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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-05-22

  • Listen to real Japanese conversations and read transcriptions thereof [VoiceBlog.JP] #
  • Transcripts of real, natural Japanese conversations at actual speed [VoiceBlog/JapaneseListening] #
  • "志村 五郎(しむら ごろう、1930年2月23日 – )は日本の数学者。プリンストン大学名誉教授。静岡県浜松市生まれ。
    盟友であった谷山豊と取り組んだ谷山・志村予想によってフェルマー予想の解決に貢献" #
  • "谷山 豊/数学者。
    もともと名前は「とよ」と読むのが正しいものの、「ゆたか」と読み間違える人が多かったので、いつからか自ら「ゆたか」と名乗るようになった" #
  • Be a failure. Fail at doing unproductive things and fail at giving up. #
  • "If you don’t know to read it, you don’t know the language." #
  • Accepting permanent suckage is not humility. That's resignation. Sucking is a temporary condition. Contact is the cure. #immersion #
  • Oh, so it's ok to watch Tony Soprano kill people but if we read a personal development book suddenly something is wrong? **** you. #
  • What do you read when you're supposed to be "working"? Read that, in Japanese. #
  • YouTube – 箸の持ち方 箸匠せいわ #
  • YouTube – はしの正しい使いかた #
  • YouTube – お箸の持ち方 #
  • YouTube – お箸の持ち方 #
  • YouTube – MVI 4415 " 瑀嵐最近開始學大人用筷子" #
  • YouTube – 竹筷子做的十字弓 #
  • YouTube – 竹筷子做的十字弓 | crossbow made of chopsticks…you know you like it 😛 #
  • Japanese is NOT the place to begin reading stuff you don't actually like reading. #
  • 「iPad VS. キンドル 日本を巻き込む電子書籍戦争の舞台裏 」#ipad #kindle #
  • 「'究極の鍛錬」The #janslation (Japanese translation) of Geoff Colvin's "Talent is Overrated" is finally here! #
  • It's very simple. Whenever hear a Japanese person, steal from them. Plagiarize every word they say. #immersion #
  • You will suck in the beginning. And the only thing you can do is keep sucking until you run out of suck. #
  • All Japanese All The Time | NIHONGO eな – Portal for Learning Japanese – #
  • Without brushing, dental plaque builds up. Without practice, suck (the state of sucking at something) builds up. Brush often. #
  • "persistence and tenacity are the primary ingredients to success" #
  • "パンが無ければケーキを食べればいいじゃない" (^^) #
  • @j_rubis you are seriously cool. >> I *know*! It's rough, rubis, having all this cool to myself 😛 😀 in reply to j_rubis #
  • You don't have to get it right; you don't have to get it done: you just have to get it started. #birthline #
  • "[practice] plays the major role in allowing us to reach our full potential" #
  • iPad VS. キンドル – 池田信夫blog – BLOGOS(ブロゴス) – livedoor ニュース #
  • YouTube – 無所謂-衛蘭(Janice) #
  • [KTV Tube] 周杰倫-本草綱目 #
  • @e_dub_kendo Glad you like it. Sorry if the writing's a bit too energetic…but then…it is a chat transcript. in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • Success at acquiring a language requires more persistence than competence. Edison was right 🙂 #
  • 立ち机って何処に売ってますか? – 教えて!goo #
  • Housecleaning and language knowledge are alike in that both are simple, learnable skills that are erroneously attributed to talent #
  • Tidyness and language-learning are lot alike. Both are simple, learnable skills that get erroneously attributed to innate talent #
  • Sucking (being bad at something) is hunger. When someone sucks, we often deny them practice (i.e. food). We should be feeding them #
  • One irony of our society is that it's cool to know a language, but it's not cool to be doing the things necessary to acquire that knowledge. #
  • You have to decide whether the destination/language is cool enough to accept the temporary uncoolness of being "on the path". #
  • Why you should Focus on Listening to Korean « Korean {as it is} #
  • 「人は絶望感に苛まれると思考力は低下する」 #
  • 「細切れ時間こそ本(書籍)が栄養に成る時間」 #
  • YouTube – m-flo [Astrosexy x Now or Never] (Astro Boy PV! Yee-ah!) #
  • YouTube – Rag Fair- ハレルヤ #acapella #
  • 「自分で負荷を掛ける事で却って負荷が軽くなる。
    「締め切り効果」で脳の働きを促す」 #timeboxing #
  • Language = air. It's always there, we're always using it (even when asleep), and we process it with our respiratory organs 😀 #
  • YouTube – 東京事変 – Osca #
  • YouTube – 【椎名林檎】三文八卦X流行pv | Crossing more genre borders 😀 — Shiina Ringo collabo with Mummy D of Rhymester #
  • YouTube – 美空ひばり-車屋さん | ジャズ演歌? #
  • YouTube – 美空 ひばり お祭りマンボ | ワッショイ!ワッショイ!ワッショイ! #
  • When is your next #birthline #
  • 「漢字が無かったら日本語の表現は、今より随分単調なものとなるのではと思います。」 #
  • UVERworld/endscape | it's like this band was created for the specific purpose of singing anime themes…fits so well 😛 #
  • 「日本語の表記にとって漢字は不可欠の文字である」 #
  • 「ラダイス鎖国 忘れられた大国・日本」 #
  • Tech Mom from Silicon Valley #Japanese #blog #
  • "「わが中国は地大物博、求めるものはすべて自給できる。広州を開いているのは貧しいお前たちに天朝の産物を恵んでやるためだ」" | カッコいい~w!中華、カッコ良過ぎる!!(^^) #
  • Better something than nothing. Better more than less. Better fun than "good for you". Better TV than SRS. #immersion #
  • YouTube – パニパニパーティー お父さんの趣味はコスプレ 結婚式編 #
  • YouTube – パニパニパーティー お父さんの趣味はコスプレ 結婚式編 | crossdressing cosplay dad skit 😛 … all comedy elements present 😛 #
  • YouTube – [HQ] 平井堅 – POP STAR [PV] "本人曰く生粋の日本人だそうです。" #
  • YouTube – パニパニパーティー お父さんの趣味はコスプレ 裁判編 | Crossdressing cosplay dad in court… #
  • YouTube – パニパニパーティー お父さんの趣味はコスプレ 裁判編 | I love how the "wife" is trying not to laugh… #
  • YouTube – パニパニパーティー お父さんの趣味はコスプレ 自宅編 #
  • YouTube – 「大人かわいい」女たち1/2 #
  • @tferriss Cheers for the link! I've been giving all my Japanese friends copies of 4HWW日本語版 😛 . Will ping you when everything's back up :] in reply to tferriss #
  • Woke up this mornin' / Got myself a mouse / @tferriss said I was the Chosen One / He said: "here's some traffic for your nice website" 😛 #
  • So is temporarily down, but…we'll have it back up soon. I'll let you know when it is #
  • "父王殺しの罪を着せられた、ペルシャの王子ダスタン。汚名をそそぐため、そして陰謀の真相を暴くため、未知なる旅が始まった・・・" | anemo『 プリンス・オブ・ペルシャ/時間の砂』 特集 #
  • "父王殺しの罪を着せられた、王子ダスタン。真実を暴くため、彼の未知なる旅が始まる。
    それを手にする者は、時間を巻き戻し、過去を自由に変える禁断の力を持つ…。" #
  • Pretty much if you can watch TV, you can learn a language. #
  • They tried, but they couldn't keep it down! The blog they didn't want you to read, is now officially back online! 😛 #
  • Overcoming Awkwardness – Part 1 « Korean {as it is} | I love what he says here about rhythm and gestures #
  • @tferriss It's back up. Supercaching (*bicep flex*) is enabled now, so I can take the pain :P. It'll be interesting to see how it handles it in reply to tferriss #
  • YouTube – S.H.E-女孩當自強MV #
  • YouTube – T.F.P. – AF1 (Chinese, Cantonese, Rap, Hip Hop, Hong Kong, 852) #
  • YouTube – 玩玩具 #Cantonese #RnB #
  • YouTube – 大支 Dog G – 台灣Song #Taiwanese #rap #
  • It doesn't actually matter how you're going to learn Japanese. The point is…you're going to do it. Done deal. Case closed. #
  • There is no "hard", and you don't actually "suck" at Japanese. You just haven't seen and heard enough of it enough times (yet) #
  • If you think about it 神戸 (こうべ) is "hard". It "should" be シンコ or かみど. But it's Kobe, and we're fine with that because we see it so often. #
  • Let no language (nor part thereof) scare you. Just increase the frequency of your exposure: everything will take care of itself. #
  • If you're having trouble understanding or saying something, all that means is that you haven't seen/heard it often enough yet. #
  • 「何でもそうだけど、模写から入る事って多いんですね・・・文章だって模写から入る人が居る」 夏目房之介|岡田斗司夫のプチクリ学園 #10 #
  • 夏目房之介 – Wikipedia #
  • Have fun…or else… #
  • @don_rivers I worked like a child. I mostly hung out my "family" and listened. Said/read out the occasional cute thing; said more as I grew in reply to don_rivers #
  • @don_rivers So…I didn't go "today is the day I start hanging out". I always tried to hang out as much as I could…just silently at first. in reply to don_rivers #
  • @don_rivers Children start doing things at different ages. Give yourself the same credit; you are the schedule. Just do what you want in reply to don_rivers #
  • @don_rivers In this field, "correctness of method" is horribly overrated. The method can & should be whatever we want as long as results=OK in reply to don_rivers #
  • 香港製造(電影) – 维基百科,自由的百科全书 #
  • You don't have to get anything ready for the #birthline it can be right here and now, this instant. #
  • YouTube – Yuki Kimura – 木村由姫 – Summer Rain – Live #
  • YouTube – Yuki Kimura Love and Joy Live #
  • 脾臓 – Wikipedia | SPLEEN! #
  • Anything is better than nothing. Anything. #immersion No, really…anything. #

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