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Focus: The Superpower of the Common Man

Cue Aaron Copland.

Trying to spread your energy around is like trying to shoot someone by throwing bullets at them by hand.

You don’t need to be “smarter” or more “talented” or more “intelligent”. You don’t need more “time”, just more direction. Energy is only really powerful when it’s focussed. Narrowed down over a smaller area, preferably a pinpoint.

If you think about it, this is fundamentally why the Heisig method works so well — removing and ignoring all extraneous information and FOCUSsing in on just the one or two things about any kanji that matter.

Your mental bullets will pierce nothing unless fired through a very narrow hole in a very short space of time with a great deal of force.

This is what timeboxing is about. This is how SRSig works, too. Go hard. Go fast. Like a bullet. Rest. Repeat. Even machine guns need time to cool down.

1. Go hard.

2. Go fast

3. Rest by letting L2 media wash over you in the background. Let yourself drown in it.

4. Back to (1).

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