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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2010-12-26

  • Back in the day, when you were dialing manually, you knew your best friends’ phone numbers by heart #lazykanji #
  • "it is better to make the Heisig(=kanji) cards easier than to drop them" #lazykanji #
  • "There are some people that just like to torture themselves"
    For everybody else, there's lazy kanji. #
  • "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." ~ Robin Williams #mindset #
  • "you are learning the language like a child would[,] but with hacks that can speed you up" #
  • "the yeoman work in any science . . . is done by the experimentalist, who must keep the theoreticians honest." #
  • You obviously have a talent for watching TV all day. Change the language to Japanese. Now sit back, relax and win. #
  • 80/20法則根本就是大便 @ 撒旦的WONDERLAND@魔界第六層 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: #missingthepoint 😀 #
  • Good News -ニヤニヤと散歩と人生- "「twitter」って「つぶやく」っていうより「囀る(さえずる)」だよね?" #
  • 囀 : "to twitter" #
  • 毎日小学生新聞 – 毎日jp(毎日新聞) | Japanese newspaper for elementary schoolers w/#furigana, motherlover! #
  • Waiting until you can read to look at real Japanese books is kind of like refusing to hold a guitar until you can play. #
  • A child was born in Japan today. In 5~10 years, what will be the difference between her Japanese and yours? Why? #
  • "As a non-native speaker, I can definitely say that Cartoon Network did more for my English skills than my teacher." #
  • 何だこりゃ!!! | McDonalds Japan Disney Happy Set TVCM #
  • InfiniteLooper – 鏗鏘集 – 各師各法 – 母語教學 – Part 1 (27-4-2008) #
  • 「家長哩•••己經開始接受咗一個現實,就係哩,小朋友嘅學習唔係全部喺學校裏邊發生」
    InfiniteLooper – 教學語言微調方案.mp4 香港 英文 母語 教學 教育 #
  • YouTube – 鬚根show 母語教學 #
  • Waiting until you can read to look at real Japanese books is kind of like waiting until you can iceskate to go to a rink #
  • Comparing yourself to others → epic fail. Comparing yourself to your previous self → progress. #
  • "Man belongs wherever he wants to go — and he'll do plenty well when he gets there." #ownYourL2 #
  • "何か小さなことをはじめるだけでいい。一度にすべてのことを改革する必要はない。" #
  • "大成功を収めている人をじっくりと眺めてみたら、きっと『あの人があんなに上手く行っているのも不思議ではないな。あの人のやっていることすべてを見てごらんよ』とつぶやくことになると思うよ。" #
  • "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."  ~ Michael Jordan #mindset #
  • "Those closest to a problem are often the least capable of seeing it with fresh eyes." #
  • [jp]iPhoneアプリ「EPICWIN」は日常生活をRPGにする "日常にちょっとだけゲーム的な勝利の演出をしてくれるアプリというわけだ。" #
  • You obviously have a talent for surfing the 'Net all day. Change the language to Japanese. Now sit back, relax and win. #
  • 博客來書籍館>工作大解放:這樣做事反而更成功 #rework #Chinese #translation #
  • "英語のことわざ – Still waters run deep.
    直訳: 静かに流れる川は深い。
    意訳: 静かな人は力または興味深い性格を持つ。" #
  • "Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential" #
  • It's not "hard", you just haven't repeated it enough times yet. Keep repeating. #kata #practice #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Exclusive Video: Khatzumoto, AppleMilk1988 and TkyoSam Speaking Japanese #
  • "kanji is the backbone of Japanese." #
  • "getting stuff wrong is a good thing: it means that you've identified a gap in your knowledge" #SRS #
  • Japanese isn't "hard". That book just sucks. 😀 #
  • "If you listen to the chickens around you, you will live, and die, like them — a chicken" #
  • 【ポーランド】ポーランドで初の黒人国会議員が誕生[政治]/NNA.EU #
  • You've never seen a "talented" person. All you've seen are people who spend their time in a certain way. #
  • YouTube – 《毛百萬》(Megamind) HK Trailer 香港預告片 HQ #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Forum Private Messaging Link #
  • UNIQLOCK via japandemic #uniqlo #clock | There's also a screensaver version, btw #
  • JAMSTEC | 独立行政法人海洋研究開発機構 | ジャムステック #
  • 英文Eメール – 定型文・例文 #
  • "Quick, Concise, Chronically Awesome Japanese Business Email Examples For People Who Think Too Much" #
  • "I try to use #birthlines when I can because they are a good way to get started." #timeboxing #
  • "When you’re studying right, it doesn’t even feel like studying." #fun #
  • "I never thought learning a language could be so much fun…it almost makes me feel like I’m not doing something right" #
  • IME, it always takes more than one book to really get it; no book is ever quite "the only book you'll ever need on X" #
  • "なぜベストを尽くさないのか
    Why don’t you do your best!" #
  • 「義務教育では教えてもらえない知らない漢字ばかりで、得した気分にもひたれる。 」 #
  • "Focusing on smaller goals has gotten me through those tough times when I [felt] Japanese was too overwhelming" #
  • YouTube – ニートVS母親 "チョまかせ・お任せ♪桜忍法♪" #
  • YouTube – 恋の虜 第1~2話  ~グローバルTPS物語~ #
  • YouTube – 恋の虜 第3~最終話  ~グローバルTPS物語~ #
  • YouTube – 海闊天空的一代–教改10年後 part1 #
  • "it seems to generally be more lucrative to be fast than expensive." #translation #
  • "lots of things, all in German, all the time. Lots of people didn’t believe it would work, but it did." #
  • "AJATT is not a set method. It’s about getting you to rethink what a language is." #
  • "A language is not a subject of academic study, and people who treat it that way…just don’t make it. They burn up" #
  • Possible future #SRS hack/tweak: learning kanji using cloze deletions…hmmm… #
  • "[A]ren't you learning Japanese for the sake of enjoyment? Why ruin the fun with worry then?" #
  • 記号の読み方辞典(音訳の部屋) | How to read symbols and punctuation in #Japanese #
  • Dude. It's a language. Monkey see. Monkey repeat. No talent, smarts or creativity required. #imitation #contact #
  • If you want certain favorable effects, do *not* fall in love with those effects. Fall in love with their *causes*. #
  • YouTube – 腿抽脂染病 張淳淳指控診所-民視新聞 #liposuction #leg #infection 😀 #
  • If you want Japanese words to be in your head, first you have to let them into your house. #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Khatzumoto's Learning Journal: Critical Frequency Tweak Up #
  • "The reason why so little is done, is generally because so little is attempted." | Try first. Give up later. #
  • ゲオオンライン/DVDレンタルキャンペーン 「インセプション」特集 | "Inception" rental DVD is out 😀 #
  • "発音も英語などのように難しくなく,日本人にも簡単に話せるというスワヒリ語" #
  • 劉德華 《人辦》MV – 視頻 – 優酷視頻 – 在線觀看 #
  • 独楽 – Wikipedia #
  • Any information you get about Japan that's not in Japanese is virtually guaranteed to be second-hand and third-rate. #
  • "the only way I will ever get past those filters is to learn the language and seek out the “dead cow”" #
  • "books that were never intended for me to read" | These are often the very best books 😀 #
  • "the stuff that I don’t even know that I’m missing yet." #whytolearnvocab #
  • If you want certain effects, typically the worst course of action is to aim for said effects. Aim for their *causes*. #
  • "日本是中國文明的一個產兒,而當日本文化進入了西方主權國家的政治典範就變成了一把從內部捅向中國文明的兇器。但同時也展示了一種新治統與新道統合而為一的「文化東亞」的地平。" #
  • You will almost never reach what you want by going directly for it. Go for its root cause → inevitable success. #
  • Don't force yourself to fit into the mold of my ideas. Force my ideas to fit into the mold that is you. #
  • New at AJATT Plus: AJATT+ Exclusive Offer: The Golden Kwanzaa Key of Uncommercialized Righteousness #
  • @funnyav That is correct, Sir. #
  • Android, Windows Phone 7, iPhone4どのスマホがよく焼けるのか:Logic+Idea #
  • RT @photographer37: RT @1meigen: 常識は思考能力のない人のための、道具である場合が多い。高橋がなり #meigen #
  • 盜夢空間(銀版DVD9)-DVD-卓越亞馬遜 | "Inception" DVD@Amazon China — $3 + shipping. #
  • レオナルド・ディカプリオ, 渡辺謙, ジョセフ・ゴード… の 'インセプション [DVD]' を Amazon でチェック! #
  • Ability is not something you have — you create it through practice. You make it out of thin time (not air :D) #timebox #
  • " どんなに悔いても過去は変わらない。どれほど心配したところで未来もどうなるものでもない。いま、現在に最善を尽くすことである。
    松下幸之助(松下電器産業創業者) " #
  • over time, the accumulation of tiny, effortless-seeming, apparently meaningless bits of effort produces massive results. #
  • "the best way I’ve found to see whether a book is good is to just start" #
  • ようこそ!品川区立図書館 | Live in Japan? Get to know your local library. If in doubt, get a "surrogate parent" to take you 😛 #
  • "Read 200-300 books on a subject and you’re an expert." #
  • "If you plan on going anywhere, keep a book with you and you can read if you are forced to wait." #
  • "junk any book when you start to lose interest." #veryimportant #lifeordeath #

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