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Gradatim Ferociter: You Are the Death Ray, Space Cowboy!

Think like a fountain, act like a funnel.

Think big, unlimited, wild. Exhaustive. Spread your imagination to the ends of the Multiverse and beyond. Let no idea be too sick or crazy or depraved or impractical. Nothing is off limits.

Act small, controlled, focussed. Selective. Only the immediately and easily doable is allowed [which sounds limiting but turns out to be plenty pregnant with possibility]. Concentrate your energy like deadly, magnified sunlight — like that guy who turned obsidian into lava in his own backyard using nothing but sunshine and a lens (i’s on the ‘Chube [Youchube] innit?).

[(45) Fresnel Lens Solar Power Foundry Obsidian Farm 3800 ˚ F 2100˚ C Fresnel Optics greenpowerscience – YouTube]

That is what focus can do for you: it turns the quotidian into the divine, the quixotic into the coherent, potential into power, chumps into champs. The sunshine is all around you. What are you going to do with it?

[(45) 虫眼鏡 燃やす – YouTube]

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