AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-09-19

  • "Don't waste my flava" = 「俺の気力を徒に消耗させないで下さい」・・・ってフレーバー無いね、この訳(笑) #
  • Want to know why you're not yet that good at your L2? Don't look at the calendar. Look for a stopwatch. #
  • Want to know why you're not yet that good at your L2? Look at your bookshelves. #
  • Don't leave your "comfort zone", stretch it out from the inside. #SRS #sentences #
  • Remember to let go of the tools occasionally. The point of review & memorization is to allow you to go have fun hands-free. #
  • People who are making fun of you right now are just people who will respect you later. #socialresistance #
  • People who make fun of you often secretly respect your courage and independence. #socialresistance #
  • Groupthink is like war. Starts with "do it for the team", ends with you left alone to die in a pool of your own blood. #
  • The group is as eager for your participation as it is indifferent to any suffering you undergo as a result. #socialresistance #
  • Do the friends who discourage you from reading and learning have the will and ability to pay the price of your ignorance? #
  • 明報新聞網-20100912 bit.ly/asD9fh #
  • YouTube – DJ HASEBE feat.ZEEBRA&MUMMY D – Master Mind bit.ly/ba2mr2 #
  • 小泉もと総理の「一院制-首相公選制」論だと政治はどうなるのか – リアリズムと防衛を学ぶ bit.ly/dhDjvR #
  • OPが好きという理由だけでアニメを見続ける人?挙手しろや!!(^^) #
  • YouTube – クロノクルセイド (CHRNO CRUSADE) OP HD 高画質 bit.ly/9qr8Qo #
  • "just let it slide and keep having fun. Pretty simple choice if you ask me." bit.ly/axLhCT #dothingsthefunway #
  • @UnclePolyglot 教えたるわ、小父さん(^^)!OPとは=主題曲のことでござんす
    bit.ly/91h7DH in reply to UnclePolyglot #
  • STOP and SWITCH as soon as it gets boring. #immersion #media #
  • Boredom Exclusion Principle: boredom and learning (memorization) cannot occupy the same space. #immersion #SRS #
  • パウリの排他原理 – Wikipedia
    bit.ly/c0PTHS #
  • 包立不相容原理 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 bit.ly/cpJ8t9 #
  • if ( bored ) → change(volume || presentation || subject_matter) #
  • "大人の外国語学習における最大の課題は、どれだけ母国語の影響をカットできるかに在る" bit.ly/aKi4qZ #
  • "I just copied Japanese that I heard and used Japanese that I had copied. " bit.ly/aPfEIG #
  • "Japanese was never “difficult” for me because I was just copying what I heard." bit.ly/aPfEIG #
  • "[AJATT] isn't anything more then learn one word now. Not later. And to not push yourself." bit.ly/bYaCuq #
  • "At first I thought that Heisig's method was bull%$#!, but…learning…kanji in a month changed my mind" bit.ly/bYaCuq #
  • [R = (Think small, act small)] > [P = (Think big, do nothing)]. R will actually get you somewhere. #
  • 韓国の漢字復活論争 – 日銀券を増刷して日本国を救う村島定行のBlog "日本語では考えられないが「漢字を使わず平仮名だけで表記しろ」と言われた場合の困難に相当する。これを韓国は強行したのである。" bit.ly/96ibEU #
  • "カタカナハニホンゴノイッシュデアル。ガイコクジンヤウチュウジン、ソレトロボットソシテニッポンコクケンポウガカタカナヲツカウ。ミテワカルトオリヒジョウニヨミニククワカリヅライ。" bit.ly/9kHZjZ #
  • デタラメ新聞"Weekly World News" bit.ly/9PriXO #
  • ウィークリーワールドニュース・ジャパン | weeklyworldnews japan bit.ly/97MJRP | Trash, baby. All the way. #
  • @danielpwright Dude! That's 即買いよ!即買い。迷わず躊躇わず・・・購入。(^^) in reply to danielpwright #
  • John Ogbu – Wikipedia bit.ly/aBWR85 #
  • Good/bad method + over-submissive mindset = pain. #
  • Star Trek Voyager: 返家65.000萬光年 @ 孤島沒有花園 :: Xuite日誌 bit.ly/b7zCkf #
  • Most of the time, "good enough" is perfect. #immersion #
  • Deleting boring, uninspiring, over-difficult #SRS cards only makes you and your deck *more* perfect. 😛 #
  • SRSing is gardening. Bad (boring, uninspiring, overly difficult) cards are weeds. #
  • Bad (boring, uninspiring, overly difficult) cards are weeds. You don't destroy the whole garden to get to the weeds. #SRS #
  • Don't overcorrect. Don't take leave of common sense just to punish yourself. It won't help. #SRS #missedaday #bingepurge #
  • @UnclePolyglot 小父さんの方法論って、どっかに包括的な資料とかありますかね?特に「維持」(メンテ?)について、教えを乞いたいと思います。 in reply to UnclePolyglot #
  • @UnclePolyglot 自分は、X語に集中し始める途端、W語のレベルが低下してしまうので、「次に進めない」という焦燥(閉塞?)感が・・・ #
  • @asiababymama You know no one on Twitter likes you, right? in reply to asiababymama #
  • @asiababymama *cough* disagreable woman *ahem* in reply to asiababymama #
  • @asiababymama Yes, I'm sure "FreeViagra4UFrmKanada" is a great listener #GullibleContentiousWoman in reply to asiababymama #
  • @asiababymama I like you, too, Bonnstance. I'm sorry for yelling at you.

    Would you like some free Viagra from Canada? #friendsagain in reply to asiababymama #

  • YouTube – Brown Eyed Girls 'Abracadabra' bit.ly/bH8bLA #
  • YouTube – [M/V] G-DRAGON – 少年よ (A YO) [HD] bit.ly/a60oa1 #
  • Pick media that you like in small amounts — stuff where you actually enjoy each page. #immersion #
  • Sense of achievement → masochism → avoidance. Sense of enjoyment → repetition → achievement. #immersion #media #
  • SuperMemo: It is more than just memorizing bit.ly/b5lB8v #
  • When it comes to language acquisition, children are tortoises and adults are hares. We get far when we just chill and enjoy. #
  • ウサギとカメ – Wikipedia "能力が弱く、歩みが遅くとも、脇道に反れず、着実に真っ直ぐ進む事で、最終的に大きな成果を得ることができる。" bit.ly/dkWxjK #
  • YouTube – うさぎとかめ bit.ly/akz9Yq #
  • マイケル・オクダ – Wikipedia bit.ly/b3gShw #
  • Usually, "but that's so small; it couldn't possibly help" = *exactly* the thing you need to do right now #immersion #
  • タバタプロトコル|ポンコツ人間修理日記
    bit.ly/cHxSJF #
  • Mao's "Guerilla Warfare"
    Lots of hidden hints on language-learning, actually…
    bit.ly/9cw29p #
  • ガブリエル ストリッカー (単行本 – Mar 2005) の '取締役会の毛沢東―毛沢東の「ゲリラ戦論」に学ぶマーケティング戦略' を Amazon でチェック! amzn.to/aaFlx3 #
  • @foxxphyre Thx for the link! Let me/us know if you find any more 😀 Esp. J-hiphop in reply to foxxphyre #
  • NAKATANI Akihiro: Fast #reading is the effect of high book turnover, not the cause #immersion #
  • NAKATANI Akihiro: If you want to read faster, don't increase your #reading speed, just go through more books #immersion #turnover #
  • NAKATANI Akihiro: Treat books like the yellow pages: Get what you want/need, then move on. Don't stay because you "should". #
  • Suckiness = dirt in your house. There'll always be some. The only question is: what is the slope of the suckiness line? #
  • Suckiness = dirt in your house. Be grossed out enough to reduce it, but not so grossed out that you're paralyzed #SRS #
  • Ignorance = dirt in your house. Be grossed out enough to reduce it, but not so grossed out that you're paralyzed #SRS #
  • NAKATANI Akihiro: Treat books like the newspapers: Get what you want/need, then move on. Don't stay because you "should". #
  • Every moment is New Year’s." bit.ly/9aRfCL #
  • "study every single day, even if it’s ten minutes, even if it’s just glancing over a manga" bit.ly/cSmOpV #
  • Learn Chinese Characters bit.ly/c2Jqwd #
  • 楽しく読めば英語力が上がる ~「多読」の秘訣 | BPnetビズカレッジ:ビジネスベーシック | nikkei BPnet 〈日経BPネット〉 "ね" bit.ly/d2Xb1Y #
  • "多読3原則
    3.つまらなくなったら止める" bit.ly/d2Xb1Y #
  • Learning During Sleep? Researchers Investigate Communication Between Memory Areas bit.ly/9Cqqdq #
  • @serhei HAHAHAHA 😀 in reply to serhei #
  • YouTube – 【お笑い】 はねるのトびら – ナレーション07 – 仁義なき戦い.mpg bit.ly/btgcyG #
  • YouTube – 【お笑い】 はねるのトびら – ナレーション01 – 会議にて.mpg bit.ly/9IEi4v #
  • YouTube – 【お笑い】 はねるのトびら – ナレーション04 – 誘拐.mpg bit.ly/bbP3rH #
  • YouTube – 안무Full영상_SuperJunior-SORRYSORRY_ Only댄스Ver bit.ly/bB8dOF #
  • Know less. Try more. #immersion #SRS #zerocertainty #
  • "Common sense is not common practice"
    bit.ly/aUKLci #
  • The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors – New York Times nyti.ms/bpwrx6 #
  • YouTube – SNSD – GENIE -Japanese ver.- (クセになるわ) real HQ/HD [1440x1080p] bit.ly/djbYZl | Thanks to MD! #
  • [UO]まったりブリタニアン -職人工房、北極に移転- そんなTOSの一日/ウェブリブログ bit.ly/c6yOQL #
  • 中日辞書 – エキサイト 辞書 bit.ly/9ijX4Z #
  • "Do not neglect the basics. Memorizing seemingly obvious things is not a waste of time! " bit.ly/cOp0wC #
  • 学費でみる江戸時代の教育事情 発掘!お金の話 – gooマネー "武士の子も庶民の子も、読み・書き・そろばんに習い事!" bit.ly/cqutgm #
  • YouTube – Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching bit.ly/9Epl34 #
  • "The Grandmother Method of Teaching" LoL 😀 bit.ly/9Epl34 #
  • "Education is a self-organizing system where learning is an emergent phenomenon"
    bit.ly/9Epl34 #
  • "いつの世も、「いまどきの日本語は、、、」という批判的な話は
    よくあること" bit.ly/crig6s #
  • How to learn a language in hours, not years | Fluent in 3 months bit.ly/a2876a #
  • How to learn a language in hours, not years | Fluent in 3 months "The quality of your “years” is pathetic" bit.ly/a2876a #
  • 'I just calculated that my "5 years of french" actually adds up to roughly 1.5~2 months'
    bit.ly/a2876a #
  • "I just calculated that my "5 years of French" actually adds up to roughly 1.5~2 months" bit.ly/a2876a #
  • "Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeclum in favilla.
    怒りの日、終末の時、天地万物が灰燼と化し" bit.ly/9tQMFa #
  • YT Emi Hinouchi-Okay bit.ly/cVZCYL | Underrated and underplayed :D. Reminds me of Coko/Sunshine bit.ly/cHpbZ4 #
  • YouTube – TERIYAKI BOYZ feat.Emi Hinouchi – Paradise Baby bit.ly/bzuKvX #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves 日之内エミ & Ryohei / Summer Time Love bit.ly/b8F0U0 #
  • Summer Time Love m-flo loves 日之内絵美&Ryohei 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/ajH652 #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves Crystal Kay / Love Don't Cry bit.ly/aL0k1v #
  • m-flo Loves Lyrics – COSMICOLOR album lyrics "Love Don't Cry / m-flo loves Crystal Kay" bit.ly/cnxAOz #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves Crystal Kay / REEEWIND!
    歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/asYqpH #
  • YouTube – M-FLO loves CRYSTAL KAY I Like it.【高画質】 bit.ly/a9BYOS #
  • I LIKE IT Crystal Kay loves M-FLO 歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/cps7Ev #
  • "Japanese as any language, or anything in life, becomes second nature the more time you spend in it. " bit.ly/9Uzdp8 #
  • "Read real japanese at any stage through RTK even if you don't understand." bit.ly/9Uzdp8 #
  • "read even if you don't understand everything" bit.ly/9Uzdp8 #
  • ◆南仏 シロッコとミストラルの狭間で◆ 語学 と 訓練犬 bit.ly/bvJmed #
  • 青は藍より出でて藍より青し(あおはあいよりいでてあいよりあおし):ことわざデータバンク bit.ly/9EBbki #
  • Treat #SRS like email/Facebook: do it in short (e.g. 60~90-second) bursts interspersed throughout the day. #
  • Mind – Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits – NYTimes.com "never" nyti.ms/cDFteW #
  • "spacing improves later recall, without requiring…more overall study effort" #SRS nyti.ms/cDFteW #
  • I love standardized tests. The problem is not the tests, it's people attaching inappropriate meaning to them. #
  • A standardized test result has no more and no less meaning than the result of an #SRS rep (session). #
  • Dude…pen and paper is the new sexy…Pen and paper is…the new iPad 😛
    For temp storage, at least 😀 #
  • @funnyav Good question. Suggestion: read about how non-native English speakers developed/repaired theirs, then apply it to langX in reply to funnyav #
  • YouTube – KREVA – あかさたなはまやらわをん bit.ly/8PRw6j #
  • YouTube – KREVA – あかさたなはまやらわをん bit.ly/8PRw6j
    歌詞情報 – goo 音楽 bit.ly/bplATI #
  • YouTube – Raw Comedy Club – Kodjo Akolor
    bit.ly/ac9iGu #Swedish FTW 😀 #
  • "Children pay close attention to subtle variations in tone and timing" bit.ly/ce8zoh #
  • "GDPの約40%が石油と天然ガスで占められ、日本がその最大の輸出先である。" bit.ly/9519wH #
  • Tip: Turn volume down rather than off. #immersion #
  • "all it takes is some headphones and desire to watch some TV shows" bit.ly/aiZFLC #immersion #
  • "今日、この日、
    ここにおいて世界史の新しい時代が始まる。" bit.ly/bj68OA #
  • "われわれの犯すひとつの大きな誤謬は、原因を常に結果の間近にあり、と考えることにある。" bit.ly/bj68OA #
  • "人間に備わっている自己保身の本能に抗う"
    bit.ly/bcqMar #
  • OKADA Toshio: Interest in X — liking X — is talent. If you like X, you are a genius at it. The rest is just practice. #
  • Don't confuse preparation (or lack thereof) with "innate" skill (or lack thereof) | @phxrx #paraphrase #
  • YouTube – Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones in japanese part 14/14 bit.ly/coIzQA #
  • 「始まるのじゃ、クローン戦争が。/ Begun the Clone War has. 」
    bit.ly/coIzQA #
  • "「クローン軍団がいなければ勝利はあり得ませんでした。」「勝利じゃと?我々が勝ったと?勘違いするな。勝ってなどはおらん。今や暗黒面のとばりが降りてきた。始まるのじゃ、クローン戦争が。」" bit.ly/baGbpO #
  • 龍櫻熱血臺詞 バカとブスこそ東大にいけ_心靈驛站_百度空間 bit.ly/dooA5X #
  • 頭のよさがすべてではない。成功者がもっている特質「Grit」とは何か? bit.ly/cH89mB #
  • "受験ってのはな、今の日本に残された「たった一つの平等」なんだぞ! 
    受験で点数さえ取れりゃ、一流大学に入れるんだ。 " bit.ly/aZoAyh #
  • "人間の脳は忘れるように出来てるんだ。だから繰り返せ。刷り込め!" | ドラゴン桜 bit.ly/cbQZYe #SRS #
  • People who get kanji tattoos, even flawed ones, deserve major props for effort and good taste in writing systems 😀 #
  • @The_Spiritwolf lol! awwww…kanji kids say the darnedest things 😀 in reply to The_Spiritwolf #
  • We praise babies for progress, however flawed. Nonnative-level kanji tattooees deserve the same for appreciating beauty #
  • So a nonnative-level kanji user gets a flawed kanji tattoo. And? It's not like they were supposed to know better! 😀 #
  • In 500 years, when everyone in the world is using kanji on a daily basis, THEN we can make fun of people's spelling. 🙂 #
  • All About(オールアバウト) bit.ly/cTDGsa #
  • YouTube – Daffy and Porky in Japanese bit.ly/dn34TN #
  • YouTube – 【MAD】エヴァンゲリオン×マキシマムザホルモン「F」 【修正版】 bit.ly/dBGDqt #
  • YouTube – Cowboy Bebop & Trigun AMV- Tainted Doughnuts bit.ly/c33D15 #
  • SHAKKAZOMBIE – Wikipedia
    白いヤミの中 – 歌詞→HIPHOP系
    bit.ly/d6Wr6h #
  • Start. Just start. Again and again. #immersion #SRS #
  • YouTube – 共に行こう (Version Pure) / SHAKKAZOMBIE feat GORE-TEX, SUIKEN, DABO, MACKA-CHIN bit.ly/9tF6Pk #
    歌詞 #lyrics bit.ly/a6BKjN #
  • anyone who plays with Japanese often enough will eventually get used to it
    bit.ly/apVhzh #
  • If you can't have high-quantity L2 contact, just be sure to keep the frequency high. e.g. 5 minutes/hour, every hour… #

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