AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2011-01-30

  • I.H.T. Op-Ed Contributor – Cantonese, Please – nyti.ms/fAT7lx
    bit.ly/dQQ5cR #
  • "Iranian-American speaking fluent…Cantonese…has never been to Mainland China or Hong Kong." bit.ly/gXyCjf #
  • Shinji MIYADAI (unknowingly) describes how he used #SRS and #timeboxing to ace his Todai entrance exams! bit.ly/hq7Cqj #
  • "That awkward moment when you don’t know if your grammar is correct" bit.ly/elml9g #
  • <div align="center">を使わずにCSSだけでセンター表示する方法? – HTML – 教えて!goo bit.ly/e70LqK #
  • YouTube – AWESOME Augmented reality Glasses "StarkHUD 2020" from FUJIKAWA bit.ly/i0uiJb #Japanese #
  • "I'm knowing which particles to use without even knowing why and it's freaking me out." bit.ly/hkpQ34 MCDs #
  • 本物の笑いとイケメンは国境を超える~ あの「ジョニー・デップ」を英国コメディ的角度から覗いてみる その1 bit.ly/f7PJ9r #
  • Paul Whitehouse "ポールホワイトハウスは、THE FAST SHOWの主催者、脚本家です。もともと、ハリーエンフィールドのスクリプトエディターをしていたようなのですが、自分でも演じたいと思っていたようです。 " bit.ly/euCxXU #
  • "useful reasons are all well and good, [but] without the addiction, it is hard to continue." bit.ly/fK8wKM #
  • "漕げ、漕げ、ボートを漕ごう
    人生は夢なのだから" bit.ly/gwKwpd #
  • "What you do while commuting or waiting is what determines your destiny." ~ NAKATANI Akihiro #
  • Dead time is prime time. #SRS #listening #contact #immersion #
  • If you want to control what enters your head, all you need do is control what gets parked directly outside it. #environment #immersion #
  • Dead time is game time. #SRS #listening #contact #immersion #
  • Dead time is show time. #SRS #listening #contact #immersion #
  • You'll never win a game where all you want to do is win. You always win games where all you want to do is play. #fun #
  • "「なりたかった自分になるのに、遅すぎるということはない」" bit.ly/egvkto #
  • Don't do the right thing. Just make the right thing too convenient to not do. #environment #behavior #immersion #contact #
  • "Learn everything in your basic phrasebook. Do not start with the first pages of a textbook." bit.ly/ab7nRH #
  • YouTube – 杜麗莎//眉頭不再猛皺.(HQ) bit.ly/bEjMd5 #sukiyaki #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Korean MCD Examples, Part 2: Moving On Up… bit.ly/f1mepg #
  • "したい人、10000人。始める人、100人。続ける人、1人" 中谷彰宏 #
  • You'll never win a race where all you want to do is win. You always win races where all you want to do is run. #fun #
  • YouTube – 【CoD4】隠れ鬼ごっこルール紹介 bit.ly/gBdT0t #
  • YouTube – ★プロが伝授!とれない靴ひもの結び方★ bit.ly/eCJEo8 #
  • Your job isn't to learn Japanese. Your job is to make Japanese appear in your life frequently. Japanese will learn itself. #
  • It's not discipline if someone else is forcing you to do it. That's just coercion. #
  • Japanese is easy to learn, it's just not necessarily convenient to learn. Your job is to make it convenient. #
  • "No one gets told that their language ability is good when it’s actually good, that would be absurd." lol
    bit.ly/gmUl5C #
  • "go from “man this is boring, how much longer?” to “I only have 5 minutes, how much can I get done?”" bit.ly/aCngvz #timeboxing #
  • Deep Japan Report bit.ly/dJ8m8j #
  • "70% of a chess master's skill rating is a direct function of the amount of deliberate practice invested" bit.ly/fU1eQx #
  • "Allocating Student Study Time
    "Massed" versus "Distributed" Practice" bit.ly/a7U4iE #SRS #
  • "Break big ideas down into small pieces that can be easily practiced" bit.ly/a7U4iE #SRS #MCDs #
  • "Everything is difficult before it becomes easy!" bit.ly/gacyUT #
  • 黒人英語 – Wikipedia "黒人英語特有ではないが、いわゆる「三単現の-s」は存在せず、主語の人称によって動詞が変化することはない。" bit.ly/evrTmu #
  • 日が伸びたね #
  • Don't deprive other people of the chance to make fun of you. That's their job. You don't people going: "they're takin er jerbs!", do you? #
  • "Training can have a miraculous impact on the human brain." bit.ly/gacyUT #
  • 用Flashcard學外文 (2) « HKLinguists bit.ly/fThseM #
  • [睇動畫 學日文]Angel Beats! 第5話 « HKLinguists bit.ly/hHyvj3 #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Video Transcript: new balanceの正しいヒモの結び方! | How To Tie New Balance Shoes bit.ly/hoO6lU #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Video Transcript: 解きにくい靴紐の結び方 / Tying Indestructible Shoelaces bit.ly/hKo8dm #
  • "This is just what I needed to start Arabic!" bit.ly/f1mepg #ajattplus #
  • Any tool or technique that helps you learn songs (music or lyrics) will almost certainly help you learn languages. #
  • Passive listening doesn't help, you say? Well, how are you supposed to play a song you've never heard? #input #
  • YouTube – 逃走中8~【王国編】 bit.ly/ha33S8 #
  • "お金をかけた大人の鬼ごっこ" bit.ly/ha33S8 #
  • "やればできます。やらなきゃできない、ただそれだけ。
    毎日15分、ある日突然開眼します。" bit.ly/fqV9jS | YouTube – フリースタイル・フリスビー センターディレイ #
  • ”You never get anything done because you have too much time. As soon as your have no time, stuff will start happening." ~ 本田直之 #
  • "You never get anything done because you have too much time. Scarcify time and stuff will start happening." ~ 本田直之 #timeboxing #
  • Passive listening doesn't help, you say? Well, how are you supposed to imitate something you've never observed? #input #
  • Try first. Ask questions later. #SRS #
  • A language is just a massive a capella song. There's melody, there's rhythm, there are lyrics, but no instruments. #
  • How are you supposed to do an impression when you've never seen the thing you're supposed to be imitating? #input #
  • 這幾天再次翻閱了中文版的《Rework》,
    書名叫《工作大解放》 @jesicalin – Powered by CO.CC bit.ly/h3H4DM #
  • "You may take Captain Solo to Jabba the Hutt after I have Skywalker.
    スカイウォーカーを捕らえた後、ソロ船長をジャバ・ザ・ハットのもとへ連れて行くがよい。" bit.ly/hYu4ZO #
  • "Now, release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.
    さあ、怒りを解き放て。わしを倒せるのは憎しみだけだぞ。" bit.ly/hYu4ZO #starwars #
  • Something > nothing. A trivial amount of work in a nontrivial direction always has nontrivial value. #timeboxing #
  • スター・ウォーズの鉄人!/スクリプト bit.ly/gZHWVm |Star Wars scripts in #Japanese #starwars #
  • If you really want to test a foreigner, don't have him read a newspaper. Ask him to explain the rules of hide-and-seek. #
  • Common L2 oversight: learn words like "hotel" and "reservation" but skip out on stuff like "cut", "drop" and "squeeze". #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Video Transcript: ★プロが伝授!とれない靴ひもの結び方★ | How To Tie Shoelaces Like A Pro bit.ly/hUuBt9 #
  • Find excuses to include Japanese in your life. #immersion #contact #
  • rubの意味 – 英和辞書 – goo辞書 "1 摩擦;こする[磨く]こと;マッサージ;マッサージクリーム[オイルなど]
    give the silver a rub
    銀食器を磨く." bit.ly/dHXyaJ #
  • rubの意味 – 英和辞書 – goo辞書 bit.ly/dHXyaJ #thebasics #
  • There is only 1 wrong way to learn a language: The Boring Way. #
  • "they're not smarter than you. They just learned the cause-and-effect relationships before you did." ~ Brian Tracy #
  • "they're not smarter than you…Some of them are idiots. But an idiot who has the right formula will be successful." ~ Brian Tracy #
  • The magic of AJATT isn't the method itself but the relentless metaprocess and mindset that would produce such a method. #
  • Be humble enough to learn but arrogant and selfish enough to learn in a way that you enjoy. #mindset #
  • The magic of AJATT isn't the method itself but the process and mindset that produced it. I am the idiot with the right formula 😀 #
  • "Warm Hands Lead to Warm Hearts
    Lawrence WilliamsおよびJohn Barghによる行動と思考の無意識の「プライミング(priming)」" bit.ly/idHJ8m #
  • Don't fix the past. Fix the future. You're going to be there for the rest of your life. #mindset #

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