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Entropy: Fight the Power

This entry is part 9 of 17 in the series The Art of War of Learning

You are always moving. You never stand still. You’re always either getting better or worse. Even “staying the same” requires input. You’re always either going uphill or downhill. Forward or backward. Progressing or regressing.

Entropy wants to take your Japanese away from you; however little or much you have, it wants it. No matter how much you have accumulated and assimilated, entropy will not hesitate to throw those memories away if they’re not constantly renewed, teased, touched.

Entropy is the flow of the river, and it wants to take you back over and under the waterfall of ignorance.

Entropy is the only thing that has the power to stop you. All you have to do to keep it from winning is touch some Japanese. Here. Now.


Fight the power. #SRS #immersion #exposure

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