AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2011-01-23

  • "どんなバカでも自分より大人の人が言うことに間違いはないと15ぐらいまで信じていた。
    今22だが、逆にあの頃の謙虚さが少しでいいから欲しい。 " bit.ly/hjXAEq #
  • 老表,你好嘢!【粵語】(下)
    bit.ly/gyscs5 #
  • YouTube – 少林功夫好嘢 bit.ly/fbElud #
  • YouTube – Mcdull need help(cantonese cartoon) bit.ly/dPfS1r #
  • YouTube – A Whole New World (Chinese-Cantonese) bit.ly/ijQvNX #
  • YouTube – 眉頭不再猛皺 (Sukiyaki).mp4 bit.ly/bkFCtB #
  • YouTube – 杜麗莎//眉頭不再猛皺.(HQ) bit.ly/bEjMd5 #
  • YouTube – Sukiyaki (Kyu Sakamoto Cover) bit.ly/fQG2ib #
  • YouTube – 坂本九 上を向いて歩こう bit.ly/gVEzKE #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Khatzumoto's Learning Journal: Success = Outsourcing Abuse bit.ly/gmuCBL #
  • 【国際】「ウィキリークス」のアサンジ容疑者、世界のハッカーら熱狂的支援[10/12/08] bit.ly/flX7JC #
  • "L'Etat,c'est moi.
    ルイ14世伝" bit.ly/gyDTNb #
  • "「誰がために鐘が鳴るかと問うな、それは、あなたのために鳴っているのだ。」" bit.ly/eJ5Nt1 #
  • Never deny other people the chance to make fun of you: it could be the highlight of their day. 😀 #
  • "たとえ話が多くて、スッキリ爽快というわけにはいかないけれど(わたしだけか?)
    なんていうのか 口調がおもしろかったので。" bit.ly/gcQA6P (^^) #ajatt #
  • "低レベルな高校生ネイティブは語彙がないこと有名だし。
    あれだけ米国でVocaburary Building 系の本が人気なのも学歴による語彙格差が甚だしいからでしょう。 " bit.ly/edAjs4 #
  • "10,000 people want to do it. 100 people start doing it. 1 keeps doing it." NAKATANI Akihiro #tenacity #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves 倖田來未 / Simple & Lovely bit.ly/hwtX6E #
  • YouTube – m-flo loves 日之内エミ & Ryohei / Summer Time Love bit.ly/hv9AVB #
  • "most people flake out…loooong before anything hereditary could possibly come into play." bit.ly/gHcL3q #
  • ミルグラム実験 – Wikipedia
    bit.ly/eCU0wh #
  • 米爾格倫電擊實驗 – 維基百科,自由嘅百科全書 bit.ly/ejgcFf #
  • YouTube – 元素 (The Elements song in Japanese) bit.ly/fmyMbG #
  • "simply listening to a new language sets up the structures in the brain required to learn the words." bit.ly/fsCuID #
  • "extensive exposure to the language" bit.ly/fsCuID #
  • "recognise the importance of extensive aural exposure to a language" bit.ly/fsCuID #
  • "To learn a language you have to grow the appropriate brain tissue, and you do this by lots of listening" bit.ly/fsCuID #
  • You don't start using a monolingual dictionary because you're ready for it. You *become* ready by using it. #
  • Japanese Grammar Guide | Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese bit.ly/goNtnY #
  • Compound Sentences | Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese bit.ly/eaQhC3 #
  • ID4/Independence Day President’s Speech in Japanese…Transcribed! | AJATT | All Japanese All The Time bit.ly/eYBUYt #
  • "「我々は決して音無しく死の闇に消えたりはしない!
    今日 我々の 独立記念日を祝おう!」" bit.ly/eYBUYt #
  • "I need to…listen to more stuff like this to improve my “man speech” listening." bit.ly/eYBUYt #
  • Narcotics Division, Security Bureau 保安局禁毒處 bit.ly/geMVG4 #
  • 火星沙王終結者 (Sandkings) – 恐怖空間 – Yahoo!奇摩部落格 bit.ly/edWif3 #
  • "宮村優子サンの画像デス☆

    惣流 アスカ ラングレーの声優サン。。。


    …ハズ。" bit.ly/ik2viW #

  • YouTube – David Tao-找自己 "可不可以讓我再 讓我再一次 回到那個美麗時間裡 找自己" bit.ly/bpDyDw #
  • Heroes aren't for worshipping. They're for imitating, emulating and surpassing. #
  • "'Might as well start where it's easy." ~ Jim Rohn #birthlines #timeboxing #justdoone #
  • NFLスター Chad Ochocinco|phat bridge- amba.to/ejkxYs #
  • GRAMMAR SCHOOL "グラマー・スクール" bit.ly/fWaTdm #
  • 橋下知事、TOEFL優秀50校に5億円配分へ : 社会 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) bit.ly/gkr2w8 via #ajattplus #
  • 日本が「洋物ゲーム」を嫌う理由 | WIRED VISION bit.ly/gwYxsU via #ajattplus #
  • 日本が「洋物ゲーム」を嫌う理由 | WIRED VISION "「『洋ゲー[外国ゲーム]』という用語は、伝統的に侮辱の言葉で、『質が低い』ことを意味している」" bit.ly/gwYxsU #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Korean MCD Examples, Part 1: Standalone Hangul bit.ly/h3Tilh #
  • FINAL FANTASY STORY -LIST- bit.ly/hA77Jx via #ajattplus #
  • YouTube – Translation Project #2 Khatzumoto AJATT bit.ly/eYpahM #
  • squeezeの意味 – 英和辞書 – goo辞書 bit.ly/hdnyRb #
  • "foundation skills can become automatic. As a result, students can devote cognitive effort to higher-order…skills." bit.ly/gxhe0T #
  • アレクサンドリア図書館 – Wikipedia bit.ly/ijXUiL #
  • "Whatever you do gets stronger. Whatever you don't do gets weaker" ~ Tony Schwartz #
  • "Become a sprinter, not a marathoner." ~ Tony Schwartz #timeboxing #
  • Life is a marathon, but you need to run it like a sprinter: bursty. Run. Rest. #tonyschwartz #timeboxing #
  • 中央公論.jp bit.ly/fBjWUd #
  • "主役は、Russell Petersというカナダ出身のコメディアン。世界の人種や文化の違いをネタにするという、日本ではちょっと放送自粛に近いぎりぎりトークが特徴で、なかなかブラックな笑いが込み上げます。" bit.ly/aRVl2X #
  • bendの意味 – 英和辞書 – goo辞書 bit.ly/figmwc #
  • "自分の意思に反して説得させられた者は、
    自分の元の意見を依然として持っている。" bit.ly/ebMOR0 #
  • "議論に勝つことはできない。議論に負ければ、負けだし、議論に勝ったとしても、負けだからだ。" bit.ly/ebMOR0 #
  • "議論に勝つ唯一の方法は、議論を避けることだ。" bit.ly/ebMOR0 #
  • "未来は既にここにある、単にまだ普及していないだけだ。" bit.ly/fPUYNE #
  • Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life "Semi-charmed kind of life (Baby, baby)
    半ば魔法にかけられた 人生・・・" bit.ly/9LQ5Gr #
  • "Never, ever use Romaji. The English alphabet is for English and the Japanese alphabet is for Japanese." bit.ly/9Rlm1T #
  • HC NIKKO ICE BUCKS Official Site | HC日光アイスバックス オフィシャルサイト bit.ly/gCxqi4 #
  • 日光 その①|kakublo !! amba.to/eoZADX #
  • YouTube – ECD – 君は薔薇より美しい (Featuring 有近真澄) bit.ly/hWzGG8 #
  • YouTube – Nitro Microphone Underground – Coming Soon bit.ly/fNW04R
    Lyrics: bit.ly/i8uW4d #
  • わらしべちょうじゃの意味 – 国語辞書 – goo辞書 bit.ly/gnlROx #
  • RT @takao_kitaguchi: RT @1meigen: 夢を捨ててはいけない。夢がなくても、この世にとどまることはできる。しかし、そんな君はもう生きることをやめてしまったのだ。マーク・トウェイン #meigen #
  • "正しい日本語に自信なし"7割(ライブドア・ニュース) – livedoor ニュース bit.ly/eBoZZJ #
  • Test-Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying, Researchers Say – nyti.ms/fk7GKQ nyti.ms/eJi08R #SRS #
  • Test-Taking Cements Knowledge Better Than Studying
    nyti.ms/eJi08R via Study Shack bit.ly/h0Bxxl #
  • "Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.
    やるに値することは、やりすぎることにも値する" bit.ly/gVkfwU #
  • YouTube – Hiccup and the Dragon ヒックとドラゴン (How To Train Your Dragon Japanese Trailer) bit.ly/h5zYZc via #ajattplus #
  • "The struggle helps you learn, but it makes you feel like you’re not learning" nyti.ms/fWWFaK #SRS #clozedeletions #
  • "Discipline[=remembering what you want] is the bridge between goals and accomplishments" bit.ly/evTT77 #
  • Language-learning is like a fire. It needs a spark (interest), fuel (media) and oxygen (fun). #
  • "It always seems impossible until its done." ~ Nelson Mandela bit.ly/dd61iV #mindset #
  • "Retrieval Practice Produces More Learning than Elaborative Studying with Concept Mapping" bit.ly/i2YPDm #
  • "It always seems impossible until it's done." ~ Nelson Mandela bit.ly/dd61iV #mindset #
  • "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready" ~ Will Smith #SRS #
  • YouTube – Nitro Microphone Underground – カマゲン (Official Music Video) "やーーーーべー" bit.ly/ezNwzy #
  • "there’s no magic bullet, beyond introspection, critical analysis of the process, and corrective feedback." bit.ly/cDDRlt #
  • "Think about how kids (and some adults) like to memorize blocks of amusing dialogue from movies or TV shows." bit.ly/dSiYFU #
  • ミュータント タートルズ 第18話 「決戦!テクノドローム要塞」 ‐ ニコニコ動画(原宿) bit.ly/ew4NZK | Oldskool TMNT in JAPANESE! HA! Thx, MD! #
  • タグで動画検索 旧亀 ‐ ニコニコ動画(原宿) bit.ly/ec8j8G | Japanese TMNT, thanks to MD 😀 #
  • "When you have one eye on the goal, you only have one eye on the path." bit.ly/chG1mM #
  • "School…is a place for most people to determine that their goal is to get out as soon as possible." bit.ly/chG1mM #
  • "I cannot say that I am any more intelligent than my peers…I am only the best at…working the system." bit.ly/chG1mM #
  • 博客來書籍館>太陽默示錄(01) bit.ly/dLTmtZ #Chinese #
  • It's Not Darwinism bit.ly/hwdiwg #
  • "encourage the best qualities of youthfulness – curiosity, adventure, resilience, the capacity for surprising insight" bit.ly/chG1mM #
  • 批判性教學 bit.ly/hucsxP #
  • "genius is as common as dirt." bit.ly/dSDy47 #
  • "ほとんどの日本人は過剰に空気を読む病を煩っている だから日本人に独創的な天才は生まれない" | ライフハックちゃんねる弐式 bit.ly/ds3OW9 #
  • 「空気」の病 – 池田信夫blog – BLOGOS(ブロゴス) – livedoor ニュース bit.ly/9Aq4B9 #
  • コマンドプロンプトを使ってみよう! -バッチファイル- "EQU  等しい
    NEQ  等しくない
    LSS  より小さい
    LEQ  以下
    GTR  より大きい
    GEQ  以上" bit.ly/flV3Sy #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Cantonese MCDs: Sometimes, the "M" can stand for "mini" 🙂 bit.ly/gpGyEf #
  • 苫米地英人出演動画 ミランカ 博士も知らないニッポンのウラ – 苫米地英人 三昧 文具堂 bit.ly/gqJFMn #
  • 鳴かず飛ばずの意味 – 国語辞書 – goo辞書 bit.ly/fZnaXi #
  • "focus inward, on the controllable internal process of stretching and reaching" bit.ly/f6LvmR #
  • "find innovative ways to increase the internal level of competition in the practice routine." bit.ly/f6LvmR #SRS #MCDs #
  • "We construct ourselves through behavior…it's not who you are, it's what you do." bit.ly/f6LvmR #
  • "Maturity is often more absurd than youth" bit.ly/evJygv #
  • "Speaking 日本語 isn’t extraordinary. I know 100 million people who can do that! (^O^)/" bit.ly/gACen2 #
  • "Mozart was a good musician at an early age, but he would not stand out among today’s top child-performers." nyti.ms/eIFEmk #
  • "What Mozart had…was the same thing Tiger Woods had…a father intent on improving his skills." nyti.ms/eIFEmk #
  • "I can play RPGs in Japanese now! WTF! I don’t know how or when this happened." bit.ly/cZnZo5 #
  • "Beginning language learners can benefit greatly from a 'silent period'" bit.ly/gQZUHH #

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