproductive. In it. #immersion #
  • Japanese is not for "learning"; it is an excuse to read trash, watch trash and waste time. #immersion #
  • 科學人雜誌網站 "大腦暗能量" #
  • Japanese is where you go to get away from stress, not to find it.
    Just relax and have fun 🙂 #
  • What do you do when you're supposed to be doing "important stuff"? Do that, in Japanese. #
  • What do you really read when you're not trying to keep up appearances? Read that, in Japanese. #immersion #
  • What genres of books/movies/music/games get the lion's share of your disposable income? Those are the kind you want in Japanese. #
  • Japanese is not "important". Get that idea out of your head. Cancer is "important". Japanese is for wasting your time in. #immersion #
  • The irony of L2 pronunciation is, the more unoriginal you sound, the more glory you get. Steal. Save the originality for elsewhere #
  • What do you read when you're supposed to be "studying"? Read that, in Japanese. #
  • The little things you can do really do add up. They really are worth it. Give yourself some credit. Your small actions matter. #timeboxing #
  • Adopt a Japanese identity. Methods are secondary. No method in the world can help someone who doesn't believe in her right to the language. #
  • The fire of genius is not fueled by divine sparks, but the dry, simple wood of time well spent. #
  • When you see someone successful what you're observing is not the magic of genes, but the miracle of good time management. #
  • Waste as much time as possible. Be irresponsible. Just do it in Japanese. #immersion #
  • @willwesley Not yet! Soon! 😀 in reply to willwesley #
  • AJATT for Chinese #
  • 文建會兒童文化館 – 繪本花園 Children's books from Taiwan (#Chinese) #
  • Star Trek TNG Season 4 DVD box set in #Japanese at a goodish price (for Japan hehe) #
  • @Leilani おおおう!伝説の胃カメラかい(^^)。ワシも検査を受けた事があります。但し全身麻酔かけられたママでね。@Leilaniさんって、麻酔的にどんな状態でお受けになったんですか? in reply to Leilani #
  • @srunnels Sounds like an amazing idea. Adults often overreach, get too complex/strict on themselves, then crash. Binge-purge cycle… in reply to srunnels #
  • @srunnels I imagine little Helena will keep you fun, simple and "honest" :D. Really excited to see how this goes. Send us updates! in reply to srunnels #
  • @srunnels Funnily enough, I find that ppl who actually live with toddlers are the least affected by Toddler Supremacy theories 😀 in reply to srunnels #
  • "the brain…can be nurtured by its environment to assume almost any set of skills, even become an expert" #
  • @Leilani うわっ!鼻ですか~?だから弱虫王子の僕が、医者さんに「全身麻酔かけろよ」と、頼んだていうか、「強く勧めた」ワケです(笑)。うちの場合は確かに経口だったんですね。@Leilaniさん、そこら辺のケニア人青年(=私め)よりよっぽど「漢」ですよ!お疲れ様でした(^^) in reply to Leilani #
  • YouTube – らき☆すた 武道館ライブ 「もってけ!セーラーふく」 #
  • 情報機器 – Wikipedia "企業などで用いられるものをOA機器(オーエイきき)ということもある。OAとは「Office Automation」の略である。" #
  • OAとは 【Office Automation】 (オフィスオートメーション)
    コピー機やFAX、コンピュータなどの情報機器を用いて、事務作業を効率化すること。" #
  • YouTube – 新世紀福音戰士劇場版(粵語)(4/9) Evangelion in #Cantonese #
  • Classic #procrastination mistake: "It's going to take forever anyway, therefore I will not touch it at all until later" #
  • It is *because* something is going to take long that we *must* start now on whatever small and useful piece we can do. #timeboxing #
  • @e_dub_kendo Very true. You could go so far as to say that deadlines to *start* are more important than deadlines for finishing. in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • Deadlines for finishing are overrated. Often they're scary and outside of our control. What you want are deadlines for *starting*. #
  • Star Trek Voyager Season 3 DVD Box Set in #Japanese #immersion #
  • @e_dub_kendo "Birthlines". I love it! *Yoink!*. Your word AND your idea just got stolen. #
  • "If you're having fun with the language, you're learning. As long as you're doing something in the language, it'll work" | Lilian #
  • OMG, this is amazing! @mikedesu
    @ajatt: Live Japanese TV streaming: #
  • @Wicketification Which ones? in reply to Wicketification #
  • @Wicketification K. That's…deliberate 😀 in reply to Wicketification #
  • "Behold, the day of LeBron cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay Boston desolate: and he shall (cont) #
  • パルプ・フィクション – Wikipedia #
  • 「勉強は気合を入れずに、5分だけの積もりで、気軽に始めて見る」 #
  • 「目標は数字にして、楽な物を次々と達成する」 #
  • 語学は「勉強」なんかじゃない。「遊び」だ。 #
  • 第二回講義 予言の自己実現 "予言の自己実現" #
  • 予言 – Wikipedia "自己成就予言" #
  • 自己成就予言とは – はてなキーワード "自己成就予言" #
  • 『準備するから遅くなる。「大きな一歩」にコダワるから、スタート出来ない。「小さな一歩」なら、頑張らなくても踏み出せる』 #
  • 『準備するから遅くなる・・・「大きな一歩」にコダワるから、スタート出来ない。「小さな一歩」なら、頑張らなくても踏み出せる』 #
  • Japanese-speaking gaijin on TV right now! #
  • NaGaRe パルクール #
  • 日本紙コップタワー協会(JUPTA) #
  • 楽しくなければ勉強じゃない。ってか、ただの拷問。 #
  • 網路電視 | | #Chinese internet TV. The links that do work are usable in, say, VLC #
  • YouTube – Potty Training 縞次郎 in #Chinese 打出來了~! 真 舒 服 ! #
  • YouTube – 2008/04昀昀演出: 形狀歌 The Shape Song (#Mandarin) #
  • Fran私觀點:The L Word S5 – 樂多日誌 "有些評論者認為 The L Word是女同志版的『慾望城市』" #
  • japan tv channels streams – Peepat | online Streaming #Japanese TV #
  • YouTube – 經典金曲 – 熱情的沙漠 1973 (歐陽菲菲) "ザ・ピーナッツ 情熱の砂漠 " #
  • YouTube – 情熱の砂漠(熱情的沙漠1975年)-陳和美 #
  • #SRS avoidance = it's time to #delete #
  • "diligence is not “hard work”. Diligence is deliberate neglect" #
  • "diligence is…directed laziness" #
  •ナイジェリアのヤラドゥア大統領が死去 #
  • 今日の番組表 [地上波] – Yahoo!テレビ.Gガイド [テレビ番組表] | Realtime TV listings for Japan #
  • 「スラムドッグ$ミリオネア」 #
  • 「貧民窟的百萬富翁」 | Slumdog Millionaire #Mandarin dub #
  • " 「倒すのではない、当てるんだ!そうすれば勝てる!
    勝てる選手はまず当てる。数多く当てる。」" #
  • " it's not what Japanese can do for you it's what you
    can do for it." | アメド #
  • Stop working so hard and state wasting time in Japanese. #immersion #
  • "世の中に越えられない壁なんて無えんだ。だからお前ら、どんな事にも「出来ない」という先入観を持つな" #
  • You don't set aside blocks of time for Japanese. You resurrect time from the dead and give it to Japanese. #immersion #
  • You do realize that Japanese kids already know Japanese *before* they ever set foot in school, right? #
  • Native speakers do not go to school to learn their language but to refine it (if that). Wanna a language? Look at your home life. #
  • "地球外生命と言うと知性を持つ生命体、いわゆる異星人などが特に注目されがちだが、地球外生命の研究は知性の有無とは関係なく微生物をも含めたあらゆる形態の生命について行われている。" #
  • グレシャムの法則 – Wikipedia "「悪貨は良貨を駆逐する」" #
  • パンゲア大陸 #
  • "Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world." #
  • "They come into the country; they don't speak the language!" LOL!
    RT @funnyav @ajatt: On babies #
  • "[children a]re effectively never *not* learning, it's just that all their learning is disguised as play" #
  • YouTube
    – 宮台真司 #
  • The more you show up, the harder it becomes *not* to succeed. #
  • Yahoo!辞書 – たいき‐ばんせい【大器晩成】 #
  • "いつまでも待ってはいけない。
    どんどん見つかっていきます。" #
  • Pretend Japanese is illegal. #immersion #
  • "Twitterって何?" #
  • @e_dub_kendo LOL. I think bad behavior has a lot to teach us. The blueprint of success is right there, but with the sign/polarity reversed in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo Exactly. Criminal behavior is only criminal in content. In form, it's very "positive": small starts, repetition, persistence… in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • No one has "time" to do Japanese. What you have are opportunities to seize. Keep yourself armed with books and mp3 players close at hand. #
  • "listening is very powerful and speaking, at least in the early stages, is largely overrated." #
  • Do something. Anything. In Japanese. Anything. It doesn't matter what is is. Just do something. #
  • 「繰り返す事で能力が開発されるのです」 #
  • Japanese is a tap. Turn it and leave it running. Whenever some turns the tap off, turn it back on again. If all you can do is drip, do that. #
  • 「反復勉強、反復練習をしないで、その道の達人は出来上がらない」 #
  • The secret to learning Japanese is to start more times than you stop…push "play" more times than you push "pause". #
  • What do you do when you're supposed to be doing "important stuff"? Do that, in Japanese. #immersion #
  • "暴論に聞こえるかもしれないが、僕が中国政府の指導者だったら、やっぱり弾圧に走るかもしれない。中国の歴史を知る者ほどこうした団体には警戒すると思わざるを得ない。" #
  • 「母国語を身に付けた過程を可能な限り再現する事が、矢張り[外国語習得]に於いても重要です」 #
  • A late start is not failure.
    No start, is. #immersion #
  • 「マリオ時代」の黄昏:日経ビジネスオンライン "断言しておきましょう。ソフトこそが大事なのだ! という常識は、今後、ゆるやかに終焉を迎えます。 " #
  • You don't need more time. You need less time. You need more timeboxes. #timeboxing #
  • YouTube – JAY'ED「Everybody」 #
  • YouTube – BOOKSCAN(ブックスキャン)を、初めてご利用のお客様へ #
  • 本をスキャンしてPDF化してくれるサービス開始! たったの100円 – ガジェット通信 #
  • 岡田斗司夫のゼネラル・プロダクツ:一万時間の法則 #
  • YouTube – カンヌ出品作「日照重慶」、一部をご紹介 #
  • @e_dub_kendo That is the million dollar question. I, too, wonder… in reply to e_dub_kendo #

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