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AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2012-02-26

  • John Dies at the End » F[lub] the Karate Kid #lol #
  • "Just do something, anything, and try to learn while doing it.  Eventually, you will learn." #
  • "all you need to do is expose yourself to a language with the *intent* of understanding it." #
  • You insult your heroes by worshipping them. If you really respected them, you would imitate and emulate. Not worship. #
  • ぼちぼちダイアリー: 【銀魂】 "「確かにあなたはとんだダメ人間だ」


     屈めば屈むほど山頂は遠くなりますよ」" #

  • It's not "their" language. It's *your* language. No one can own a language. And if no one can own it, that means everyone can. #immersion #
  • German kindle book suggestions – intermediate level #
  • 日本語教師・學習者のための多読 | 日本語多読研究會 #
  • You rarely try to eat food without cutting it up to fit that dainty little mouth of yours. So why do you try to do tasks without timeboxing? #
  • "There are no such things as learning disabilities, only teaching disabilities." ~ Richard Bandler #
  • ジェレミー・リン – Wikipedia #
  • 林書豪 – 維基百科,自由的百科全書 #
  • 林書豪揚威NBA 台親友好驕傲-民視新聞 – YouTube #
  • 有人會說林書豪不是台灣人嗎?? – YouTube #
  • Why bother parse your #sentences That's work. Just say stuff that's already been parsed, that you already know is correct. #grammar #MCDs #
  • New at AJATT Plus: SonoSuji: The Yakuza Sentence Pack, Part 2 of 12 #
  • BBC「Extras」 – ちゃと・まっし~ぐ~ら~! – 楽天ブログ(Blog) #
  • エキストラ:スターに近づけ! – Wikipedia #
  • You haven't lived until you've watched "Bad Boys" in Mandarin 😀 "嘿,伙計!" #
  • 10,000 Sentences Is Dead | AJATT | All Japanese All The Time "なんじゃこりゃ!?" #
  • 10,000 Sentences Is Dead | AJATT | All Japanese All The Time "From the Ashes rises a new way. The MCD phoenix" #
  • Spongebob Season 1 Japanese! | Video | Forum | AJATT Plus #
  • 人生舐めずに、これな~~めて~~~ #
  • ★ ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE "【樂學網線上補習】高中英文名師翰陞老師" #
  • ★ ノンストップチューブ – NonstopTUBE "【樂學網線上補習】高中地理名師吳弘理老師" #
  • Kumaneko Xiongmao – Sakura – YouTube #
  • Kumaneko Xiongmao – Sakura – YouTube "I got this song from watching Elite Yankee Saburou." #
  • "The two elements most crucial to success are high expectations and home support" #
  • Great to see Abe-san smile and josh around. He always seemed tired and suicidal when he was PM 😀
    金美齢と安倍元総理はラブラã #
  • "「if」 が苦手な日本人" #
  • SonoSuji: The Yakuza Sentence Pack
    "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities…" #
  • There are only two things in the world. You and what you want. Everything else is scenery. #
  • "日本人は悲観的になりすぎている,ほんとうはそれほど悲観するべき狀況ではない" #
  • Comparing Foreign Language Communication to Budo (Martial Arts) | JALT #
  • "Tiny hinges swing big doors." #pareto #GLOAF #
  • When you have a big/long project, the price of inaction is higher than the price of low-quality action. #JustDoOne #OneIsBetterThanNone #
  • グローバルなビジョン! #
  • Do it badly or not at all 😛 . #OneIsBetterThanNone #JustDoOne #
  • Michelle Rhee – YS Journal アメリカからの雑感 #
  • いじめから子供を守ろう!ネットワーク ブログ 「教育改革」 米國ワシントン市の最新事情 #
  • 如何運用NLP和「自我對話」成功學等心理技巧令你勝任新職位?02 – YouTube #NLP #cantonese #PD #per #
  • "Intelligence" and "talent" will not help you achieve literacy. Literacy will help you achieve "intelligence". #
  • #格差社會論はウソである "無責任に危機感を煽っているだけの論調よりも読んでいて楽しいですし、ためになります。何しろ、悲観論だけの本は目新しい話はむしろ少ないですからね。" #
  • It's easy if you do it the (an) easy way. #
  • You're supposed to suck, youngling. You don't start at the finish line. #
  • You can be old in sun-years but young in game years. You don't suck because you're old, you suck because you're a noob. #
  • If you're birthlining and/or timeboxing, you *can* start at the finish line 🙂 #
  • "No human thing is of serious importance" #
  • Learning languages for economic reasons is like scoring a touchdown: go long, go deep. #
  • Ironically, people who learn languages for economic reasons almost all adopt "day trader" strategies that maximize loss and minimize gain. #
  • "Japanese people…[a]re just like everyone else…Some suck some are cool as hell. Don't talk to the people who suck." #
  • 《二十一世紀》網絡版 "日本是中國文明的一個產兒,而當日本文化進入了西方主權國家的政治典範就變成了一把從內部捅向中國文明的兇器。但同時也展示了一種新治統與新道統合而為一的「文化東亞」的地平。" #
  • 《二十一世紀》網絡版 "近代日本的「民族」是以一個國家、一種語言的西方近代主權國家模式為典範的。日據時代台灣人接受的也是這種單向的「民族」文化教育。這與中國文明文字與語言兩立的文明原則背道而馳。" #
  • Where did you get your noodles? #
  • 鄧麗欣 中華冷面 mtv 高清 – YouTube Where did you get your noodles? Where did you get your noodles? #中華冷麵 #鄧麗欣 #
  • Bad = boring = difficult cards are like zombies in "Resident Evil".
    Take 'em out or they'll take you out. #SRS #
  • If you *really* liked those cards, you wouldn't have such a low repcount. You wouldn't be avoiding that deck. Delete. Cull. #SRS #
  • No doubt that you *used* to like those cards; you liked them when you made them, but that was then and this is now. #SRS #
  • No doubt you *used* to like those cards; you liked them when you made them, but that was then and this is now. #SRS #
  • Don't keep cards because you used to like them or they used to seem useful. If they suck now, delete them now. #SRS #
  • "timeboxing has been a great change in my life" #
  • "timeboxing has been a great change in my life.  I'm doing more of my own writing…" #
  • "Nothing more defines American education for the past 100 years than the contempt for memorizing anything." #SRS #
  • New at AJATT Plus: What About YOUR Blacklist? #

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