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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-08-28

August 28, 2010
  • @sevarg KanjiClinic and Chris Houser were big, I think. Dr (Mary Sisk) Noguchi's literacy…those were big… in reply to sevarg #
  • @sevarg Also, I Dr. Noguchi actually forwarded an email to Heisig (呼び捨て) for me. I asked him "are you sure this'll work for Chinese, mate?" in reply to sevarg #
  • @sevarg Anyway. I actually tried and failed to learn kanji many times. 4~5 times. SRS, by allowing me a margin of error, made it all work. in reply to sevarg #
  • Fun fact: The first time I saw sentence cards [on AntiMoon], I thought they were too easy to be effective ('TF? all I do is read it out?) #
  • I was initially skeptical of pretty much every language acquisition technique that I now use and/or promote. #
  • Don't believe in methods. There's nothing to believe. Try and see. Run a little side experiment and see the results. #
  • エドワード・サイード – Wikipedia #
  • YouTube – Chloe & Ashley February 2009. Cantonese speaking 2 year old twins #
  • 漢文を復活させよう "漢文が消えていくなんて論外っすねえ。

    使用が可能な状態に回帰して欲しいですよね。 " #

  • YouTube – HQ [MV] 少女時代 (SNSD) Run Devil Run 日本語訳 [Japanese Sub] #
  • 東西教会の分裂 – Wikipedia #
  • Nujabes – Wikipedia #
  • Joe In Japan » Sentence Mining Explained #
  • YouTube – 隠し砦の三悪人 THE LAST PRINCESS予告編 #
  • ディオン・サンダース – Wikipedia #
  • 映画/ナタリー・ポートマンがダークサイドに? 主演作がヴェネチアでオープニング上映決定 – #
  • Perhaps start talking about how long you've been learning your native language in *minutes*. Could be a good reference habit #
  • "Creating New Chinese Characters
    How do new Chinese characters come to be created?" #
  • Don't do what you can't. Do what you can. Can you push "play" on an iPad? You do have opposable thumbs, right? #immersion #
  • If no one's telling you you're overdoing it, then you're not doing enough yet. :D Use this one with care, haha. #immersion #
  • If people tell you you're doing too much Japanese, you're probably doing the right amount. #immersion #
  • Book Review: Talent Is Overrated | A Great Book About Becoming Great | AJATT #
  • "SRS is by far the most effective vocabulary learning method I’ve ever seen." #
  • バートランド・ラッセル – Wikipedia | Check out the external links! #
  • Worked on a(n emotionally) difficult project today using #incremental #timeboxing (start @ 60 seconds, +10 seconds/round) #
  • Myth #1 "The best way to learn a foreign language is to go to a foreign country" | #
  • Myth #5 "You are a foreigner, therefore you will always have a foreign accent" | #
  • "To speak English fluently1, you need a lot of input. I needed about 1,000,000 sentences over 3 years " #
  • Chinese | #
  • 財団法人 目黒寄生虫館 #
  • Welcome to #
  • 中国語ジャーナル 2010年9月号|書籍・雑誌|アルク・オンラインショップ #
  • サルにお金を持たせると人間と同じく非合理的な判断を下す – スラッシュドット・ジャパン #
  • "I’ve found what works well for me is putting headphones underneath my pillow" #immersion #sleep #
  • 地デジTV1~7月出荷、1000万台超え : BCNニュース : ニュース : ネット&デジタル : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) #
  • "話題のiPadの対抗馬といえるASUSの製品を手に取った、サイズはiPadとほぼ同じだが、後発ゆえの工夫が随所にみられる。" #
  • If someone makes fun of you, tells you to quit, and you keep going anyway, you win. Don't justify. Drive #socialresistance #
  • You win by moving. You don't win by being agreed with. You can sit around agreeing all day and still not get anywhere. #
  • So you win people over to your side. And then what? You still need to actually do stuff. Let people disagree. 'Adds drama :D #
  • Sebamed愛上PH3.8 | Feminine intimate wash… :P #
  • Stop shoulding on yourself. Be real. Don't do what you should do. Do what you actually can and want to do #immersion #plans #
  • You're going to die. Your body will rot; no one will remember you. So you might as well have fun while you're here. #immersion #
  • ウィークリーワールドニュース・ジャパン | weeklyworldnews japan | Thanks to MD for this gem of trash! #
  • ハリウッド・セレブ・ニュース | more trash #
  • "縦書きも横書きもOK。漢字とかなとカナ、アルファベットまで組み込んで文章が綴れる。難しい言葉に振り仮名をつけられるし、様々な敬語表現や味わい深い方言もある。言葉遊びは自由自在―日本語には全てがある" #
  • Sudden late-night impulse: Star Trek Voyager in Japanese! :D #
  • 揚聲器 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 #
  • @BoccKob Haha…I don't quite remember…I'll have to check out that episode :P in reply to BoccKob #
  • 八ヶ岳清里大泉高原 天文台で天体観測 ペンション スター・パーティ #
  • 金石堂網路書店 – 小王子 #
  • I find that it's important to own lots of L2 books long before you're "ready" for them. There's a sort of "gravitational pull". #
  • It's almost like…you don't learn to read and THEN get books, you get books and thereby learn to read. #
  • The (L2) books in the home thing seems to provide important physical/mental cues for literacy… #
  • @ta132 Wow! May I see some of your decks & cards? in reply to ta132 #
  • @UnclePolyGlot 小父さん!パソコン用の良き中日日中辞書ソフト、ご存知ですかね。今まではChineseWriterを使ってたんですが、いちいち故障しやがるので、やっぱり取り替えたいと思います。 #
  • 「「出る杭」は打たれもするが、出すぎてしまえば、まわりもあきらめる。」 #
  • #
  • A language is a musical instrument. The notes are the writing system. The keys are your lips, tongue and teeth? #
  • "Home library size has a very substantial effect on educational attainment" #
  • Remember, you don't have a foreign language problem, you have a(n adult) literacy problem. #
  • You've done this language thing before; you're already the dog's bollocks at 1 language. USE that. Reflect on it. Repeat it. #
  • “Don’t follow your mentors, follow your mentors’ mentors" | So true. #
  • Don't look for logical reasons to learn a language. Learn it, and the logical/economic reasons will present themselves. #
  • Too many people look for opportunities to justify learning a language, not realizing that it is the knowledge that creates the opportunities #
  • Don't look too hard for the worth beforehand. Once you know the language, it will make itself worthwhile. #
  • In learning L2, look for the FUN right now, but don't look for good reasons. Good reasons can be made up later. Fun has to be now #
  • 迷思五:「你是外國人,因此一直會有外國口音。」 | "這句話經常用來打消學外語者認真地學發音的念頭。" #
  • フリーダイビング – Wikipedia #
  • No language learner should get credit for "intelligence". Given decent conditions, language acquisition is *inevitable*. #
  • No language learner should get credit for "intelligence". All you're seeing is habit crystallized. "Engineered inevitability". #
  • Adult language acquisition is nothing but engineered inevitability. Language learners are just good "situation designers". #
  • すべてを記憶する | Evernote Corporation #
  • "「童の時は語ることも童の如く、思うことも童の如く、論ずることも童の如くなりしが、人と成りしは童のことを捨てたり」" #
  • @danielpwright Thanks a lot for pointing that out. It's fixed now. :D in reply to danielpwright #
  • Humans learn language naturally. But nature requires precursors in order to work its magic. Your job is to get these ingredients. #
  • People do not fail to learn languages, they fail to provide the precursors for the language to learn itself. #
  • You don't boil eggs. Eggs boil themselves. Nature boils eggs. You provide water, heat and a vessel. #precursors #
  • AJATT = If you really prepare +/- the same precursors/ingredients as a Japanese child, you will get the same dish. #
  • There's this mistaken idea that you have to "do" everything. You don't do much. It's just arson. Start fire. Tend. #immersion #
  • @Birgens The precursors only have to be +/- the same. It's like electric vs. gas vs. wood vs. IH cooking. in reply to Birgens #
  • @Birgens You don't. You simulate. TV = mother. iPod = father. Books = grandparents. Mothers mostly talk *at* their kids anyhow. in reply to Birgens #
  • AJATT/input is a lot like induction heating. Native media "induces" language proficiency inside you. :P #
  • 「他人と比較して、他人が自分より優れていたとしても、それは恥ではない。しかし、去年の自分より今年の自分が優れていないのは恥だ。」ジョン=ラボック #
  • @Birgens Those things are good to have. If we don't have them, we do without. Their absence just makes the game more interesting. in reply to Birgens #
  • Your first language is software. All languages are software. None come hard-coded. Jailbreak yourself and add new apps :P #
  • A computer owner who believes her computer can't do X and therefore never tries, is rarely proved wrong. A brain owner who… #
  • @Birgens Our simulation needn't be perfect. Just good enough. Close enough. Films make us laugh, cry, talk, cringe… in reply to Birgens #
  • @Birgens Also, we can "bootstrap" ourselves in by initially using another, already-learned language. Kids can't bootstrap. in reply to Birgens #
  • Our L1s are perhaps as valuable to us in the early stages as they are damaging if we hang onto them too long. #gomonolingual #
  • The secret to learning a language: know more today than you did yesterday. As close to guaranteed success as you can get. #
  • If you live in the country of your L2 and wanna learn, do this: (1) Turn on the TV at 9am (2) Leave it on for 6~24 months. #
  • If you live in the country of your L2: (1) Turn on the TV (2) Leave it on (3) Get premium cable/satellite. #
  • Premium cable in your L2 will do more for your language skills than any combo of classes and friends. #immersion #
  • Classes confuse. Friends flake out. Premium cable prevails. #immersion #
  • I swear, it's almost as if the TV was invented to teach people language against their will :P. #immersion #
  • YouTube – 愛∞無限第2集搶先看 #
  • Your job isn't to learn a language, it's to not get in the way. Remove the obstacles. Don't dam up the river. Let nature work. #
  • Many gaijin in Japan fail to learn Japanese only b/c they get in the way. They actively reject every possible Japanese thing. #
  • I was at a gaijin friend's house and turned on J-news. She FREAKED. OUT. If you never touch ice don't act surprised that you can't skate. #
  • OK, so it's "impossible" to learn a language? Good. Turn on Japanese TV anyway. Get out of the way. Get out of your way. #
  • @don_rivers Yeah, those Mexican telenovelas (:D)… in reply to don_rivers #
  • Start somewhere. Try here. Try now. #immersion #
  • 無人航空機 – Wikipedia #
  • 緊急用医療ホログラム – Memory Alpha – スタートレックWiki日本語版 #
  • @Birgens You're right. People definitely benefit from having someone to answer questions. in reply to Birgens #
  • 未來的數學家們從這里起步 – 視頻 – 優酷視頻 – 在線觀看 #
  • 未來的數學家 – 視頻 – 優酷視頻 – 在線觀看 #
  • 數學可以快樂學習 不用惡補傷神 #
  • 電子辭典–國語推行委員會 National Languages Committee #
  • Tiger stripes: "彪" | My new favorite char #
  • Bet on your ability to learn Japanese. Then rig the bet in your favor. #probabilityovercertainty #selffulfillingprophecy #
  • "個故事呢…只想說…使唔使咁多臥底呀?成個organization都係臥底呢既?" | lAUGHING gOR之熟口熟面 (Life as a 2 hit 6) #
  • Funny story: whenever I call banks and announce my foreign name, the operator goes: "can we speak to Khatz directly, please?" #
  • 漢字の写真字典 Photo dictionary of rare Chinese characters #
  • "究竟有無人數曾志偉、吳鎮宇、黃秋生自《古惑仔》那個年代開始合演過幾多次呢啲江湖片呀?" #
  • 演技派俳優?実力派女優? – BIGLOBEなんでも相談室 #
  • 陳奕迅 – 維基百科,自由嘅百科全書 "陳奕迅(1974年7月27號—)係香港實力派歌手同埋演員" #
  • 香港廉政公署 #
  • 金錢帝國 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 #
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