AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-08-21

  • "create motivation.
    For your reading, read things you're interested in." bit.ly/aKNl4q #
  • "adults are better at avoiding hazing" bit.ly/aKNl4q #
  • "we may be rehearsing how to speak as we are listening, even when we do not…speak out loud" bit.ly/avrUOo #
  • YouTube – (Collaboration) PUSHIM, Rhymester, Home Made Kazoku, May J – I Say Yeah! (HQ)(English Subs) bit.ly/akCNvM #
  • I Say Yeah! PUSHIM, RHYMESTER, HOME MADE 家族, マボロシ, May J. 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/9CK1Kq #
  • YouTube – May J. / Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', クレンチ&ブリスタ bit.ly/aIVfIg #
  • YouTube – Dragon Ash and Sugar Soul — Garden bit.ly/beiAan #
  • Garden SUGAR SOUL feat. Kenji 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/bhYIuM #
  • YouTube – Dragon Ash-Summer Tribe bit.ly/cdWoL7 #
  • Summer Tribe Dragon Ash 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/9ojdMF #
  • 「積小成大
    ㄐ| ㄒ|ㄠˇ ㄔㄥˊ ㄉㄚˋ
    累積小量而成大數。」 #
  • レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズ – Wikipedia "日本での通称は「レッチリ」。" bit.ly/9sO2nK #
  • "映画『BECK』、レッチリ&オアシスという米・英を代表する2組の世界的トップバンドによるダブル主題歌が決定。" bit.ly/am2Qq1 #
  • YouTube – [MV HD] SHINee (샤이니) – Ring Ding Dong (링딩동) Official Music Video bit.ly/dydNzx #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves WHEE SUNG / I'M DA 1 bit.ly/bggBwe #
  • YouTube – Planet 51 《外星51》粵語配音版 幕後花絮 bit.ly/cEnDzI #
  • AV・コンピューター機器の独老舗“LINDY”が日本上陸 : BCNニュース : ニュース : ネット&デジタル : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) bit.ly/aALxh7 #
  • 現代における自殺のロマンティシズムとメディア bit.ly/96LqKF #
  • "ネット上の巨大掲示板などでしばしばみられる「アイロニズムの果てのロマン主義」的なコミュニケーション" bit.ly/96LqKF #
  • YouTube – 【打擂台】Gallants MV – 歐陽靖(MC Jin), 賈曉晨(JJ), 黃又南 bit.ly/aoi31f #
  • YouTube – MC Jin + 陳奐仁 ~~ 買一送一 ….. ♫.•°•.♫.•°•.♫ bit.ly/9GoiKb #
  • 王力宏 – 在梅邊 MV bit.ly/abRMHx #
  • 王力宏 (Feat. Rain & J Lim) – 完美的互動http://bit.ly/a9skkI #
  • YouTube – David Tao-找自己 bit.ly/bpDyDw #
  • YouTube – 周杰倫-東風破 bit.ly/ceIEDX #
  • @danielpwright まさしく in reply to danielpwright #
  • The older you get, the easier it becomes to make excuses about how old you are. #
  • Ignore all the authoritative-sounding language advice blowhards (especially me! hehe). Just do what makes you laugh. #methods #
  • Get back in touch with your inner toddler. Stop sucking it up and start saying "no" to things you don't like. #immersion #
  • Many people's sense of direction has atrophied due to excessive obedience. Get it back: say no to boring crap #immersion #
  • Be confident where and when it counts. Speak softly and carry a big delete button. #SRS #delete #saynotoboring #
  • "No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat." bit.ly/bZR371 #
  • "黑貓、白貓,會抓老鼠的就是好貓" bit.ly/aYnOD6 #
  • Milestones are made up. So you might as well make up ones that you like and that help you. #
  • YouTube – May J. / Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', クレンチ&ブリスタ bit.ly/aIVfIg #
  • たんしゅくゆーあーるえる【短縮URL】 : モニ太のデジタル辞典 : コラム : ネット&デジタル : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) bit.ly/aaefrk #
  • [睇動畫 學日文]K-ON!!第2季 第11話 « HKLinguists bit.ly/cTSgTa #
  • 尖度 – Wikipedia bit.ly/9WTYTd #
  • at least do something that helps #immersion bit.ly/dzVI9L #
  • @emmadaiou28 What kind of adjustments did you make? Deletions? 😀 in reply to emmadaiou28 #
  • #Immersion = small, simple, easy, lazy. bit.ly/dzVI9L #
  • iFlipr — Flashcards on your Cell/iPhone bit.ly/98Cdi1 #
  • Mnemosyne -ムネモシュネの娘たち- bit.ly/bYQNAq #
  • 學邊啲語言實用? « HKLinguists bit.ly/aDumjV #
  • 三木武夫 – Wikipedia bit.ly/aMOoLo #
  • YouTube – 你有冇搞錯呀 宜家算點呀 | わしょく 言葉 bit.ly/cJOdPr #
  • 台灣卡通頻道 – 免費線上遊戲及動畫 bit.ly/cvBkKx #
  • 桐谷美玲オフィシャルブログ「ブログさん」by Ameba bit.ly/8YtgWY #
  • You don't need the most efficient method. You need the most you'll-actually-freaking-do-it method. #
  • GOOD TV 好消息衛星電視台 網站 bit.ly/9OwqvC #
  • You don't learn Japanese because you say so or even because you want to. You learn Japanese because you make Japanese choices. #
  • Either you stop the boredom or the boredom stops you. Don't do boring things. Skip. Skim. Delete. Fast forward. #
  • Don't "want to" learn Japanese. Don't "should" learn Japanese. Just make little Japanese choices bit.ly/a9JJq4 #
  • YouTube – Auma Obama (Barack's Sister) on Beckmann (German TV) [1/3] bit.ly/d85yIZ #
  • Don't "want to" learn an L2. Don't "should" learn an L2. Just make little L2 choices
    bit.ly/dspBRr #
  • The only thing you have to do in order to learn an L2 is make choices that bring you in contact with it.
    bit.ly/dspBRr #
  • The only thing you have to do is make contact with the L2. EVERYTHING ELSE is optional.
    bit.ly/dspBRr #
  • "No one fails for lack of a goal, only for a lack of dots" bit.ly/9aRfCL #
  • It's a (Japanese) Sign bit.ly/6bcpgT #
  • "if it tastes bad, spit it out" | Matt-le-kat bit.ly/9aRfCL #
  • "When there's a will to fail, obstacles can be found." bit.ly/aKh02v #
  • 亦竹的日本文化研究社 @YLib Blog "信長的後繼者豐臣秀吉,是個什麼樣的人?" bit.ly/bt9XFa #
  • 基因 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 bit.ly/9O80OS #
  • More Brain Research Suggests 'Use It Or Lose It' bit.ly/91lTox #
  • "a lack of both chemical and electrical stimuli causes the cells to self-destruct" bit.ly/91lTox #
  • Sakura SRS – for iPhone & iPod Touch bit.ly/bCkQjb #
  • Use it or Lose it 使わなければ失われる! / アンチエイジング・サロン 考え方、スタイル、方法 bit.ly/bVHPPs #
  • Book Review: Japanese Graded Readers — zonjineko! "Inside – ジョンさ" bit.ly/duSSUa #
  • This video's great because you get to see unscripted, ad hoc, on-the-fly, natural #Japanese speech bit.ly/d9VDpz #
  • Uncut(edited), unscripted, natural speech is really disjointed and full of awkward pauses 😀
    bit.ly/d9VDpz #
  • @Cush1979 hehehe in reply to Cush1979 #
  • Don't think of it as a foreign language. Think of it as your language…delayed, or as a dialect of a single human language. #
  • They're just sounds. They're just 2D symbols. They're just people. #immersion #language #
  • Show me someone who is failing and I will show you someone who is neglecting, no, actively refusing, to do easy things. #
  • The actions that will bring you success will seem obvious, easy and pointless to you. Good. So do them then. #immersion #
  • People may refine a language in class but they will never learn it there. Pretty much. #
  • EPICWIN "Estimated launch date: August 19" bit.ly/a1i00s #
  • YouTube – 繁體字教育該不該恢復_1/5 bit.ly/cHT63L #
  • 高錕 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 bit.ly/bUAv59 #
  • Anki – friendly, intelligent flashcards bit.ly/8X85Tf #
  • YouTube – L-VOKAL / STEP UP feat.KREVA bit.ly/c5I1ka #
  • YouTube – NITRO microphone underground-SPECIAL FORCE bit.ly/dacEsQ #
  • 日本経済新聞 bit.ly/dqKC43 #
  • 槓桿學習全攻略 :時間最少成效最大的終極學習術 bit.ly/aPaTmh #
  • Whoopsie. Some of those links were slightly lamer than I expected. 😀 Sorry, team! #
  • 漢文を復活させよう bit.ly/bsW6Gc #
  • YouTube – [ENG SUB] DBSK – Mirotic (HQ Full Ver.) bit.ly/a2b8Rb #
  • 韓国語(ハングル)にローマ字ルビ "


    " bit.ly/b7LrfO #

  • CantoDict bit.ly/aTqHKg #
  • YouTube – 第一眼-江若琳(高清版) bit.ly/coSBjJ #
  • アメリカ後の世界 – 池田信夫 blog(旧館) bit.ly/buYYSE #
  • 後美國世界: 群雄崛起的經濟新秩序時代 bit.ly/aYjPCF #
  • I timebox and so can you ~ numerodix blog bit.ly/aCngvz #
  • ヒッピー – Wikipedia bit.ly/aiIlDg #
  • 学歴難民 – Wikipedia "教育機関での教育研究活動は民間企業が求める人材(ニーズ)とは直接の連続性がないとみなされることがある。" bit.ly/akBGqz #
  • 台灣卡通頻道 – 免費線上遊戲及動畫 bit.ly/cvBkKx #
  • YouTube – 2009-12-23公視晚間新聞(開放陸生 採認41所學歷限額2千名) bit.ly/deocQr #
  • YouTube – 恢復繁體字? 陸政委另類提案 TVBS 20090304 bit.ly/dirdV2 #
  • ダンテ・カーヴァー、国際結婚は"予想外"? | 動画検索エンジン Fooooo[フー] bit.ly/bNOBj4 #
  • Don't do the right thing.
    Do the right direction. #justdoone #timeboxing #immersion #SRS #birthline #kaizen #
  • YouTube – 안무Full영상_SuperJunior-SORRYSORRY_ Only댄스Ver bit.ly/bB8dOF #
  • No runups. Take actions that are too small, too easy to prepare for. #justdoone #timeboxing #
  • Do something in Japanese. Not something good. Not something productive. Just something. #
  • "Most academic research on language learning just seeks…to come up [with] an article for publication" bit.ly/b92uu4 #
  • "If we provide students with enough…input, the structures they are ready to acquire will be present in the input." bit.ly/b92uu4 #
  • YouTube – MCU シーサイド・ばいばい MCU ver bit.ly/9g8ien #
  • Write out your grocery shopping list in your L2. Look up the words you don't know. #easy #
  • "explanations are usually not all that useful. It is better to encourage the learner to become observant" bit.ly/b92uu4 #
  • Run with the dogs and catch fleas. Hang out in the Japanese parts of the Internet. Parse carefully to prevent offense 😛 #
  • Over time, your browser history will probably tell your language future. 😀 #
  • リトルクロック bit.ly/ce91nQ #
  • If you want to know what language you're really learning, check your bookshelves, media players, browser history… #
  • The language you say you're learning is whatever you say it is. The language you're really learning is what Ctrl-H says. #
  • naoya_t:ポール・グレアムのエッセイと和訳一覧 bit.ly/aGow4X #
  • 漢文を復活させよう "漢文って元々日本と中国、そして韓国などの
    国家間で意志疎通のためにごく普通に使われていた" bit.ly/bsW6Gc #
  • 麥田新書《後美國世界:群雄崛起的經濟新秩序時代》 bit.ly/cmROR8 #
  • You deserve to be recognized and rewarded for the little things you do right. Just not necessarily by other people. #
  • わーい!It's finally out! "EpicWin for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store" bit.ly/9LP12P #
  • スカイダイビング – Wikipedia bit.ly/ame3sc #
  • One irony of our society is that it's cool to know a language, but it's not cool to be doing the things necessary to get there. #

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