AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2011-01-16

  • "if anime isn’t “real” Japanese…Then why is it made for Japanese people?" bit.ly/h19u70 #
  • You don’t mess up by doing the wrong thing.
    You mess up by doing nothing. #language #learning #methods #
  • Addiction is more a matter of form than content. The trick isn't to fight WoW, but to make everything else feel like WoW. #
  • "I find Japanese content provides its own why" bit.ly/ffK1UW #
  • How do you make something mundane addictive? By shifting variables, e.g. location, duration, volume, reward, obligation… #
  • "If one of us can do it, all of us can do it…That's the kind of value you should place on yourself" ~ Jim Rohn #mindset #
  • "someone else said they used paper flashcards for Remembering the Kanji. Yeah, don't do that." bit.ly/g2rs7c #
  • マル激トーク・オン・ディマンド – ビデオニュース・ドットコム インターネット放送局 bit.ly/i7g0C3 #
  • "臺湾における第二言語不安の実態と日本語学習 : 学習者の自己効力感を通して捉える" bit.ly/hbcOtD #
  • "The Tenacious Will Inherit the Earth" bit.ly/dDlCR4 #
  • "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now." bit.ly/fEUZNW #
  • YouTube – マイケル・ムーア最新作「シッコ」予告編(日本語)-SiCKO Trailer(JPN) bit.ly/fwxDJF #
  • マッドTV! – Wikipedia bit.ly/fBP5q2 #
  • 乃出個未來 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 "乃出個未來" bit.ly/hbTXB5 #
  • フューチュラマ (アニメ) – Wikipedia "世界各国では繰り返し放送され好評を博している人気番組であるが、日本では(ケーブルテレビなどの有料チャンネルも含め)放送されることがなかったため、国内での知名度は低い。" bit.ly/g9WWy5 #
  • "rote repetition is underrated in America" on.wsj.com/gTYsI3 #
  • ライフスタイル / 美声は身を助く―ホームレスのアメリカンドリーム / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition – WSJ.com on.wsj.com/i8Clh1 #
  • 美國“犀利哥”:黃金嗓音﹐一夜成名 on.wsj.com/harCah #
  • "I'm using the term "Chinese mother" loosely. I know…Jamaican…and Ghanaian parents who qualify too. " on.wsj.com/gTYsI3 #truedat #
  • "If a Chinese child gets a B…there would first be a screaming, hair-tearing explosion." on.wsj.com/gTYsI3 #beenthere #Kenya lol #
  • ""Oh no, not this," I said, rolling my eyes. "Everyone is special in their special own way,"" on.wsj.com/gTYsI3 #lol #
  • "as a parent, one of the worst things you can do for your child's self-esteem is to let them give up" on.wsj.com/gTYsI3 #
  • "What's wrong with the way English is taught in Japan" bit.ly/eWnMj5 #
  • "日本の英語教育は何がまちがっているのか" bit.ly/eWnMj5 #
  • Be a couch potato. Be a bum. Read trash. Watch trash. Eat junk food. Just…do it in a foreign language. #effective #
  • 日本の英語教育は間違っているのか bit.ly/hZyeSJ #
  • "time can be used as a sort of currency to buy…skills" bit.ly/hDOdy0 #
  • "If you tell yourself it's hard, it will be hard. " bit.ly/hDOdy0 #
  • "passive hours are as crucial as active hours" bit.ly/hDOdy0 #
  • 鈴木鎮一 – Wikipedia "日本よりも欧米で、とりわけアメリカ合衆国で高く評価されている" bit.ly/eRaLM3 #
  • There is only 1 way to lose at learning a language: stop. Everything else is winning. 😀 #
  • One doesn’t so much learn a language as one does become a person who habitually comes into contact with it.
    bit.ly/eN1bIl #
  • "物事はすべて不可能だと証明されるまでは可能である。
    また、不可能なことであっても、いまのところはそうであるというだけなのかもしれない。" bit.ly/dEOKWn #
  • Be a couch potato. Be a bum. Read trash. Watch trash. Eat candy. Just do it in a foreign language, with foreign candy. #
  • New at AJATT Plus: How To Get Into the Japanese Translation Industry, Part 6: CV (Resume) and Cover Letter bit.ly/dL15Af #
  • Don't try hard, try easy. But do try 🙂 . Something. Anything. #
  • You don't necessarily have to believe you're Japanese. Just ask yourself what you would be doing right now if you were. #
  • K-POP 歌詞 和訳  Run Devil Run/少女時代 bit.ly/erhRNF #
  • K-POP 歌詞 和訳  Gee/少女時代 bit.ly/fySGlr #
  • Language Growth From Immersion « Informal Language bit.ly/hb2PVb #
  • 死なないために bit.ly/fqZZ0c #
  • "Remember, it’s never a good time so you might as well get cracking." bit.ly/ab7nRH #
  • リン・マーギュリス – Wikipedia bit.ly/eUQsTf #
  • インセプション 《盜夢空間》 | 北九州中國語センター:中國を知る bit.ly/h36zrV #
  • ラストシーンを徹底解説!:映画「インセプション[INCEPTION]」徹底解説サイト bit.ly/f2WzBx #
  • "「自分が出したアイデアを、
                       ビル・ゲイツ" bit.ly/ftxgCJ #
  • 英語での日記の書き方 – 英語 – 教えて!goo bit.ly/hpAKoD #
  • YouTube – BRAVO Miss Ng!通識咪咁教囉! bit.ly/h0SZmi #
  • Sony Music Online Japan International – BIG PUNISHER – bit.ly/ezmh8m #
  • "BIG PUN こと BIG PUNISHER(本名クリストファー・リオス)は、NEW YORK はブロンクス出身のプエルトリカンで、1971年11月2日生まれ。" bit.ly/ezmh8m #
  • Why it doesn’t matter whose or what method you follow | Fluent in 3 months bit.ly/gSlDJz #
  • "any method that you apply enthusiastically enough will actually produce useful results. " bit.ly/gSlDJz #
  • "There is no ‘right’ way, but inaction is the wrong way" bit.ly/gSlDJz #
  • "If it works, and it's stupid, then guess what: it's not stupid." bit.ly/gSlDJz #
  • 黑暗堡壘 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 "黑暗堡壘" bit.ly/fxJpA4 #
  • YouTube – m-flo / come again "この曲今聴いても全然古く感じない。でも携帯電話みてると古いん­だよね~。改めて凄いよ。" bit.ly/dxuiqS #
  • AJATT site is down temporarily. Should be back up within the next 24 hours. #service #announcement #
  • "The key factor separating geniuses from the merely accomplished is not a divine spark. " nyti.ms/hT6nUJ #
  • "I.Q. [is] a generally bad predictor of success, even in realms like chess." nyti.ms/hT6nUJ #
  • "deliberate practice. Top performers spend more hours (many more hours) rigorously practicing their craft." nyti.ms/hT6nUJ #
  • "call out…the influencers in your life, and ignore them all you like." bit.ly/hiXJ9k #
  • Service announcement: AJATT site is back up and running. #
  • Your job is not to learn. Your body will learn all by itself. Your job is to feed your body Japanese. #
  • You're not a "learner", you're a logistics officer. You manage an L2 content supply chain to your eyes and ears. #
  • Don't be afraid to delete kanji. I'm serious. #SRS #delete. #
  • "私は、運の存在を強く信じている。
     ついてくることを知っている。" bit.ly/idnmpH #
  • Every time you #delete you're not don't losing a card — you're saving the entire deck from destruction. #SRS #
  • Either that bad card goes, or the entire deck goes. Destroy the card, save the deck. #
  • If you let that bad card live, the deck will die. In fact, your entire SRS habit will die. Is that card worth it? #
  • 増田悦佐 – Wikipedia "米国で大学教員を務めたのち、日本に帰国して証券アナリストに転じるという珍しいキャリアを持っている。" bit.ly/eSjX4V #
  • "ダース・アンデッデュ(Darth Andeddu)はプラキスの不滅の神王とも呼ばれ、古代にシスの暗黒卿として君臨したヒューマノイドの男性。" bit.ly/gOAi85 #
  • "自分に厳しくしない →自分という子どもを育てていると思い、否定語を使わない。 " amzn.to/gKZ7go #
  • Intercept, interdict, interrupt, interleave your L1 activities with L2 stuff. #criticalfrequency #suppressionfire #
  • I notice that many people seem to get upset when learning (Japanese) doesn't hurt 😀 . They're like "this doesn't count, does it?" #ASM #
  • AJATT(+) access issue now under rigorous investigation by good-looking sysadmins 😀 #service #announcement #
  • "Never give up on Japanese. Always give up on boring cards." ~ Winston Churchill #fakequotes #SRS #delete #
  • "ファット・ジョー(Fat Joe)率いるテラー・スクワッド(Terror Squad)第2の巨漢ラッパーとして人気を集めるも急逝してしまったアーティスト。" bit.ly/el8lx5 | Big Pun/ビッグ・パンのプロフィール #
  • @okanoshita @Manachild Would you mind emailing me your IP addresses? Visit www.whatismyip.com My email: k at ajatt dot com #
  • "I'm not a genius, I just deliberate practice a lot" ~ Big Pun #fakequotes #boricua #morena #
  • New at AJATT Plus: "Immersion" Tactics: Interrupt-Intercept, Sensory Split, Suppression Fire bit.ly/elLeHe #
  • I am reliably informed by the good folk at tech support that AJATT+ should now be working 😀 #service #announcement #
  • When it comes to individual cards, "on the fence" means no. "Maybe" means no. If in doubt, throw it out. #SRS #delete #
  • YouTube – BONNIE PINK – A Perfect Sky bit.ly/hJQde8 #
  • YouTube – BONNIE PINK – A Perfect Sky (Philharmonic Flava) [2007.10.26 武道館ライブ版] bit.ly/f45vnS #
  • YouTube – 【宮台真司】若者は賢い消費者 平成22年10月15日 bit.ly/eu9VxL #
  • YouTube – 開心果 – 楊千嬅 – Wonder Miriam bit.ly/cItDMb #
  • 楊千嬅 – 開心果 | 小奧堅詞 bit.ly/dYQ751 #
  • "勝つ者はあきらめない。あきらめる者は勝てない。" bit.ly/f4Hvvu #
  • 寄付:「伊達直人」さらに拡大 児童養護施設などに、「島村ジョー」も /千葉 – 毎日jp(毎日新聞) bit.ly/fohcCq #
  • 盛岡と一関にも「伊達直人」 児童養護施設に贈り物 bit.ly/guKfhU #
  • "全国各地で漫画「タイガーマスク」の主人公「伊達直人」を名乗る人物からの贈り物が相次ぐ中、横須賀でも1月12・13日、児童養護施設「春光学園」(横須賀市小矢部2)に現金や商品券など合計5件の寄付が届いた。(横須賀経済新聞)" bit.ly/f1wn3v #
  • "I gotta work a lot easier." bit.ly/gb5OsC #
  • If you want to manage what enters your head, all you need do is manage what gets parked directly outside it. #environment #immersion #
  • You're not a "learner", you're a logistics officer. You manage an L2 content supply chain for your eyes and ears. #
  • "2007年9月にフロリダ大学で起きた事件で有名になった「Don't tase me, bro!」(テーザーなんか使うなよ、おい)をもじったものであることが分かった。" bit.ly/eWss07 #
  • YouTube – Nitro Microphone Underground – Coming Soon bit.ly/fNW04R | #NICE #
  • NMU
    bit.ly/dSMfNm | These people just wake up and eat awesome flakes for breakfast every. freaking. morning… #
  • "if it works for you then everyone else's advice be damned: use it!" bit.ly/gSlDJz #
  • "The SRS is simply the thing that gets me to be /at it/. Its the ball. And I've turned into a really good player" bit.ly/gFFg07 #
  • "whether you dump the SRS or not; it makes 0 difference. The question is: are you playing the game?" bit.ly/gFFg07 #
  • "We shouldn't get angry at kids who yell in restaurants. A person who's scared to yell in restaurants can't become a leader in our society"苫 #
  • When it comes to individual cards, "on the fence" means "no". "Maybe" means "no". If in doubt, throw it out. #SRS #delete #
  • YouTube – Future Destiny bit.ly/dVUa6Y | redballoon 未来へ AMV? #
  • スラング英語とヒップホップ用語 HIP HOP歌詞 : How to Learn English like a Gangsta bit.ly/hVBX7E #
  • "ain't no= there is no
    ain't no と否定を連続して使用しても意味は否定形のまま。ほかにも I don't know nothing. など否定を連続して使われる。" bit.ly/hVBX7E #
  • "ちなみにこの曲の有名なフレーズ”boricua morena”は
    morena=肌の黒い(プエルトリカン/ラテンの)女の子っていう意味。" amba.to/elkGYH #
  • 2008年07月12日のブログ|DJ NORI's Blog amba.to/eCAu2b #
  • 華裔“虎媽媽”答讀者問 bit.ly/eDKaZu #
  • 華裔“虎媽媽”答讀者問 "《虎媽媽的戰歌》(Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother)" bit.ly/eDKaZu #
  • "中國式教育是比任何人都相信你的孩子──甚至比他們自己還有信心。" bit.ly/fIb1Nu #
  • "東西方教育各有優勢" bit.ly/fIb1Nu #
  • Immerse in Japanese culture/media/social circles first. Figure out how to understand it later, along the way. #
  • Don't learn kanji first. Buy manga, then be like "Sugoi! Pretty pictures! I wanna know what the words mean!", THEN learn kanji. #
  • Don't worry about whether Japanese gets into your head, just make sure it's parked at the door. #environment #immersion #
  • "10,000 people wanna do it. 100 people start. 1 keeps it up" NAKATANI Akihiro #tenacityIsTheMagicSauce #
  • "サラリーマンになるために大学行くなんて、
    奴隷になるために金をつぎ込んでるようなもの。 " http:// #
  • YouTube – 張震嶽-我要錢 bit.ly/9tYXiQ #
  • All kanji tattoos are good tattoos. Even misspelled or misinterpreted ones. When the baby walks, you don't mock his posture: you celebrate. #
  • "We shouldn't shame kids you yell in restaurants. A person who's scared of yelling in restaurants can't become a leader in our society" ~苫 #
  • YouTube – 子猫と犬 かまってよ~♪ bit.ly/9kkXUm #
  • YouTube – 【自作アニメ】主婦最強伝説 bit.ly/hetSsI #homemadeanime #
  • YouTube – 自主制作アニメーション『めぐり逢う世界』part1 bit.ly/eqDFj5 #
  • RT @msh035tsr: RT @1meigen: 「われわれは服従すべきでしょうか、それとも戦うべきでしょうか?」生きながらえるためには服従すべきであり、存在しつづけるためには戦うべきである。サン・テグジュペリ #meigen #
  • Basically, you can only know as much Japanese as you see and hear. That's what it comes down to 😀 #
  • Go Johnny Go Go Go Go!!                          ~本物の笑いとイケメンは国境を超える~ | Peep Show アプリ、試してみました "~本物の笑いとイケメンは国境を超える~" bit.ly/gSFDKQ #
  • "面白すぎだよ、Peep Show: シリーズ7☆第2話" bit.ly/dJPibr #
  • RT @_mokkey_: 勘違い。共産主義が出来ているのは日本だけ。 RT @ajatt: RT @HIRO037: 日本は中国以上に共産主義 by 宋文洲 #
  • ザ・デイリー・ショー – Wikipedia bit.ly/ffm4Uf #
  • The Daily Yo-ji: Manly Japanese bit.ly/fgmyfV #

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