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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-07-03

  • @nac_est 閲覧装置は持ってるけど、実際に日本語表記の電子書籍がちゃんと出回ってるのかというと、答えは「ノー」っていうか、「皆無に近い」。だからI'm just 単なるgetting my hardcopy books scanned @一冊100~200円 in reply to nac_est #
  • @nac_est しかもDRM大ッッッッッッッッッッ嫌い。著作権保護で血眼になって合法な事まで不可能にするなっつーの!(笑)
    なので逆に・・・なんつーの・・・こうして「半ば自炊」の電子本を使用するように強いられても悪くないかも。 in reply to nac_est #
  • @nac_est 詳しくはこちら・・・って、言うじゃな~い?BOOKSCAN(ブックスキャン) 低価格・書籍スキャンサービス – 大和印刷 in reply to nac_est #
  • 苛々苛々しゃいませ~!(笑) #
  • Book describes how to use operant conditioning techniques on yourself and others. Author is a cat trainer #
  • If you can learn the smallest amount of Japanese, then you can learn it all. Just repeat repeat repeat the small process. #
  • "1. Break the big thing into the smallest units possible
    2. Make each unit as fun as possible" | NDN #
  • Focus on developing the practice habit, even when your gear still sucks. The practice habit will make you great, not the gear. #
  • ?iPad????Atomic Web Browser?Safari??????? – iPad Mod – #
  • 貴族院 (イギリス) – Wikipedia #
  • 庶民院 – Wikipedia #
  • "we may be rehearsing how to speak as we are listening, even when we do not need to speak out loud" #
  • "learners of a second language should strive to map new words and sentences directly to meaning" #
  • "to be vague when one needs to be and very specific when this is called for, is a valuable skill" #
  • "Whale Whores(『鯨戦争』『ホエール・ウォーズ』を意味するWhale Warsと同音、whoreは売春婦を意味する蔑称)はアメリカのアニメ、サウスパーク第13シーズン第11話のエピソードである。" #
  • "文章を耳から入れることの大切さ" #
  • 20世紀少年 – Wikipedia #
  • 映画「20世紀少年 <最終章> ぼくらの旗」 公式サイト #
  • 中井和哉 – Wikipedia "『サムライチャンプルー』のムゲン" #
  • "雅子妃 菊花王朝的囚徒" | 博客來書籍館 #
  • "アップルとアドビが喧嘩中" #
  • Psycho-Cybernetics
    by Maxwell Maltz M.D. F.I.C.S #
  • This free file renamer program OWNS. Handles Japanese, Chinese and European languages | Flexible Renamer #
  • Everyone gives crappy advice from time-to-time. Especially me. Take it all…cum grano salis. 😛 …I thought salt was crystals. #
  • YouTube – 王雪妮 | 高璐 #
  • "ザ・リアル・フォークブルース" #
  • Just because you're smart enough to do 100% that doesn't mean it's worth the effort. #
  • Our world is filled with "smart people" who think that anything < 100% = 0, and "dumb" people who chill and get things 80% done #
  • Do what you can, when you can, where you are. It's that simple. Don't go looking for pain: never works, never helps. #immersion #
  • Do small things. Small things don't just add up, they multiply. Best of all, you never get worn out: they're too small for that. #
  • Big things are easy to schedule but small things actually get done. Better to do small things ad hoc than to plan out big nevers. #
  • Good question to ask yourself: "how can I make this so small that I don't even feel it?" #immersion #
  • In any field, I find there's an inverse relationship between how little someone values small steps and how much they achieve #
  • The irony of language-learning: you do need (maybe) to care enough to act, but not care so much that no action is good enough #
  • これ、ちょっと凄いね|"一見、ただのビニールバッグのようですが、その耐熱温度はなんと260℃。100%テフロン素材で出来ており、様々な料理をポップアップトースターを使って作ることを叶えたトースターバッグです。 " #
  • You cannot will not ever work toward your goal AND worry at the same time. So pick one. #
  • YouTube – A growth mindset about our talents and abilities: psychologist Carol Dweck #
  • YouTube – Carol Dweck, Growth Mindsets and Motivation #
  • "It's not in my genes" #
  • And finally…(the other) MJ on failure… #
  • "世の中、語学と言うとすぐに「英会話」ですが、全く馬鹿げていると思います。" #
  • @Jaybot7 Hehe. Well, now you're adding to the SRS out of desire instead of duty :P, which hopefully is…more fun? #fitfactstotheory in reply to Jaybot7 #
  • YouTube – 連環泡-梁家輝 金燕玲 秦沛訪問 #
  • Before you do your best, first you just have to do. #immersion #

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