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From the Mouths of SilverSpoon Babes…

Chris P. (Current SilverSpooner)

“Silverspoon has done more to get me learning Japanese again than anything else I have tried in the last 8 years and honestly works a lot better than any of the classes I took in high school or college.”

tokyostyle (Current SilverSpooner):

“…people paying for SS don’t consider it a significant amount of money. I pay 200yen a day for it. I guess maybe I could enjoy an extra Aquarias every day or even most of a HUB happy hour cocktail … but ultimately I don’t miss the money. The current price is 500yen a day. How is this a significant amount of money?

What I wish I had back is the $2500 I spent on one semester of tuition to learn a few hundred kanji, a few grammar points, and some vocab. I’m still pretty bitter about that.”

mark95427 (AJATTier):

I’m certain I would never have gained my current proficiency in Japanese without Khatz’s [free] ideas.

アーロン (Current SilverSpooner):

“…I love Silver Spoon like a fat kid loves cake. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to enhance my mental faculties, while at the same time retarding my social skills by essentially making me into a hermit.”

tokyostyle (Current SilverSpooner):

“you get exactly what it says there in the “What You Do Get” section.”

Matt (Current SilverSpooner):

“What’s particularly amazing about SilverSpoon is that it’s all bottled up and packaged for you. You just buy it, un-wrap it, and eat! You don’t have to worry about if you are doing the write or wrong thing or if you decrypted Khatz’s cryptic blog posts correctly.”

Danchan (AJATT Plus Sempai Member):

“…the reason many people fail at learning a foreign language is because they have never really learned about how to take on any kind of large project and see it through, thanks in part to the passiveness fostered by modern schooling…

…I studied Japanese for many years, including a year of exchange, but it wasn’t until I found AJATT and really carried out Khatz’s advice as best I could that I really became fluent. This is only my experience. Everybody is different. But nobody, certainly not Khatz, is claiming that his way is the -only- way. But it is -a- way (and a damn site better than what is typically offered to people setting out to learn a foreign language).”

Zyaga (Current SilverSpooner):

“Too many times I have lost focus, pushed myself too hard, or just simply slacked off. With the SilverSpoon program, I actually let Khatz do the worrying for me. I trust his judgment, but I also can see exactly where he is coming from and why he tells us to do the things he does.”

Aubergine (AJATT Plus Member):

“…when Khatz releases products like SS it’s in response to demand. Notice how SS came a short while after a post about “what was my daily routine”. People have been asking and asking and asking for specifics and for so long he’s resisted giving specifics. Finally he relented, some people just want the external motivation. I think paying for SS helps provide motivation, too. No-one likes to waste money. It’s easy to ignore free advice, but advice you need to pay for is more likely to be implemented. Especially when it comes every day.”

Jeremy (Prospective Spooner):

“I think there’s a real need for something that is a simple unstructured structure. :)”

ケイちゃん (Current SilverSpooner, First Gen):

“I just want to let you know that I’m loving SS and I’m very grateful to you for making this available. I love the way I’m progressing–I love the results I’m getting. Even though I’ll admit that I haven’t picked up a book in awhile, yesterday I was blown away by being able to read a few sentences of the subs that came up during one of my favorite shows while they were up on screen.”

Matt (Current SilverSpooner):

“With SilverSpoon, it builds your Japanese slowly and steadily until you reach fluency. Don’t expect some 「miracle」 to occur, after 1 day, or even 2 weeks of Silverspoon. Yes, I might come off as rude and sorry if it offends you but it’s the truth. But I can tell you one thing, if you keep at it, you will surely reach your destination…”

Aubergine (again!):

“For the price, it’s good value”

Matt (Current SilverSpooner):

“I just tried Decremental Timeboxing and I love it. It makes doing [reps] a lot easier. I can take out a…chunk of my [reps] and take a break…with Decremental Timeboxing, I get more…done and don’t feel bad about taking a break.”

E Dub Kendo (AJATTier Extraordinaire):

“…a course at your local community college, a boring course where you’d probably learn the kana, a handful of words, and a bunch of useless grammar, such a course would cost you MULTIPLE TIMES what SilverSpooners are paying Khatz for this new service. The biggest difference, though, Khatz has GUARANTEED you fluency. I can guarantee you just as assuredly that after two semesters of college Japanese you will NOT be fluent. Not even close. I took 3 years of Japanese at uni and I learned more in two months of AJATT than during all that time.”

Matt (Current SilverSpooner):

“SilverSpoon has already helped me immensely and I’ve lived in Japan for five years now and speak Japanese every day…Yet I’ve never been able to get into a pattern where my Japanese level was steadily improving until now. I’ve never been able to get into a pattern where my Japanese level was steadily improving until now.”

Cranks (AJATTier)

“…my consistent enjoyment of [] has given me some of the best ideas I’ve ever had.”

sesshomaru (AJATTier, former skeptic)

“I don’t see much difference between Khatz and Heisig in promoting unorthodox methods that yield results.”

Matt (Current SilverSpooner):

“Sentences are retaining in my head much better, despite me not trying to memorise…anything. All I do are the reps and it slowly sticks into my mind. I really do encourage everyone to try MCD’s…”

lisbet (Current SilverSpooner):

“[Khatz has] got the best grasp of language pedagogy I think I’ve ever seen.”

Not everyone is a good fit for SilverSpoon and not everybody can get it in. Find out if you qualify for a place:

SilverSpoon: Structure Without Stricture.

  5 comments for “From the Mouths of SilverSpoon Babes…

  1. lisbet
    January 1, 2012 at 06:43

    I feel kinda honored to be quoted here. Day 57, bee-yotches. Hm, I should be doing some kanji reps right now. Back to work 😉

    • Sakasha
      January 1, 2012 at 16:37

      I believe you mean back to fun.  😀

  2. lisbet
    January 11, 2012 at 06:54

    BAHAHAHA. Will I ever think of kanji reps as fun? Hmmmmmmm 🙂

  3. alex
    March 8, 2013 at 18:38

    Are there any plans to offer SilverSpoon (Vanilla/BigBoi/Neutrino) anytime soon? Am definitely interested thank you.

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