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Good Immersion, Bad Immersion

“All” is just “most” rounded up.

  1 comment for “Good Immersion, Bad Immersion

  1. Pingfa
    March 19, 2013 at 05:40

    This right here sums up the AJATT ‘method’.

    A relevant quote from AJATT is “Procrastination is putting off important things. But Japanese isn’t important. So don’t put it off any more. Just stop doing it. You have that power. It’s your time. It’s your money. Don’t wanna do Japanese? Don’t! It’s that simple. It really is.”

    The thing to remember is that nothing you do is inherently ‘important’ You don’t need Japanese. You don’t need to watch that show, read that book or achieve that goal. As said in the same article “you’re probably going to die one day, and your brain will be eaten by maggots and it won’t matter whether it contained Japanese or not.”

    Besides, if you do choose to watch that show or read that book, you’ll forget it soon enough anyway – do you really think watching one episode of some show is going to suddenly improve your Japanese? 80-20 rule, [wo]man. At least 80% of anything you do is crap.

    If you do nothing, that’s complete crap. If you do something, that’s 80% crap.

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