AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-06-05

  • @BrentHodgson Audio on the front. Real Japanese text on the back. No romaji. Ever. 😛 You could also just listen a lot 😀 in reply to BrentHodgson #
  • In this sport we call language-learning, you only have to be *touching* the ball to be winning. #immersion #
  • @BrentHodgson Well…I'd at least use bopomofo 😀 , b/c you do want some confirmation of the sounds. Pinyin is convenient but flawed. in reply to BrentHodgson #
  • @BrentHodgson Pinyin would have you believe that 路(lu4|ㄌㄨˋ) , 就 (jiu4|ㄐ|ㄡˋ) and 去(qu4|ㄑㄩˋ) have the same "u" sound, when they don't: ㄨ ㄡ ㄩ. in reply to BrentHodgson #
  • Look at it this way. For now, you suck so much at Japanese that doing ANYTHING is an improvement. So do anything. #
  • We often spend so much time and energy mulling over what we should do, that we have none left to do what we *can* do #immersion #
  • Go ahead and spend more time doing what you can do than worrying about what you should do. It'll be worth it 😛 #immersion #
  • Never let a method get between you and the language… #
  • Would you deny yourself food *because* you were hungry? Then why would you give up on something *because* you temporarily suck? #
  • Being bad at something is just a manifestation of hunger…malnourishment. Practice is the cure. Eat practice. #
  • StayFocusd – Google 瀏覽器擴充功能庫 bit.ly/bkHYgg | via #ajattplus #
  • StayFocusd Blocks and Manages Time-Sucking Web Sites bit.ly/a638az | via #ajattplus #
  • Study Hacks | The Genius Myth: The Danger of Worshiping "Exceptional" Students | "the genius myth is rarely justified" bit.ly/bBCRvD #
  • "the idea that intelligence and ability are 'innate' traits…leads to…poorer…performance and…mental health." bit.ly/bBCRvD #
  • YouTube – Il mio amico Arnold – "Che cavolo dici Willis??" bit.ly/9P8uDA #
  • アーノルド坊やは人気者 – Wikipedia bit.ly/9hEFzF #
  • YouTube – アーノルド坊やは人気者/DIFFRENT STROKES #Japanese #dub bit.ly/c19iwt #
  • 「アーノルド坊やは人気者 コンプリート 1stシーズン DVD-BOX (4枚組)」 amzn.to/aQu4wr #
  • "アーノルド坊やは人気者/DIFF'RENT STROKES" |
    "あの三人の子の中で生きてるのはウィリスだけになってしまいました。" | "アーノルド坊や・・・ご冥福をお祈りします"
    bit.ly/c19iwt #
  • #Reading is a sport. It starts with LOOKING. Don't run away from your L2. Stare it in the face. Do not avert your gaze. #
  • 格闘クリニック OFFICIAL BLOG:GET UP!GET ON UP!   ジェームス・ブラウン – livedoor Blog(ブログ) bit.ly/aYUR3L #
  • Sometimes your level of action needs to exceed the immediately visible returns. #immersion #
  • Loyalty to a language trumps loyalty to a method. #
  • "Sometimes even just thinking about the right way to do something slows you down" | Momoko #
  • @nstle Tank ye kindly for pointing that…Should be working now 😀 in reply to nstle #
  • @lordsilent 辞書 and/or Google. in reply to lordsilent #
  • "初めは無視され、次に笑われる。次に闘いを仕掛けられ、そして最後には勝つ" bit.ly/aoy0Hp #
  • 中国人さっそくiPadをパクる その名もiPed:画像&動画ニュースぶろぐ:ネットマイルブログ bit.ly/cZgOSj #
  • iPed bit.ly/cZgOSj #
  • 中國發明列表 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 bit.ly/9NKdLv #
  • トイレットペーパー – Wikipedia bit.ly/bV9yoN #
  • 中國科學技術史
    "中國古代的科學技術,在很長的一段時期裏都居於世界領先的地位。中國歷史上的的科學技術成就,為世界文明的發展作出了很大貢獻。" bit.ly/bBHkBw #
  • 武當幫 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 "武當派" bit.ly/a7nHlX #
  • #Reading is a sport. It starts with LOOKING. If in doubt, just look. Screw comprehension. Just turn those pages and look. #
  • 鉄板英雄伝説 - 映画作品紹介 bit.ly/cbpUd4 #
  • "You cannot go back and change it. Since you cannot, let it go." | Bob Proctor #
  • Exclude books out of boredom, yes, but never out of shame/pride. Those simple/embarrassing books have their place #immersion #
  • "Using Anki for my Kanji is absolutely on the same level as grinding for emblems in WoW." | Laura | bit.ly/9UB0tw #
  • YouTube – iPad、世界9か国で一斉発売 日本も長蛇の列 bit.ly/9cikpd #
  • YouTube – 最近、女性の「立ち食いそば率」が多いのはなぜ? bit.ly/bunGix #
  • アビエイター – Wikipedia bit.ly/9Bhh9i #
  • Sometimes, in order to win, you need to have a #tenacity that trumps pride. #immersion #
  • When you exercise more tenacity than pride, your tenacity will give you things to be proud of. #immersion #
  • "好きな製品を喜んでる姿を見るのは微笑ましくて好きですね。" bit.ly/9cikpd #
  • "なるほど!クールなものを、クールじゃない人達が買う訳ですねw" #ouch 😛 bit.ly/9cikpd #
  • デニス・ホッパー – Wikipedia bit.ly/bSB1HD おいおいちょっと死に過ぎじゃないの?最近の芸能人は・・・ #
  • Loyalty to the language trumps loyalty to a method. Screw the method. #
  • Don't rush to get good at Japanese. Rush to do something (anything) that will help you get better at Japanese. Crucial difference. #
  • 2000 Kanji In Two Weeks: A Follow-Up « Anokorok's Musings bit.ly/cpS3dA #
  • 2000 Kanji In Two Weeks: A Follow-Up « Anokorok's Musings bit.ly/cpS3dA | The perils of overspeeding 😛 #
  • Let speed come naturally. You just focus on doing. #SRS #kanji #
  • Playing with the Peeled Cucumber Non-Comprehension method. The idea: try to NOT understand what you read/watch! #immersion #pcnc #
  • Maybe in language-learning: more failures to comprehend –> more wins
    bit.ly/cZPVBy bit.ly/djiwzk #pcnc #immersion #
  • It seems like there's a slight difference between trying *not* to comprehend and simply ignoring. Maybe both work, tho'. #pcnc #
  • You can't work toward your goal AND worry at the same time. So pick one. #immersion #
  • Loyalty to a language trumps loyalty to a method. #
  • "You can’t reach an endpoint you can’t define." bit.ly/90crl0 #
  • "Small, achievable goals are much more motivating than big, distant goals." bit.ly/bDFbvg #
  • 週末連載漫画「うらららら!」~大きいiPhone – ガジェット通信 bit.ly/9vlul1 #
  • Victory is in the beginnings. #birthline #JustDoOne #
  • ソニーがAndroidタブレットを発売する見込み、ゲーム機や携帯電話などを組み合わせた複数の新製品も – GIGAZINE bit.ly/a0jUiU #
  • YouTube – CBC1.avi "ビアンキ議員の初当選後のビデオプロフィール" bit.ly/bZqcGK #
  • “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” bit.ly/9EBXjT #
  • "Habits are more powerful than commands…commands can only work where there already is a habit of obedience" | Chinweizu #
  • "that I ate yesterday does not interest Hunger" | Yoruba saying | #immersion #LanguageAsFood #
  • Your desire to know your L2 is itself a "talent". #DesireIsTalent #
  • エマニエル・ルイス – Wikipedia bit.ly/dahawb #
    amzn.to/d1fOTL #
  • Learn the names of the parts of a blender
    bit.ly/bcCGWd | [PDF] bit.ly/c6PYQk (see page 3) #Japanese #
  • らき☆すた (Lucky Star) transcript w/pictures
     つっぱしる女 bit.ly/9ANnbW | Thx, Carl! #
  • 漫画の新聞 マンガで読むニュース bit.ly/6sOWlz #
  • らき☆すた bit.ly/alvwin "Lucky Star" illustrated #Japanese #transcripts for ALL episodes 😀 #
  • "Where much is expected from an individual, he may rise to the level of events and make the dream come true" bit.ly/cpRgUP #
  • ASUSがついにiPad対抗の「Eee Pad」を正式発表、バッテリー駆動時間は10時間以上 – GIGAZINE bit.ly/c4kQjv #
  • "こんな歌詞を作った畑さんも神だけど、
    こんな歌詞を英訳した奴もなかなか神だな。" bit.ly/bGNIlQ 
    YouTube – もってけ!セーラーふく(歌詞付き) #
  • "reduce the mental effort for planning so that you can use that energy and time towards maintaining contact" bit.ly/ckkzcL #
  • "what makes [things] hard isn't the language itself[:] it's
    the mindset of people trying to learn it." | アメド #
  • "Let a man proceed in this way, and, though dull, he will surely become intelligent" [PDF] bit.ly/ds62hX #
  • アメリカ合衆国連邦緊急事態管理庁 – Wikipedia bit.ly/dhz8Dy #
  • 伊勢﨑賢治 – Wikipedia bit.ly/bCZxbs #
  • 通書 "君子見幾而作、不俟終日" bit.ly/cEO4dc #
  • If you want it done, make it fun. #immersion #
  • The problem with standard language classes is that they teach you to *distrust* the #context Context is your friend. #
  • Somewhere between "give up completely" and "do it all 100% perfectly" is the level where things actually get done. #immersion #
  • #Immersion isn't "all or nothing": it's "all or something". bit.ly/adDjhJ #allorsomething #
  • YouTube – Cathay Pacific – I Can Fly bit.ly/aUENyF #Cantonese #
  • Very few things need to be done right.
    Most things just need to be done. #JustDoOne #immersion #
  • It's simple. You are hungry. Only exposure to Japanese can nourish you. And the hungrier you are, the more you need to eat. #
  • Fun gets done. #immersion #
  • if ( count(starts) > count (stops) ) return SUCCESS;
    #SourceCodeOfLife #
  • YouTube – 2010.03.15.女人我最大:郭羨妮part03 bit.ly/agfM42 | for some reason this is my #1 FAVORITE #TW variety show… #
  • Possible future #SRS hack/tweak: learning kanji using cloze deletions…hmmm… #
  • If you stick to Japanese, (eventually) Japanese will stick to you. #
  • アメリカン・コミックス – Wikipedia bit.ly/9caLhU #
  • マトリックス (映画) – Wikipedia bit.ly/dCIU6t #
  • No project is too big to benefit from a small step forward. It's natural for the "baby" to be hungry and she deserves to be fed. #
  • YouTube – 機動部隊:伙伴 預告片 bit.ly/9AmAMx #
  • No project is too big to benefit from a small step forward. Don't punish the baby for being hungry. #
  • What Is Fluency? bit.ly/9eHm50 #
  • What Is Fluency? bit.ly/9eHm50 | Thx アメド! #
  • How to learn any language:
    1. Do what you like.
    2. Use what you have.
    3. Goto 1. #
  • Sometimes, we try so hard to go all the way and the extra mile that we forget to go the first yard. #timeboxing #immersion #
  • Just because seeds are small, doesn't mean they're not worth sowing. Seeds are all you've got. #timeboxing #birthline #immersion #
  • The fact that you've already learned one language to fluency is all the proof you need that you can do it again. #
  • It's not illegal and it's not unethical. You have nothing to be ashamed of. #immersion #
  • Online Sketch Pad – Scribble… Doodle… Draw. bit.ly/atxgOu Useful for kanji practice if you don't want to use paper #
  • "Don't look for one or two resources and expect to learn everything from them. When someone asks which book, CD, (cont) tl.gd/1lce1d #
  • 生ごみ処理機 – Wikipedia bit.ly/d8FMcs #
  • "my schools treated bilingualism as a disability. " bit.ly/aBnB1C #
  • RT @mankub86 YouTube – Richmond Elementary Japanese Immersion School bit.ly/aBnB1C #
  • In my experience, if you touch Japanese right after waking up in the marnin', the rest of the day +/- handles itself. #
  • 「If we aren’t moving forwards, we are falling backwards. There is no “holding ground” in language learning.」 | e_dub_kendo #
  • Japanese-Language-Learning Tool: Surusu « Ishikawa JET bit.ly/bgqap8 #
  • ChromeでのWebのよそ見防止に役立つ「StayFocusd」 : ライフハッカー[日本版] bit.ly/9Cc7QO #
  • YouTube – JAPANESE RAP STA -ON BOOT STREET- bit.ly/dovD7j #
  • "ゴールに到達することよりもそこに近づき続けることに重きを置く" bit.ly/9jl4gL #
  • You'll never hear programmers say "yeah, I learned C, but I could never learn LISP". The same should go for natural languages. #
  • 男前豆腐店 bit.ly/9fDYjF | "MANFU": HANDSOME MAN TOFU! #
  • In the beginning, you've got to reward yourself even for just getting things half right. #immersion #operantConditioning #
  • 宝塚歌劇のホームページへようこそ bit.ly/aLAcN2 #
  • 宝塚歌劇団.jpg (1194×1767) bit.ly/aTtb9w #
  • tnr0803161133001-p1.jpg (318×450) bit.ly/anWxL8 【宝塚劇団】 #
  • 【Images】宝塚歌劇団 – Google 検索 bit.ly/9ysxIK #
  • AJATT should really be called "SJAATT" (SJAT) = Some Japanese Almost All The Time #
  • @KorvarTheFox LoL There is that mental barrier. Although, you get the feeling that if we just tell them they're learning Scheme instead… in reply to KorvarTheFox #
  • @SolomonSan You're absolutely right. The busyness prolly created a time "scarcity awareness" that forced me to be very proactive. in reply to SolomonSan #
  • @willwesley LoL. (1) Accuracy. (2) To circumvent the binge/purge, "I'm going for 10/10 therefore 2/10 is unacceptable" ASM-type thinking in reply to willwesley #
  • Something. Anything. Anything. Anything. Is better than nothing. Any. Thing. #immersion #
  • @SolomonSan Goes back to the whole "people who have all the time in the world get nothing done" bit.ly/timelottery in reply to SolomonSan #
  • デンさんの広東語相談室 bit.ly/aiBfUM #
  • "取り分け、教材が充実しているメジャーな言語は、語学教室の必要性は全く感じません。" bit.ly/cXRy4G #
  • 881903.com 商業電台
    bit.ly/a5hk22 My fave radio station. Streaming links on the RHS under ”網上直播” #
  • 881903.com 商業電台 – 雷霆881主頁 bit.ly/aFHK7O #
  • YouTube – 過癮 香港廣告 勁有創意 XD bit.ly/cDPXWp #
  • "「外国語は間違えるのが当たり前」では決してありません。" bit.ly/cn0a7v #
  • THE TRUF! RIGHT HERE! –> "何故一般には「外国語は間違えるのが当たり前」と思われているのでしょうか。それは、殆どの人が、外国語を使うときに自分で「発明」をしてしまうからなのです。"
    bit.ly/cn0a7v #
  • Dude…80s CantoPop is the STUFF 😀 #
  • @rchmielarz Dangit. LoL in reply to rchmielarz #
  • Whenever you think of doing something righteous and complex, cut your goal in half, and then start on the easiest 0.001% of that. #immersion #
  • "存在意義の有る教室が存在するとすれば、それは学習者が自分では解決することが出来ない問題についてソリューションを提供している教室です。" bit.ly/cXRy4G #
  • YouTube – Rihanna – Hate That I Love You (feat. Hins Cheung) bit.ly/dbgazz #Cantonese #

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