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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2011-04-03

  • You don't learn a language, you get used to it. #
  • A language is a habit, not a skill. You don't "know" it, you live it. #
  • The best way to fail at getting used to a language is to come into contact with it infrequently. #
  • "どんなに悔いても過去は変わらない。どれほど心配した所で未来もどうなるものでもない。今、現在に最善を尽くす事である。" #
  • YouTube – スポルト アイスホッケー-1 #
  • "the real purpose of running isn't to win a race. It's to test to the limits" #
  • You're not tired of Japanese, you're tired of studying. Quit studying and just play. #
  • The language itself is neutral. It's your choices of things and people that makes it boring or fun. #
  • You don't quit taking medicine because you're sick. Why quit listening because you suck? #immersion #
  • Try out lots of stuff. Stop doing things you don't want to do. Keep doing things you do want to do. #fun #
  • I love how bucolic Japanese surnames are. Chestnut meadow. Mmmm…栗原 #kurihara #
  • Don't fix the past. Fix the future. You're going to live there for the rest of your life. #mindset #
  • ホルミシス効果 #
  • "Away with the world's opinion of you—it's always unsettled and divided." ~ Seneca #
  • 「病は気から」 #
  • Learning an Asian language can't be that hard. Most of the human beings who've ever lived have spoken Asian languages. #
  • It's not hard, you're just doing it wrong. 🙂 #
  • 「アルコールは依存性薬物。麻薬と同じです。
    人体に悪影響があることは、アルコール飲料会社も百も承知です。」 #
  • You're not a good person for suffering. You just chose to do it the hard way. The herd way. 😛 #
  • @ebonifiyah わかる、わかる(^_^) #
  • 腸にまで!!!!???? #
  • YouTube – KFC Hong Kong – Barack Obama TV Commercial 2011 #
  • New at AJATT Plus: How To Get Into The Japanese Tra… #

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