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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-11-07

  • "To get me through this
    Semi-charmed kind of life (Baby, baby)
    半ば魔法にかã #
  • Electronic Arts Japan オンラインストア – ようこそ #videogames #Japanese #immersion #
  • PC版Medal of Honor を購入-Medal of Honor PC版ゲームをEAストアJapanでダウンロード購入 #
  • I'm having to use my own advice right now to deal with something I've been avoiding 😀 #
  • #Japanese article about the AJATT article on Critical Frequency 😀 #
  • "「あきらめない限り必ず伸びる」" #
  • More often than we are willing to admit, people do well not despite a lack of formal instruction, but because of it. #
  • Arguably, we are all self-taught. The only difference is in how far we've allowed ourselves to go. #
  • "decreasing effectiveness/productivity as time spent on a task increases" #parkinsonslaw #
  • I'd probably like Japanese classes more if they didn't keep producing browbeaten, illiterate kanjiphobes. 😀 #
  • Be humble, not submissive. Humble = constantly trying to improve. Submissive = doing boring things. #
  • Only a Japanese class can turn a roomful of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Japanophiles into broken, bitter illiterates. #
  • ' "Natural talent" is code for "started earlier, practiced harder." ' #
  • "語学力は暗記力" #
  • Finishing is not doing. Starting is doing. Re-starting is doing. Doing is doing. Finishing just happens. #
  • New at AJATT Plus: How To Get Into the Japanese Translation Industry, Part 2: Background Knowledge and Preparation #
  • YouTube – [MV] 陳冠希-act like u know (完整版) "陳冠希好靚仔呀…

    我中意死佢!!!!!!" #

  • YouTube – MENG WAN feat. MC Yan #
  • YouTube / Point Blanc feat. MC仁 – 命運 #malaysia #cantonese #rap #
  • YouTube – 廿四味 24Herbs New MV "Hu Ge" #lol #
  • YouTube – LMF 揸緊中指 MV #cantonese #rap #
  • "香港人英文甚至好過中文,而有d香港人寫中文時易混入英文句法,寫中文似寫洋話" #
  • "children can teach themselves and each other, if they're motivated by curiosity and peer interest" #
  • YouTube – RubberBand 遊車河 MV "香港樂壇新能量!" #jazzy #Cantopop #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Video Transcript: 恥ずかしいけど見せます / I Have Something Embarrassing To Show You! #
  • V "原作ケネス・ジョンソンのアメリカTV番組をダイナミックプロがコミカライズした。" #
  • V "ある日突然、巨大なUFOが地球の各都市に姿を現した。全世界を驚愕の渦に巻き込んだ異星人<ビ ジター>は、意外にも友好のメッセージを送ってきた。" #
  • New at AJATT Plus: How To Get Into the Japanese Translation Industry, Part 3: Strategy Notes #
  • YouTube – Soul Scream – 蜂と蝶.mp4 via #ajattplus #
  • "史提芬周:喂!屎呀喂!(火雞唔理佢)
    火雞:攞去抆咗佢吖!(遞廁紙畀史提芬周)" #

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