AJATT Twitter Tweets for Week Of 2012-03-04

    t.co/T4JhoLpr #
  • 皇帝の弟子達 ダース・ベイン t.co/H6qryxpB #
  • Mastery is mastering the basics. First, you master showing up. #
  • "I only did the basics over and over and nothing more." t.co/vbPjPwWD #
  • "There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign." – Robert Louis Stevenson #
  • イワオ・タカモト – Wikipedia t.co/dI4fVPrd #animator #
  • "My can’t isn’t really my can’t either. It just got Inception-ed into my head" t.co/kjoXpMAp #
  • "speed is a non-factor. It's all about steady cruising" t.co/8XxOsAVY #
  • "it's best to think of SRS as a sharpening stone, not the sword by itself" t.co/8XxOsAVY #
  • Show me someone with SRS issues and I'll show you someone who isn't deleting. #
  • An SRS deck is like a house — if you don't take out the trash, it becomes unlivable. Delete proactively. Delete pre-emptively. #
  • You don't hate SRS. You hate those crap cards you filled it with. #delete #
  • 廃刀令 – Wikipedia t.co/lTU9Me92 #
  • "we learn better by seeing examples and not attempting to understand them" ~ Drewskie #
  • "Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment."
    Maxwell Maltz #
  • 廃刀令 – Wikipedia t.co/lTU9Me92 #japanese #history #
  • 秩祿處分 – Wikipedia t.co/qhMGmZ7n #japanese #history #
  • 土方歳三 – Wikipedia t.co/qyyUX2hR #japanese #history #
  • 西郷隆盛 – Wikipedia t.co/cQzyYbSK #japanese #history #
  • "甲野善紀は、東京都出身の武術を主とした身體技法の研究家。" t.co/0nyV7ynS #
  • 科學人雜誌網站 t.co/lagSXwxv #scientific #american #taiwan #chinese #edition #
  • SPLEEN!!!!
    脾臓 – Wikipedia t.co/zcNDozWw #
  • "…beautiful things grow out of s##t" t.co/W1XfxFIP | Brian Eno #
  • Awesomeness comes from mediocrity. Cream comes from milk. t.co/bofQShjJ #
  • ヤンキー
    img_904661_16386983_0 (800×600) t.co/BYF2nRiT #
  • 香裡奈 – Wikipedia "ラブシャッフル(2009年、TBS) – 逢沢愛瑠 役" t.co/L3Eq6E3t #
  • 香裡奈 – Wikipedia "フリーター、家を買う。(2010年、フジテレビ) – 千葉真奈美 役" t.co/L3Eq6E3t #
  • "let us suppose that my…father wanted to teach me how to ride a bike by constantly giving me instructions…" t.co/5g8yYCL2 #
  • How I learned to speak fluent Italian while working a 63-hour per week job t.co/P3zOhV5n @AddThisさんから #
  • New at AJATT Plus: MCD Revolution Kit + FREEBIES t.co/orw1OIve #
  • ラリーのミッドライフ★クライシス – Wikipedia "原題:Curb Your Enthusiasm" t.co/9Xs2Uyuz #
  • "ラリー・デイヴィッド(本人役)
    アメリカで大ヒットしたコメディシリーズ『となりのサインフェルド』の共同製作者。細かいことにこだわり、思ったことを口に出さずにいられない。その性格が災いし、毎回様々なトラブルを引き起こす。" t.co/9Xs2Uyuz #
  • 海外ドラマ専門チャンネル スーパー!ドラマTV : ラリーのミッドライフ★クライシス t.co/Mj7vYmV2 #
  • New at AJATT Plus: Math (for Engineers) t.co/yxfwqX3v #
  • 別怪她 別怪她… #
  • 吳卓羲 – 別怪她 (KTV) – YouTube t.co/K1A5NkGv #cantonese #
  • Quantity Always Trumps Quality: "Rather than agonizing over whether you're building the right thing, just build it. " t.co/rzTWo7PK #
  • [iPhone][iPad][値下げ] Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience | iPad iPhone Wire t.co/WN09V7JI #
  • App Store – Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience t.co/m23DnTIh #
  • t.co/vi8O2S11 "Currently we have VPN servers in the following 48 countries:" t.co/Cu1MD4xY #
  • 啦啦小野貓 – 主頁 – t.co/UBQGyQDq
    t.co/WAWmDWy5 #hellcats #cantonese #
  • Reward yourself for trying and failing, not for succeeding. Success is already its own reward 🙂 #
  • We are all born illiterate. So the only question is: do you choose to stay that way? #anyidiotcanreadkanji #
  • At some level, praising a human being for being able to use a language is kind of like praising a dog for being able to bark. #
  • What is it about these MCDs? Part 1: Introduction | AJATT | All Japanese All The Time t.co/v11V9dx6 #
  • The textbook is not the subject. #
  • The textbook does not own the subject. #
  • @domokun1134 でしょ?以外とデータ量が小さいね。中国語版も数百メガでしかないよ。 #
  • jpPlayer t.co/1zEI9K4G #streaming #Japanese #TV #

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