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Cantonese Mini-Transcript: Triple Tap / Have I Made Myself Clear?

“Cantonese is a difficult language to learn — not because of its sounds or syntax, but because it’s hard to find good learning resources”


Well, let’s remedy that one mini-transcript at a time, as has been the custom established by Edwin and CanteHK!

The movie is Triple Tap.

Situation: At the investment bank where Gu Tin Lok‘s character works, Boss Lady (who also happens to be Gu’s girlfriend…in the movie, that is) — played by Lei Bing Bing — chews out an underling.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)Boss Lady: 明我意思㗎嘞?
ming ngo yi si ga la?
Have I made myself clear? / Is that clear?

Underling Dude: 明。
Yes, Ma’am.

Boss Lady: 明都仲(=重)唔走?!
ming dou jung m jau?!
Then what are you waiting for? / So why the heck are you still standing [t]here? / Then why are you still here?

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