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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-07-24

  • "Memory, like any other skill, improves as we get older" #
  • "Your memory only reaches its full power at the age of 25." #
  • "improv[e] yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for" #
  • "Practice yourself in little things, and thence proceed to greater" | Epictetus #
  • Adults go into the game trying to not lose face. Kids go into the game trying to have fun. Guess who keeps winning? #
  • "do not force early production in the second language" #
  • "'acquisition' is the product of a subconscious process very similar to the process children undergo" #
  • "Don't do something that's boring just because you're 'supposed to'." | "ダンちゃん #immersion #
  • "She attributed her success to massive amounts of comprehensible input, mostly through recreational reading" #
  • Zompist | "People *can* learn languages in school… but most of the time they don't. " #
  • "Read books in the target language.
    Better yet, read comics and magazines." #
  • "Seek out opportunities to work using the language." #
  • "Take notes in your classes or at meetings in the language." #
  • Kató Lomb in #Japanese 'わたしの外国語学習法 (ちくま学芸文庫)' #
  • "there is no reason you cannot learn to write the kanji as fluently as you read them…" | Heisig #
  • "you [c]an learn to write the kanji…in a fraction of the time it takes to do it through the Japanese school system." | Heisig #
  • "One learns grammar from language, not language from grammar)" | Kato Lomb #
  • YouTube – Eminent Polyglots: Kato Lomb #
  • 短期集中連載 ニッポンのブロードバンド基盤:NGNの悲劇──日本は5年後もブロードバンド大国でいられるか (1/2) – ITmedia エンタープライズ #
  • Ford、2008年モデルにMSベース車載システムを採用 – ITmedia News #
  • @funnyav The WHAT?! lol Where? 🙂 in reply to funnyav #
  • "if learning another language is not personal development, I don’t know what is" | The Disparate Compendium #
  • The illusion of infinite time is what makes you do tasks slowly and/or avoid doing them at all. #timeboxing #
  • Always limit your time. Ultimately, your time is limited, it's just a matter of making yourself aware of that. #timeboxing #
  • If you assume infinite time then you also assume infinite tasks. Reclaim finite time and all your tasks become finite, too. #
  • For me anything longer than a couple of minutes = infinity. 😛 #
  • ワールドカップ閉幕:Twitter史上、最も注目を集めるイベントとなった #
  • @The_Autonomist "What Is Timeboxing?" in reply to The_Autonomist #
  • "仕事の量は、完成のために与えられた時間をすべて満たすまで膨張する" | パーキンソンの法則 #
  • Learning is as easy as you let it be. When faced with two words/sentences, always pick the easier one. #SRS #sentences #
  • As you pick and "eat" easy things — low-hanging fruit — eventually you'll grow "tall" enough to pick higher stuff. #SRS #
  • Pick easy, fun stuff. It's similar to how Heisig works. Once you know the primitives, the character is cake. #SRS #sentences #
  • It's like you're making yourself a ramp made of easy, painless, fun choices: i+1 #SRS #sentences #
  • How do I put it: you learn small, easy new stuff, and/or stuff you almost know but don't quite know #SRS #sentence #ramp #steps #
  • YouTube – 佐々木俊尚 #
  • チラシが検索できる!あのお店の店舗情報も掲載中!|シュフー Shufoo! くらしとちらし #
  • シュフー Shufoo! くらしとちらし | Read supermarket discount newspaper inserts in #Japanese 😛 #
  • YouTube – おばあちゃんの超英才教育(1/4) #
  • "your brain can fill in all the gaps that language classes think you need spelling out" #
  • There is only really 1 difference between a child and an adult: an adult is responsible for her own conditioning. #
  • Just because you're big now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be rewarded (if only by yourself) for getting small things right. #
  • @Unholyburger Good question…Yeah, I'd count it… in reply to Unholyburger #
  • Stainless steel timer, recommended by ダンちゃん, breathtakingly handsome heartthrob of #ajattplus #timeboxing #
  • モロー博士の島 – Wikipedia #
  • ワイヤレスがさらに進化、透明なマウス(動画) | WIRED VISION #
  • We can be much more nonlinear in reading books than we typically are. The medium natively gives us control over order of presentation… #
  • "au lieu de constamment river votre regard sur la ligne d’arrivée, félicitez-vous du moindre succès" #
  • Often, when it comes to your actions, the choice isn't between big and small, but between small and nothing. #timeboxing #
  • When you demand so much of yourself that nothing is good enough, nothing is often precisely what you get. #SRS #timeboxing #
  • kazuya0325 's Diary " 戦亂の中國
     天下統一を目指す最強國 秦の國王は
     他國が放つ刺客に命を狙われていた" #
  • Requirements: Time? Yes. Boredom? Absolutely not. #immersion #
  • 日本国大君 – Wikipedia "日本国大君(にほんこくたいくん、英語:Tycoon of Japan)は、日本の江戸時代に対外的に用いられた、徳川将軍の外交称号。" #
  • Would you allow other people to force you to do the boring things you try to force yourself to do in your spare time? #
  • Would you allow other people to say the mean things you say to yourself about "discipline" and "staying the course"? #
  • You'll always need to be persistent. But you'll never win people's willing cooperation with meanness, not even when people = you. #
  • "Turn Yourself Into A Monster: What To Do When People Around You Are Not Encouraging Or Supportive" #
  • YouTube – Learning Chinese Why and How: On The Street of Shanghai #
  • @e_dub_kendo They were. The fun ones at least. When I'm on a roll, it's because the road is smooth, i.e. i+1. in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo I did sometimes overstretch, but it always hurt and it was always boring. in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo In a sense it's like short timeboxes — no one's saying don't do stuff, just do it in tiny, tasty tidbits. in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo Heisig is very i+1, because he's all, like, "well, if we know kanji A, why not use that knowledge to learn A' ?" in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo Now I'm just telling you stuff you already know. Sorry about that 😛 in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo Yeah, but seriously, to NOT go i+1 is to say "I am going to ignore the benefit of all my previous knowledge/experience" in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo And if we don't use our knowledge/experience, it's like we don't have it. Might as well not bother acquire it… in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • @e_dub_kendo THAT lack of "building upon" is what makes learning *seem* hard and sucky…you feel like you never know anything anyway v. 虚しい in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • Would you deny yourself food *because* you were hungry? Then why would you give up on something *because* you suck? #
  • "Work from the most simple to the most complex tasks" | B. F. Skinner – Wikipedia #
  • GHOST WORLD 日本語版 [コミック] #
  • @e_dub_kendo How To Really Make the Transition to Monolingual Dictionaries: Look up words you already know in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • "決まりましたね。
    さて何年もつやら。。" #
  • Sometimes I wonder whether SRS and timers aren't my hammers and the world a box of nails…hehe…whatever works, I guess 😀 #
  • @e_dub_kendo Haha…es la verdad, esse </fakeSpanish>. Maybe…hardcore shakes out the mental cobwebs, but only easycore is actionable 😀 in reply to e_dub_kendo #
  • Obligation may sound good, but fun actually gets done. Small + fun = repeatable. Repeatable = habit. #immersion #timeboxing #SRS #
  • All those "shouldknowit" and "mightneedit" cards seem so reasonable until you find you're not actually doing reps. Delete. #SRS #
  • A deckful of fun cards that you actually do reps on = ∞ly better than a "should" deck you've been avoiding for 3 months #SRS #
  • Don't be afraid to delete kanji, either. Better an "incomplete", living deck than a perfect, dead one. #SRS #
  • Delete liberally. Anything you need to know that much will nag you in the #immersion environment until you can't ignore it. #SRS #
  • @aaronvanvalen No one's saying "give up". Just, you know…do lay-offs (lol?). Delete individual cards that suck, not the whole deck 🙂 in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen Consider "delete" one of the score options. During your reps, use the delete button freely. That's all. in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen You may end up doing more deletes than reps, especially at first. That's fine. in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen But, pretty much if you don't delete SOME cards now, you'll end up looking at NO cards at all. in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • Meander like a river, choosing fun at each turn. That's way more likely to get you to the sea than a bunch of "shoulds" #immersion #
  • "Si c’est japanisable, je japanise." #
  • @kenrickchien Normal speed or high speed? in reply to kenrickchien #
  • @aaronvanvalen An incomplete deck that you actually do reps on > a perfect deck that you keep avoiding in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen Plus you can always ad stuff back if it turns out you really need it. (environment and other kanji will show you) in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen When people avoid their kanji deck, they're essentially deleting their entire deck. in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen A deck that isn't touched is a deck that basically doesn't exist, no matter how "complete" it is. in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • @aaronvanvalen So delete any card you dislike. The remaining cards will teach you lessons you can apply to making new cards. in reply to aaronvanvalen #
  • SRSing is like gardening. Think of your deck as a living system. It grows, changes and develops with you. You prune weeds… #
  • Your #SRS deck is never "perfect" or even uniform, but it's always improving, just like you. #
  • "My solution for overnight 日本語 is…audio. I queue up a large amount of podcasts and…play in shuffled order." #
  • レゴブロックでサッカーW杯を再現、ドイツ人の力作動画が大ヒット 写真3枚 国際ニュース : AFPBB News #
  • Can't do 100%? Do 50%! "Half-a**ed job" is not a bad thing. Do half an a** now, half later, and soon you have a nice, round a** #
  • Often, the half-a**ed job you do now is worth ∞ly more than the J-Lo job you're supposedly going to do later. #timeboxing #
  • Imagine if Lego didn't come in little blocks. That's why your work sucks: b/c you refuse to cut it into fun little pieces. #
  • "Do not tolerate for a minute the idea that you are prohibited from any achievement by the absence of in-born (cont) #
  • Learning a Language Is Like Moving to a New City « The Word Collector #
  • "easy and hard are nothing more than words to describe how much you resist doing the work" #
  • "大きな目標=理性的な対応ができない=失敗する
    小さな目標=理性的に対応できる=成功する" #
  • If in doubt, always pick the easiest new/semi-new word to learn. #SRS #sentences #
  • 犬や猫の目ヤニ・涙:ペットと一緒に幸せに暮らそう #
  • "Yo momma’s so peripatetic, she went out for a walk and never came back" #
  • "RTK1 can be an integral part of the process, not just a diversion on the way to learning how to read" #
  • Be loyal to the goal, not to the method. #
  • "You can absorb Japanese even when you don’t want to. " #
  • "If you build the right environment it stops becoming a choice…whether or not you learn Japanese today" #
  • 気ままにYouTube "YouTube、veoh、DailyMotion、ku6、MEGA、sina、youkuパンドラTVなどで観れる映画、アニメ、ドラマを紹介しています。" #
  • "Last fm is a great lazy way to find new Japanese bands without too much effort" | Welsh Dan #
  • 「戰國末期,秦國逐漸強大,露出兼併天下的野心。」 #
  • Don't try to learn Japanese. Don't try to follow a method. Just make contact with Japanese this hour. #
  • Your job isn't to burn, your job is to ignite and refuel. The fire burns by itself. #birthline #smallsteps #
  • Touch Japanese every hour. One song, one website. Something. Anything. I'm not saying that's enough: I'm saying it will make itself enough. #
  • Doing easy things builds momentum and confidence. #
  • Doing things in an easy way is the same as doing easy things. #
  • The preceding messages were brought to you by Captain Obvious 😛 #
  • 比較・競争とは無縁 学習到達度「世界一」のフィンランド – この記事を手がかりに #
  • 比較・競争とは無縁 学習到達度「世界一」のフィンランド  "他人と比較して上か下か、という考え方をしない。" #
  • 比較・競争とは無縁 学習到達度「世界一」のフィンランド  "「楽しんで学ぶ」貫く" #
  • フィンランドの教育制度② #
  • 漫画の新聞 マンガで読むニュース #
  • 漫画の新聞 / ワールドカップ特集記事一覧 #
  • 漫画の新聞 / 探査船「ちきゅう」出港、掘削調査へ #
  • There's never an excuse to do nothing. And there's never an excuse to do boring, painful things. #immersion #
  • Sitting in an English meeting? Take notes in Japanese. #
  • ガイウス・ユリウス・カエサル – Wikipedia #
  • ソラニン (漫画) – Wikipedia #
  • You don't have to use "real" Japanese when taking your notes. You can use a kanji-kana-based shorthand. #immersion #
  • I generally used Heisig-style kanji-keyword relationships when taking college class notes in Japanese. Made for cool mindmaps 😀 #
  • iPad 行貨會有繁體字嗎?(頁 1) – iPad – – Powered by Discuz! Archiver #
  • 蘋狂陣 Appletalk • 檢視主題 – Chinese Handwriting on iPad #
  • iPad 繁體字 – Google 搜尋 #
  • 網上電台: 講台 talkonly #
  • オシロスコープ – Wikipedia #
  • 気象庁|地震情報 "平成22年07月23日06時08分 気象庁発表
    23日06時06分頃地震による強い揺れを感じました。" #
  • "Language Logic: Practical and Effective Techniques to Learn Any Foreign Language" #
  • レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー にほんごよむよむ文庫 "「日本語の読解教材はつまらない!」「今の日本語のレベルに
    そんな日本語学習者のために、・・・" #
  • "〈「町工場」とかけまして「2ちゃんねる」と解きます。
    その心は「中小(中傷)」が多いでしょう〉" #
  • S1:Part 3:Mastery is In the Basics « Celestial Celsius #
  • Slow motion > no motion. #immersion #
  • Slow progress > no progress #immersion #
  • Progress is progress. Don't get on its case so much about speed. 😀 #
  • レイチェル・ワイズ – Wikipedia #
  • Should but can't/won't/aren't? Do 50% and call it a win. #timeboxing #
  • Should but can't/won't/aren't? Do something for 1 minute and call it a win. #timeboxing #immersion #
  • Try to eat too much → choke. Try to work too much → choke. Work like you play: for only 2 more minutes #timeboxing #
  • Momentum matters more than speed. Do something. Anything. #immersion #
  • WindowsからLinuxへのロードマップ: 第1回 Linuxで考える "Linux開発は大部分、衣装よりも中身に重点を置かれてきたのです。" #
  • デニス=ロッドマン、参戦 #
  • 米IT大手、軒並み好決算 | 日本経済新聞 #
  • "アップルは高機能携帯電話(スマートフォン)「iPhone(アイフォーン)」などの販売好調で、アジア太平洋地域(日本を除く)の売り上げを2.6倍に拡大。" #
  • 世界の人口 "(米国勢調査局と国連データからの推計)" #
  • 水耕栽培 – Wikipedia #
  • "he memorized the poem in small segments—about seven lines a day " #
  • "まず私はこの漫画のすべての情報を信じているわけではありません。しかし正しい部分もあるかとも思います。" | YouTube – 【小林よしのり】真実の近現代【日本史編】 #
  • YouTube – 30秒でわかる日本の歴史 #
  • YouTube – 日本の歴史 時代の流れ編 【学習教材DVDサンプル】 #
  • フューチュラマ (アニメ) – Wikipedia #

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